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What is a black hole? Do they really exist? How do they form? How are they related to stars? What would happen if you fell into one? How do you see a black hole if they emit no light? What’s the difference between a black hole and a really dark star? Could a particle accelerator create a black hole? Can a black hole also be a worm hole or a time machine? In Astro 101: Black Holes, you will explore the concepts behind black holes. Using the theme of black holes, you will learn the basic ideas of astronomy, relativity, and quantum physics. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Describe the essential properties of black holes. • Explain recent black hole research using plain language and appropriate analogies. • Compare black holes in popular culture to modern physics to distinguish science fact from science fiction. • Describe the application of fundamental physical concepts including gravity, special and general relativity, and quantum mechanics to reported scientific observations. • Recognize different types of stars and distinguish which stars can potentially become black holes. • Differentiate types of black holes and classify each type as observed or theoretical. • Characterize formation theories associated with each type of black hole. • Identify different ways of detecting black holes, and appropriate technologies associated with each detection method. • Summarize the puzzles facing black hole researchers in modern science....

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30 de jul. de 2020

i love this course, everything from knowledge to the visual and scientific data, this course amazed me.

i thanking to all the person in this course to sharing this knowledge in such an amazing way


26 de jul. de 2020

It is an Excellent course , with no math assignments, if you want to learn Black holes Definitely, this is the course for you , i am looking for another course from same team. Excellent Team Effort.

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por Marroux

26 de jun. de 2022

Cours très vivant et explications claires. La touche d'humour est bienvenue. Une dizaine de vidéo n'ont pas de traduction automatique en français.


Very lively course and clear explanations. The touch of humour is welcome. About ten videos have no automatic translation into French.

por Sidharth B

23 de may. de 2021

This course is one of the best courses to take if you are interested in Black Holes simply because of the intuitive ways that the information is displayed. By connecting the vast amount of observations that Astrophysicists have gathered into a 13 hour course gives a full overview of what people should know about Black Holes.

por Tyler B

3 de ene. de 2021

Phenomenal course! I learned so much that I didn't even know existed about black holes such as how they really form, masses, doppler shifts, quantum mechanics, stars, and so much more. This was definitely a fantastic use of my time and I thank you guys for putting in so much effort to create this amazing course! Thank you!

por Suzanne C

29 de mar. de 2021

A very engaging course with a lot of interesting information - and plenty of references to other resources and articles to look at if we want to follow up on what we learned! I'd be curious/interested to see an update to the course with more recent findings too, though have no idea how that would work out logistically.


5 de jun. de 2020

An excellent course. Very well thought of, and material arranged in order for easier understanding. Presented and explained exceptionally well. All the basics of astronomy covered with emphasis on black holes and their signatures. Truly a pleasure to take the course, saddened by the fact that it got over so soon !!!

por Astur P

15 de feb. de 2022

The simplicity with which he shows complex issues to his entire team is frankly unbeatable. He knows how to teach, he transmits knowledge to the student and he learns. It is very difficult to find such a good teacher, with such a complex matter to show it so easily. My greatest thanks to such an excellent teacher.

por Anthony A

24 de ene. de 2021

What an amazing introduction into the mystical world of back holes. A very up-to-date course which will help one follow recent discoveries and announcements making their way into the popular media. Great team effort from each one of the instructors involved in making this great course such an enjoyable experience.

por Niranjana C

3 de jul. de 2020

The instructors are amazing and explain everything in a concise manner while fully engaging with the content with enthusiasm. It was an informative course, not too technical and provide a better insight to particularly tough topics. I'm even more eager to learn more and maybe research black holes myself someday.

por Μαρία Γ

29 de nov. de 2019

A very well structured course. The videos are funny, well thought and explanatory. The illustrations and examples make it easy even for a beginner to understand what is being explained. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I would recommend this course to everyone who has an interest in astrophysics!! Thank you, guys!

por Denise H

13 de abr. de 2019

Watching this course was a lot of fun. I was able to repeat things I already knew and learned even more new things. Because the way things are explained I was able to keep up until the end even if I didn't understand every single detail yet. This course is a really great way of learning about Black Holes.

por Daniel C

20 de dic. de 2020

This course had a plethora of information, condensed and explained thoroughly (and clearly) enough for someone with limited scientific background to understand. It was very well put together and a pleasure to work through. It is a very good introduction for someone with a curiosity for black holes.

por Eddie N

23 de feb. de 2022

This is a amazing course for those who want to learn about Black Holes. It has updates and I believe they will keep coming, so the material is according to the new discoveries. All the teachers are very good and the classes are very well prepared. I hope I can learn more from them in the future!

por Mohamed Z

21 de jul. de 2022

Thanks for the effort and time have been put in this course.

Excellent Course and very professional teachers, I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in Black holes. I hope that there will be a second advanced course about the topic. great work

Best regards,

Moahmed Zaghloul

por ava

17 de dic. de 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I'm a bit on the younger side, and I was still able to thoroughly grasp the concept of black holes and their nature throughout this course. The professors in this course did an excellent job of using models and explaining. I would recommend this course!

por Amanda A

16 de mar. de 2021

A really enjoyable and engaging course about black holes, astrophysics and the methods currently available to study the universe. Definitely a course well suited to a beginner, as the high level math and physics is broken down into easily understandable concepts. Highly recommended!

por Sakshi P K 1

20 de abr. de 2020

Amazing, wonderful & exploratory course on bizzare black holes. The animation used to explain the concepts are very interesting. Also reading sections consists of interesting activities explaining time dilation in easiest way. Thank you all the instructors for such a wonderful course.

por Sasha B

18 de oct. de 2019

I loved every minute of this course. It's gotten me developing my own theory about black holes and I am so sad that it's over. It's also made me seriously consider a minor or double major in astrophysics, something I may genuinely pursue. Thank you so much for this amazing journey.

por Arun G

3 de abr. de 2020

I really loved the way you guys were able to present such a vast and complex topic in a very simple format for beginners such as myself.Although i still have doubts regarding certain concepts i was able to get an overall superficial knowledge necessary for an indepth further study

por Muhammad A N

30 de abr. de 2019

I have just completed one module and besides black holes I have also learned other concepts for my general knowledge as to refresh concepts before proceeding to black hole. Way of delivering of instructors is very good as I thought I have known everything about respective topic.

por Shivani R

28 de ago. de 2021

This course covers all the aspects of an introduction to black holes. It is informative and sneaks in some joke bits as well, making the learner interested. It enhances the creativity of the learner and who knows? one the the next astronomy legends might be from this course!

por Malekith-Erik H

22 de sep. de 2019

I have gained more insight into the physics of black holes, stars and galaxies alike. This class was my favourite class and I can't wait to enroll into more of this university. Special thanks to the amazing and charismatic teachers, I especially like the many food analogies!

por anuhansi p

25 de feb. de 2022

I really enjoyed this course. actually i have get a very new knowledge regarding black holes and the related physics. demonstrations and videos are really good. also i really like it's flexible timeline and at last I have to say that I really enjoyed this course, thank you


23 de nov. de 2020

Thank you so much to the University of Alberta for making such an amazing course. I enjoyed a lot during this course. It is a very good course for the beginners to know basic knowledge about the Black Holes. I request you to prepare a part 2 of this course.

Thank you.

por Ramon M

2 de abr. de 2021

Very happy with the course. A lot of information well presented, in an interesting way, by very knowledgeable professors. One observation, maybe one of them could make his presentations talking a little slower? I don´t think I have to give name? Thank you all!!!

por David G

29 de dic. de 2021

Astro 101: Black Holes provides an excellent and fun way to learn about Black Holes. All of the professors are not only highly knowledgeable, but also refreshingly enthusiastic about their subject matter. I really appreciate their generosity. Thanks so much.