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Comienza de inmediato y aprende a tu propio ritmo.
Fechas límite flexibles
Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.
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Este curso es parte del Master of Science in Accountancy (iMSA) completamente en línea de Universidad de Illinois en Urbana-Champaign. Si eres aceptado en el programa completo, tus cursos cuentan para tu título.

Programa - Qué aprenderás en este curso


Semana 1

6 horas para completar

Course Overview & Module 1 Analytics Beyond the Spreadsheet

6 horas para completar
17 videos (Total 97 minutos), 7 lecturas, 2 cuestionarios
17 videos
Meet Instructor Doug Laney1m
Lesson 1-1 Overview of Analytics5m
Lesson 1-2 Beyond Basic Business Intelligence6m
Lesson 1-3-1 The Analytics Continuum7m
Lesson 1-3-2 Analytic Output6m
Lecture 1-3-3 Basic Analytic Techniques2m
Lecture 1-4 Analytic Graphical Representation (Visualization)11m
Interview with Kevin Hartman14m
Lecture 1-5-1 Key Analytics Concepts to Know (Data Literacy)32s
Lecture 1-5-2 Data, What Data? (Sources of Data)5m
Lecture 1-5-3 Where to Put the Data and How to Get it There?8m
Lecture 1-5-4 Analytic Methods, Techniques and Concepts6m
Lecture 1-5-5 Other Data Concepts4m
Lecture 1-6-1 Purpose-Built Analytic Solutions17s
Lecture 1-6-2 Data-specific Analytic Solutions4m
Lecture 1-6-3 Business Function-Specific Analytics8m
7 lecturas
About the Discussion Forums10m
Brand Descriptions20m
Update Your Profile10m
Module 1 Overview20m
Module 1 Readings2h
2 ejercicios de práctica
Orientation Quiz10m
Module 1 Graded Quiz30m

Semana 2

3 horas para completar

Module 2 Industry and Business Function Analytics

3 horas para completar
11 videos (Total 66 minutos), 2 lecturas, 1 cuestionario
11 videos
Lecture 2-1 Banking and Financial Institution Examples6m
Lecture 2-2 Insurance Examples3m
Lecture 2-3 Retail Examples7m
Lecture 2-4 Manufacturing, Consumer Package Goods Examples5m
Lecture 2-5 Energy Sector Examples7m
Lecture 2-6 Telecommunications Examples3m
Lecture 2-7 Government and the Public Sector Examples10m
Lecture 2-8 Healthcare Examples6m
Lecture 2-9 Sports and Entertainment Examples4m
Lecture 2-10 Other Examples7m
2 lecturas
Module 2 Overview20m
Module 2 Readings1h 30m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 2 Graded Quiz30m

Semana 3

5 horas para completar

Module 3 Staffing and Organizing for Analytics

5 horas para completar
11 videos (Total 74 minutos), 2 lecturas, 2 cuestionarios
11 videos
Lecture 3-1 The Chief Information Officer (CIO)3m
Lecture 3-2 The Chief Data Officer (CDO)7m
Lecture 3-3 Chief Digital Officer2m
Lecture 3-4 The Chief Analytics Officer (CAO)3m
Lecture 3-5 The Data Scientist8m
Lecture 3-6 Data Scientist Soft Skills4m
Lecture 3-7 Other Analytics Related Roles9m
Lecture 3-8 The Analytics Center of Excellence4m
Lecture 3-9 Analytics Consulting and Crowdsourcing5m
Interview with Graham Waller23m
2 lecturas
Module 3 Overview20m
Module 3 Readings1h
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 3 Graded Quiz30m

Semana 4

3 horas para completar

Module 4 Analytics Success Today and Tomorrow

3 horas para completar
15 videos (Total 57 minutos), 3 lecturas, 1 cuestionario
15 videos
Lecture 4-1-2 Analytics Maturity Levels3m
Lecture 4-1-3 Key Maturity Disciplines3m
Lecture 4-2 Analytics Success Factors11m
Lecture 4-3-0 Analytics Trends and Futures41s
Lecture 4-3-1 Analytics as a Corporate Strategy2m
Lecture 4-3-2 Data Literacy3m
Lecture 4-3-3 Valuing Information Assets4m
Lecture 4-3-4 A Data Science and AI Ethical Code of Conduct4m
Lecture 4-3-5 Continuous Intelligence2m
Lecture 4-3-6 Reinventing, Digitalizing and Eliminating Business Offerings2m
Lecture 4-3-7 AI will Struggle to Scale in the Organization3m
Lecture 4-3-8 Most Analytic Insights Will Fail to Deliver Business Value3m
Lecture 4-3-9 Quantum Computing Will Start to Outperform Traditional Analytics Computing4m
Gies Online Programs3m
3 lecturas
Module 4 Overview20m
Module 4 Readings1h
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 4 Graded Quiz30m



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