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Chemerinsky on Constitutional Law – Individual Rights and Liberties, University of California, Irvine

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Chemerinsky on Constitutional Law: Individual Rights and Liberties will highlight the construction and interpretation of the U.S. Constitution through the centuries with an emphasis on protections of individual liberties and the evolution of equal protection. You'll learn the history behind the Constitution, cases that formed important precedent, and how changes in interpretation have been dependent on shifts in cultural and political climate as well as the composition of the Supreme Court. In this course we will investigate the protection of individual rights and liberties and take a look at what rights are and are not protected and investigate several important shifts in jurisprudence. We'll begin by examining the structure of the Constitution's protection of individual rights. We'll then examine the circumstances under which, various rights and liberties can be regulated by the federal, state, and local government. We'll examine when the government can permissibly treat people unequally and when it can't. In our final two lectures, we'll take a close look at what is probably the most famous amendment to the Constitution, the First Amendment. Join me as we look at the questions both raised and answered by the Constitution and those that interpret it! By the end of this course, you should be able to: - Describe the individual liberties protected by the Constitution and account for the history and structure of their protection - Illustrate compromises found in the Constitution by citing examples and historic background - Articulate the importance of key cases such as Brown v. Board, Lemon v. Kurtzman, and Lochner v. New York - Explain how the outcome of cases is often dependent upon the current cultural and political climate as well as the composition of the court by citing particular cases and important shifts in the court's jurisprudence - Assess the relative suitability of various approaches to constitutional interpretation and analysis...
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14 revisiones

por lea see

Dec 12, 2018

Very informative and told in a very easy way. The professor is excellent to show examples and explain points so the meaning of the Constitution becomes less difficult to understand

por Bill Piety

Sep 20, 2018

This is part 2 of Professor Chemerinsky’s course on Constitutional Law. Both were excellent and I would very much like to go foward with additional courses in law from UC Irvine. His experience in the practice of law and the Supreme Court cases he argued were tremendously helpful.

por Jovita De Loatch

Dec 11, 2017

Loved the informative lectures. Hated the gavel. Didn't have time to stay for the assignments but looking forward to reading 'The Conservative Assault on the Constitution' when I have a chance. Thanks for your efforts.

por Neringa Banyte

Oct 20, 2017

Thanks to the excellent presentation of the course material I have acquired an idea of my own regarding the subject of Constitution and its purpose. Constitution is a remedy for moral turpitude.

por Iris Soliman

Jul 29, 2017

DEFINITELY TO TAKE if interested by American law...For now, I'll audit the 1st part.

por Virginia Cook

Jul 15, 2017

Fantastic course. Interesting subject and great lecturer. I learned a lot and would take any course from Dr. Chemerinsky.

por Robin Bergsma

Jul 13, 2017


por Marat Paredes Montiel

Jul 05, 2017

A really wonderful course of one one the most brightness minds of the Constitutional Law in the World!

por Vi Tran

Jul 05, 2017

The subject matter has not always been the easiest to learn, even for law students. Yet, being explained by Prof. Chemerinsky, everything became clear and comprehensible. I would recommend this course to all of those who want to know more about the rights and the principles which our nation rests its values upon, as well as to those who wants to learn about civil liberties and individual rights from all over the world.

por Stephen Braddy

Jul 04, 2017

A necessary companion to Chemersky's Constitution I course!