Artem Ermolaev

Professor at the Higher School of Economics, Investor and professional digital project manager, Founder and President of NGO "Smart Cities", Founder of the investment club "Digital Disrupt"


Artem graduated from the State University of Management (Moscow) with a degree in National and Global Economy in 1998. After graduation Artem worked in the private sector for ten years, holding various posts in the biggest telecommunications companies. For instance, he headed the project on design and launch of new generation networks while coordinating the leading mobile operators. After under his leadership Moscow IT Department has made a major contribution to the digital transformation of Moscow. Artem coordinated building the ICT infrastructure for e-health, e-education, public services delivery, and citizen engagement projects. As of today Artem investor & professional digital project manager, founder of the investment club "Digital Disrupt", Professor at the Higher School of Economics.