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Acerca del Curso

The course builds on the foundation laid by the first course of the Specialization called “Introduction to Programming with MATLAB.” It covers more advanced programming concepts such as recursion, vectorization, function handles, algorithm efficiency and others. At the same time, it presents many features that make MATLAB a powerful programming environment for engineering and scientific computing, such as its support for object oriented programming, the new user interface design environment and Live Scripts. By the end of this course, you will be familiar with more advanced computer programming concepts, able to write more efficient code, and able to create object oriented MATLAB applications with graphical user interfaces....

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10 de jul. de 2021

I have followed several lectures about MATLAB. But this course is the Best in learning MATLAB. Now I am starting for the 3rd part of this specialization.

22 de ene. de 2021

Excellent. But it requires a lot of work and research. It's really like watching work out instructors on TV. You have to do it yourself to get results.

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por Sadettin F

6 de feb. de 2021

It was nice course. But , in OOP part it was not enough to make us learn fastly, I mean I totally see a different subject and I had to watch 5-6 hours of lecture in once to start final project. I would be appreciate if you put small assignments and more questions/excersices between the lectures in OOP part. By the way, I watched the lecture videos of OOP part twice and I still confused with some topic.

por Stanislav S

6 de dic. de 2020

Thoughtful assignments, professional teachers with nice sense of humour

por Asif A

2 de feb. de 2021

Surely The Best course on Coursera without any doubt. The topic arrangement is very good. Expecting some MATLAB Simulation ( Mechanical ) Course.

por Abdulrahman H M A N

20 de dic. de 2020

amazing course covers the topics deep enough yet simply explained. I recommend it for any one who wants to expand their knowledge on Matlab.

por Paolo M

13 de sep. de 2020

A very useful course with stimulating exercises until week 4. The lectures on object-oriented programming (week 5) and the graphical user interface (week 6) are also instructive but I missed dedicated exercises along with them (only some quizzes). The final project is challenging but not overly complicated although the lack of exercises in the last two weeks hurts a bit in the beginning. I personally appreciated the choice of current topics for example datasets.

por Mara L H

13 de sep. de 2020

As others wrote, the course itself and the explanations are very good, as the introduction course.

The last topics about OOP and GUI were a little bit challenging, because there were only quizzes (which are not really helpful for better understanding, I think, because they are very theoretical) and no exercises as before, where you can learn how to write the code in "smaller" steps. Also, the explanations of the code in the videos felt a little bit fast sometimes (*click* "there is the new code"), but I understand, that it has to be shortened because of the length of the videos (which were longer than in the first course).

The final project was really challenging at first, because I misunderstood the details on how to implement the objects and functions. After some time I tried it without thinking too much about the exact wording of the task and tried to just extract and plot the data (without the GUI), which helped a lot.

All in one, very nice advanced course and interesting topics, and, as before, fun to watch! 5/5

por tsamourid

10 de sep. de 2020

Excellent course. It is very well constructed and the final project is fantastic. If you took 'Introduction to programming with MatLab' course and liked it, then this one will be even better. One thing I want to mention is that a bit of experience with Object-Oriented Programming would be helpful for this course.

por Marcos E d C T

21 de dic. de 2020

Really good, super well made just as the first course (Introduction to Programming with MATLAB).

The only flaw is the last assignment, it's main concepts are not practiced before (no assignments, only quiz) and the assignment is way more difficult than it should be.

por Süleyman Ç

19 de sep. de 2021

The course is very detailed and fluent. On the other hand, it was hard, especially the final project. Even I had both MATLAB and programming background, it forced me a bit.

por Jingwei W

19 de oct. de 2020

The course is very practical in real application and learnings. It gives you a route to dig deeper. I enjoyed the humor of the instructor.

por Richard K

23 de dic. de 2020

A great course to help you know programming. The peer review assignment was really wonderful.

por Ammar M

29 de nov. de 2021

Excellent course with challenging assignments

por Chandan S

28 de dic. de 2020

I would like to convey my sincere gratitude to the professors(s) who conducted this course. This was a challenging and rewarding experience for me. The assignments were not easy, which goes with the point that Professor Fitzpatrick has made quite a number of times. Not all real-world problems, that we deal with using MATLAB are easy and need search and discovery for ways to solve them.

This course enforces that philosophy and method on students and better equips them for future success. The final assignment of the course is very practical with the current situation and was a rewarding experience for me to implement. Overall, I believe, this is a high-quality course.

por Mike K

9 de feb. de 2021

Many thanks for this learning experience. I can only imagine how much work it was to create this course and to record the hours of video lessons, but the result is great! I really enjoyed Mike’s great sense of humor as well as the fact that he speaks very clear and slow, which makes it easy to follow for non-native speakers.

The course is quite challenging, in particular at the end dealing with OOP. It cost me a lot more time and evening hours than expected. Am I allowed now to buy a Vanderbilt University hoodie somewhere in the internet and to wear it ?

por 하메스

14 de jul. de 2021

Of course. This class is harder than other class, because this has more assignments. Sometimes, I really don't understand some assignments which I feel it's not related the lectures. When I'm thinking it again, all assignments are really helpful to understand MATLAB more.

This class is so nice to learn MATLAB. Don't give up. I finished this class, so it means you also can finish this. English is not my mother language. Everybody can finish this.

por Himalsha D

18 de may. de 2021

This course teaches good stuff and the way of teaching is the best. Instructor is very friendly and never gets exhausted listening he speaks. Week 2 is little bit tough. Also the most important thing is at the end of this course it teaches us to create a GUI. As I think drawback of this course is instructor skips some details saying this is mastering of programming and student should learn themselves. Finally A good course.

por Seyed A M

22 de feb. de 2021

Great, if I want to define this course in one word. I didn't have any programming experience but after taking this and the previous (intro) course, I end up having complete confidence to design an application, I have to say thanks to Mr. Fitzpatrick, one of the greatest instructors I have ever had who has a great sense of humor and encourages you through the learning way and Mr. Ledeczi as well.

por András B

22 de mar. de 2021

A very interesting, entertaining and useful course! I have entered this course with some (nonzero) self-taught MATLAB skillset, and it improved my understanding of many programming concepts and helped me to debug my codes way more efficiently! I will make use of what I learned in my everyday work as a researcher in the field of cognitive neurosciences.

por Ayush A

18 de ene. de 2021

It was an awesome experience learning MATLAB from the highly learned professors from Vanderbilt University. It not only helped me gain skills, but also nurtured my interest in the subject. I am thankful to all the Instructors and also Coursera for bringing me this great opportunity.

por Pavel K

8 de feb. de 2021

Very informative and interesting course! I especially appreciated the OOP part, it was much better explained in terms of concepts than I ever saw in other courses. The project assignment is a brilliant idea, it helps to grasp the course material in a very effective way.

por Anas A

24 de oct. de 2020

Wonderful course, one of the best I have taken on the subject. I would like to thank the instructors for their hard work in making this course this good. Assignments are challenging and engaging, exactly what you need to learn the MATLAB better. Highly recommended!.


22 de jul. de 2021

Excellent course, well taught by mike sir. Don't take this if you want to be spoon fed. Take this course only if you have the will to learn new things on your own. This course puts you in the right path, but walking on the path has to be done by you. Cheers.

por Muhammed S

9 de oct. de 2020

A wonderful course. It builds on its predecessor course Introduction to Programming with MATLAB and gives us a full feel of true capability of MATLAB.A big thanks to the wonderful teachers who took the hard work and effort to make this wonderful course.

por Nicolas M

30 de dic. de 2020

It was a wonderful course, I really enjoyed It intriduced me to oriented programming, recursive function and GUI in Matlab, very comprehensive and little bit challenging course. But I recommend it, to anyone who wants to master MatLab 100% recomended.

por Ray G

3 de jun. de 2021

This is really a amazing course to follow. Every aspect is explained clearly and with some cool jokes in between ( I love the humor of Mike....amazing). I recommend everybody who has interest in MATLAB to follow the introductory and mastering course