Turid Helland is professor emeritus in logopedics at the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, University of Bergen, Norway. She is educated as a language teacher, special needs teacher, speech and language therapist and has worked as a junior high school teacher, a clinical speech and language therapist and professor in logopedics. Her doctoral thesis from 2002 was on neurocognitive functions in dyslexia. She has been the leader of several research projects, published papers in national and international journals and books on topics on language development and dyslexia and on second language learning in dyslexia. Her view is that such deficits should always be analyzed ross-sectionally, i.e. from symptomatic, cognitive, biological and environmental levels. Her latest book is “Språk og dysleksi” (Language and dyslexia). Helland is the founder and former leader of the Bergen Logopedic Research Group, and the leader of the Bergen Longitudinal Dyslexia Project. She enjoys walking, skiing, all year round ocean bathing, and most of all: being the grandmother of four wonderful grandchildren.