William Kuskin is Professor of English at the University of Colorado Boulder.&nbsp; He received his BA from Vassar College (1987) and his PhD. from the University of Wisconsin—Madison (1998). Prof. Kuskin works on the history of literary books, from medieval manuscripts to twenty-first century comic books.&nbsp; He has completed two books on England’s first printer, William Caxton, a monograph, <i>Symbolic Caxton: Literary Culture and Print Capitalism</i> (Notre Dame Press, 2008), and an edited collection, <i>Caxton’s Trace: Studies in the History of English Printing</i> (Notre Dame Press, 2006).&nbsp; He has written on fifteenth- and sixteenth-century English literature, world literature, online pedagogy, and graphic novels, including guest editing a special issue of <i>ELN, Graphia: Literary Criticism and the Graphic Novel</i>.&nbsp; His new book, <i>Recursive Origins: Writing at the Transition to Modernity </i>is just out.


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