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AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take. In this course, you will learn: - The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science - What AI realistically can--and cannot--do - How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization - What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects - How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company - How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI....

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Mar 09, 2019

I got a comprehensive overview of what AI is and the meanings of various concepts being talked about in this context. Excellent course for one to start on a solid ground. Five stars! Thank you Andrew.


May 12, 2019

I now are equipped with right attitude to AI projects, it's limitation and how it will affect our society/jobs. It is very beneficial for me to set up the right mindset to carry on to next AI courses.

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por Adnan Z

Jan 12, 2020

Superb, the course is really helpful for understanding of AI COMPANY vision, mission and structure. This will really helpful for starting my own company with right directions. Further I would rather say its not simply a course but complete guidance or consultancy for building an AI company.

por Navern M

Oct 25, 2019

I found this course to be informative, current and at a level from which I believe I can grow further by learning more about the aspects presented in this course. Andrew's presentation of the material and the examples he uses also makes it conducive to relate to and understand the concepts.

por M K A

Feb 14, 2020

Andrew Ng delivers the AI for everyone in the simple yet spectacular way. I was always interested in AI bur have no idea where to begin. This course allowed me to understand the AI and rectified many of my misconceptions. I am definitely telling my friends and colleagues about this course.

por Daniyal A B

Nov 25, 2019

Thanks a lot, Ng for sharing your knowledge with us. It was a great learning course. I don't have the knowledge of tools and technologies to work on AI but at least I have a clear picture of what actually I can do and what actually I should do for I want to do.

Best Regards,

Daniyal Ali Butt

por Syed S A J

May 26, 2019

It's the best course to learn about the Artificial Intelligence in detail. It helps me in understanding the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks. I highly recommend the people take this course and take a step forward into the world of AI.

por Barbara H

Mar 29, 2019

it was a great pleasure to participate in this course. I have gained very interested views on this topic, it was easy to follow. The only thing I would recommend as feedback si the download area. The slides were not available for download and the text was totally unstructured. best barbara

por Naived G E

May 17, 2020

It is very basic and has a generic overview of Artificial Intelligence. Good for the people who want to start from no/minimal knowledge of Artificial Intelligence. If at all you know the good and bad deeds of AI, has some idea about how these work, you could go for more advanced coursers.

por Mohan T R M

Mar 11, 2020

Andrew Ng, He is very good at what he is, And he remarkably explained what AI can do, can't do, How to implement AI too your own company or startup , How it will effect the society and jobs in future.I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this course. Thank You sir for making this course

por Atakorah D Y

Mar 21, 2019

This course has given me a better understanding of AI and have taught me skills that I can apply to improve my current work operations. Andrew's deeper understanding of the subject with practical examples has given me great interest in further pursuing and taking additional courses in AI.

por Debansu S

Jul 25, 2019

Andrew is one of the best teacher I have seen in my entire course of continuous learning since I started learning from my childhood days. Wish him a very long life so that he can continue to bring such learning videos in affordable manner to the audience of developing nations like ours.

por Amith K

May 02, 2020

Through this course, we get to learn a lot about the basic information of Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) and its impact on the economy at present time and also in the future.

This course surely played a part in helping me build my career in AI based field.

Thank you very much Andrew Ng!!

por Chen Y

Mar 24, 2020

With this course, I learn about what AI can and can not do. I also learn about the steps to start an AI project. I also learn about the scale of AI, machine learning, neural network, deep learning, and data science. It is a great lesson for the people who want to know about what AI is.

por michel d

Aug 20, 2019

Very clear learning. Andrew is so good at teaching, it's a pleasure to listen to him.

EVERYONE can follow this course that brings the trainee to a good level of understanding. Not too technical but a well adapted view of what can be done and what one should not expect from AI.


por Mahmoud S

Mar 05, 2019

A perfect crash-course that demystifies Artificial Intelligence and breaks it down to different areas in a non-technical way that suits any background, indispensable for business leaders and entrepreneurs and beneficial to students who want to determine their career path in technology.

por Raheem u

Oct 23, 2019

This course really helped me in getting to understand the very basic idea of Artificial intelligence. Now I know about the things that AI can do and also the limitations of AI. I am looking forward into getting more technical knowledge about AI. Thank you Andrew NG and Coursera Team!!

por Avula V K R

Mar 04, 2020

for anyone who wishes to get an overview of ai, how to start ai for yourself and for your company and to know about ethics in ai this is the go-to course. I highly recommend this course for people in managerial level positions. no need to say about Andrew. he is awesome at teaching.

por Xingjie Z

May 03, 2020

This class has great content! During the class, I've learned concepts within AI and the process to start an AI project in my own company. It helped me build a framework to understand this technology, and keep further learning AI. Thank you Andrew Ng for putting this course together.

por Zubair H

Apr 03, 2020

A very intuitive course in which Dr Ng very dicretely but precisely guides the listeners through complex concepts and ideas surrounding the AI world. Indeed after one is done through this course its understanding of the AI will be more then the CEO of the next big company thank you!

por Robert H

May 01, 2020

An excellent course. Pitched intelligently, with plenty of insight and detail. Week 4 was perhaps a little lacking in impact compared to the first three weeks but Andrew Ng is clear and straightforward about what could easily be a very technical discipline. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

por Divvya.T

May 30, 2019

One of the best courses on coursera!! Andrew is the best! The way he explains the concepts could be understood by technical as well as non-technical people in the industry. I highly recommend this course to anybody who wishes to learn the basics of AI :) Worth the time and money :)

por Cristian C

Mar 13, 2019

Excellent course! Prof. Andrew Ng has opened to us the topics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning through his unique pedagogical way. Now he addresses probably the most important lesson in applied AI, a lesson that no one has taught before in such a structured and accessible way.

por Lidiane

Apr 17, 2020

This was a great introduction to AI. It is very well structures, with a mix of key concepts, examples of how AI is currently being used, how to build your AI team and ethical considerations. It is a great introductory course for CEOs or for anyone who wants to learn more about AI.

por Omid K

Jan 30, 2020

This course is a 'must-do' for those who want to delve into the world of machine learning, AI, and also data science. Andrew is a great teacher and his passion for the subject smoothly pours into the audience. I am very much grateful to all who played a part in making this course.

por Bilal A

Jan 12, 2020

This course is recommended for those who think AI is going to kill the jobs of many skilled worker, you will get great understanding in this course what AI can do or can't do. Highly recommended for those who are interested in AI.

I learned many amazing thing which suffice for me.


Jul 10, 2019

A very nice course about the basics of AI, if anybody wants to learn AI, he/she should consider taking this course, if the basics discussed in this course are clearly understood, then go for advance courses. Very nice explaining by Sir Andrew NG.

Thank you sir, Thank you COURSERA