Shawn A Ross (Ph.D. University of Washington, 2001) is currently an Associate Professor of History and Archaeology and Deputy Director of the Big History Institute at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. A/Prof Rossʼs research interests include the history and archaeology of pre-Classical Greece, oral tradition as history (especially Homer and Hesiod), the archaeology of the Balkans (especially Thrace), Greece in its wider Mediterranean and Balkan context, and the application of information technology to research. Since 2009, the focus of A/Prof Rossʼs work has been fundamental archaeological research in Bulgaria. He is a Research Associate at the American Research Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and supervises the Tundzha Regional Archaeological Project (, a large-scale archaeological survey and palaeoenvironmental study in central and southeast Bulgaria. Since 2012 A/Prof Ross has also directed the Field Acquaried Information Management Systems (FAIMS) project ( aimed at developing data capture, management, and archiving resources for researchers in fieldwork-based disciplines. Previously, A/Prof Ross worked at the University of New South Wales (Syndey, Austrlalia) and William Paterson University (Wayne, New Jersey).