Kirill Bukin

Associate Professor, Candidate of sciences (phys.-math.)


Higher Education and Qualifications 1971-1977 Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology Diploma (Master Degree, MSc) with Distinction in Mathematics and Physics 1977-1980 PhD student, MIPT 1983 PhD (Candidate of Sciences in Mathematics and Physics) defended at Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences. The title: ‘The Theory of Distributions and Tauberian Remainder Theorems’. Present position and duties Director for the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, HSE Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Theoretical Economics at HSE. Currently instructor of the following courses taught in Russian: • Intermediate Microeconomics • Mathematics for Economists (Master degree level) Currently instructor of the following courses taught in English: • Mathematics for Economists (undergraduate level) • Mathematics for Economists (graduate level) • Algebra • Further Linear Algebra • Further Calculus Appointments 1980 Lecturer at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT) 1986 Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer at MIPT 1999 Deputy Dean of International College-Moscow (Moscow State University) 2000 Deputy Dean of Faculty of Foreign Languages at Moscow State University 2003 Associate Professor at Higher School of Economics 2007 Deputy Dean at HSE, Faculty of Economics 2014 Director for the undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics Nominations Was nominated by the students of ICEF and Faculty of Economics the Best Teacher in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. List of courses taught while being an Associate Professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (for 18 years) includes the following math courses: • Calculus • Advanced Calculus • Analytical Geometry • Linear Algebra • Ordinary Differential Equations • Partial Differential Equations • Complex Variables • Probability Theory Developed and taught for six years ‘Equations of Mathematical Physics’, a course designed for 3rd year students of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. Achieved high levels of attendance and consistently high ratings from students. Other Experience 1999-2005 Project Manager Joint Project of Dual Degree Undergraduate Program: Moscow State University and University of Colorado at Denver. Led and advised on the establishment of a double degree (BA) program between MSU and UCD. Managed regular liaison meetings in Moscow and attended meetings in the USA, Colorado, Denver. Awards 1994. Soros Foundation Award for the teaching excellence. Nominated by students, Dolgoprudny Secondary School affiliated with MIPT. Was awarded by “Golden Vyshka” award for the teaching excellence in 2016.


Mathematics for economists