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AI is not only for engineers. If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take. In this course, you will learn: - The meaning behind common AI terminology, including neural networks, machine learning, deep learning, and data science - What AI realistically can--and cannot--do - How to spot opportunities to apply AI to problems in your own organization - What it feels like to build machine learning and data science projects - How to work with an AI team and build an AI strategy in your company - How to navigate ethical and societal discussions surrounding AI Though this course is largely non-technical, engineers can also take this course to learn the business aspects of AI....

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Feb 04, 2020

Wonderful and very insightful course. Cleared a lot of doubts and misconceptions. Once again Kudos and Thank you to Prof. Andrew Ng for a wonderful course and educating the world to be a better place.


Nov 06, 2019

Highly recommended for anyone wanting to start learning about AI. Explained in an coherent and intuitive way and will help lay the foundation for a lifelong learning experience and a new career in AI.

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por Robert H

May 01, 2020

An excellent course. Pitched intelligently, with plenty of insight and detail. Week 4 was perhaps a little lacking in impact compared to the first three weeks but Andrew Ng is clear and straightforward about what could easily be a very technical discipline. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

por Divvya.T

May 30, 2019

One of the best courses on coursera!! Andrew is the best! The way he explains the concepts could be understood by technical as well as non-technical people in the industry. I highly recommend this course to anybody who wishes to learn the basics of AI :) Worth the time and money :)

por Cristian C

Mar 13, 2019

Excellent course! Prof. Andrew Ng has opened to us the topics of Machine Learning and Deep Learning through his unique pedagogical way. Now he addresses probably the most important lesson in applied AI, a lesson that no one has taught before in such a structured and accessible way.

por Lidiane

Apr 17, 2020

This was a great introduction to AI. It is very well structures, with a mix of key concepts, examples of how AI is currently being used, how to build your AI team and ethical considerations. It is a great introductory course for CEOs or for anyone who wants to learn more about AI.

por Omid K

Jan 30, 2020

This course is a 'must-do' for those who want to delve into the world of machine learning, AI, and also data science. Andrew is a great teacher and his passion for the subject smoothly pours into the audience. I am very much grateful to all who played a part in making this course.

por Bilal A

Jan 12, 2020

This course is recommended for those who think AI is going to kill the jobs of many skilled worker, you will get great understanding in this course what AI can do or can't do. Highly recommended for those who are interested in AI.

I learned many amazing thing which suffice for me.


Jul 10, 2019

A very nice course about the basics of AI, if anybody wants to learn AI, he/she should consider taking this course, if the basics discussed in this course are clearly understood, then go for advance courses. Very nice explaining by Sir Andrew NG.

Thank you sir, Thank you COURSERA

por Sanjeev

Apr 24, 2019

How do you take a complex topic like AI and deliver a course with great fluidity and simplicity?

Demystifies AI/ML/DL, provides great examples and helps you start thinking of an AI program. Highly recommend this for anyone wanting to get a high level overview of AI. Thanks Dr. Ng.

por Ravi P B

Apr 02, 2020

Its a very nice course that takes us into the non technical yet very very crucial aspect of Artificial Intelligence.As always Andrew has been spot-on and absolutely fantastic with the lectures and the way he explains things and gives a framework to almost everyone to excel in AI.

por Ashok K S

May 14, 2020

I heard a lot about AI and never thought that I can also understand the basic of the AI. AI for Everyone is surely a good for even a non-technical person. I learned a lot, the faculty has very vast experience and good amount of practical knowledge of this vast area of AI. Thanks

por Muhammad T

May 04, 2020

It is really good course and SIr Andrew has great knowledge of this and he has set this course like even a lay man can build his understanding of this course, no prior learning learning would be required for a new person to dive in this.I would recommend this course to everyone!

por Srinivasan S

May 17, 2020

Good Starting point for anyone to understand the basics of Machine Learning and clearly articulating on what to expect from AI and what not expect. Recommended course for all Product managers and Solution Managers and other non-technical persons to understand the basics on AI.


Dec 08, 2019

Very informative course for new learners. This course gives broad view of AI use in today's world, it's future scope, idea how to use/start and other related things with good examples, so easy for us to visualize the things. Thanks to coursera for providing this course to us.

por Rishi k A

Oct 29, 2019

Its a very good course where you can learn that you cant understand through only books.

I am thanking most Andrew Ng sir for providing amazing lectures. and also for the whole team for working hard preparing learning material like this for helping us.

Thanks a lot . muuuuuahhhhh

por Himanshu C

Sep 29, 2019

Good course for a beginner to understand the concept of AI, how it works and what are it's limitation and expertise.

Video also taught the impact of AI on economy, society, company and on individual lives as well.

Overall good content with lots of examples and easy to understand.

por Pradeep K R

Sep 03, 2019

A recommended course who really wants to know what is AI and the buzz words that revolve around it. Andrew Ng has yet again provided such beautiful coursework. Loved everything about the course from what AI is and how to build AI projects in a company and its impact on society.


May 15, 2020

I love and enjoyed through out learning this course.Andrew Ng Sir is an inspirational and the way he he teaches is outstanding and i would like to take another courses what the sir told and finally I lived this course.I love you Coursera for giving the great courses for us...

por Tamara M

Mar 18, 2020

Great Intro to AI for no-tech folks. I work in HR and found this particularly helpful to understand differences between roles, focus and objectives for different players involved. Will def keep exploring more and start thinking about the adoption of it in my field. Thank you!

por Muhammad Z u r

Oct 21, 2019

It's a very comprehensive course for the ones who want to know the basics of Artificial Intelligence. All the related terminologies & guidance is provided by the Author whether you are CEO, Manager, Data Scientist or Machine Learning engineer. It has something for each level.

por Will T T

May 08, 2020

A great introduction course to AI. Simple and easy to follow - demystifies AI. Highly recommend for anyone looking at opportunities for AI in their business but also for anyone who has a general interest in the area. Do yourself a favour and don't just let AI be a buzz word.

por Richard Y C

Nov 25, 2019

Good short course for everyone in understanding what AI can do and cannot do, selecting first AI project, and how to work with AI teams, moreover, what AI can do ethnics and society, after all, AI's growth will impact industrial verticals and jobs that people are living for.


Mar 27, 2019

I thought the professor was extremely knowledgeable and his presentation was right at my level of learning. I had been fascinated with the idea of AI but ignorant of impact and pros and cons. This course was very enlightening and can only say congratulations to professor Ng.

por Fariba J N

Mar 23, 2020

I really wanna thank the Coursera's team for this great website and courses, and actually thank professor Andrew Ng for sharing his valuable information with us. I learned many things about AI in society and comapnies. And he motivated me to continue learning in this field.

por samet

Dec 09, 2019

Thank you for those classes and spending so much time to teach us so far away from where your are. I think people should start seeing you as a father of AI. From now on I will give my most of time to teach my self to start on a project to be more beneficial to this world.

por Avishek S

Jun 13, 2019

Great intro course to give you a high-level understanding of AI, ML, Deep Learning and some practical applications for AI. Also very helpful framework for building out AI projects, and giving you an idea of how to get started from the perspective of creating business value.