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Drawing on the contributions of several academic disciplines including law, psychology, sociology, history, educational and health sciences, economy and anthropology, an interdisciplinary approach guides the student into a selection of critical issues concerning children’s rights. Participants will gain insight relative to the development of this specific human rights category, as well as to the evolution of the challenges faced by children over time and society’s efforts to respond. Successful international strategies and programs promoting children’s rights will be highlighted, as well as the role of key actors involved in international organizations working in this field. This open online course provides an overview of the most important features of children’s human rights. A central portion of the MOOC will consist of a presentation of the international and regional standards on children’s rights and the related international and regional judicial and quasi-judicial bodies designed to ensure their implementation. No prerequisites or specific background is required to register for this MOOC. The course is conceived as an introductory level program, but participants, who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of children’s rights, or already have some prior knowledge, will have access to additional reading material on a weekly basis. Participants who successfully complete the class activities and final assessment may request for a paid certificate of accomplishment signed by the Instructor and the main professors responsible for the program. However, no credits are awarded. The course consists of seven topical modules distributed on 4 weeks. English is the only language of instruction....

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24 de feb. de 2020

Truly interdisciplinary course with rich content, and reasonable depth, based upon team work of faculty. I am even recommend my 15 year child to study it and know about her responsibilities and rights


30 de ene. de 2019

I strongly recommend this for people who are passionately working among children across the globe. This is the need of the hour! Let's educate ourselves and serve the best for our children. Cheers!

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por Athala

23 de dic. de 2021

Kudos for Dr. Roberta Ruggiero, Prof. Philip D. Jaffé and Dr. h. c. Jean Zermatten for formulating this course and its theories within! All lectures are well-built and easy to comprehend. But here's an input to make it better: There are some typos and inaudible words. Maybe it could be difficult or taking time to the students whose not use English as their main language to understand. I hope it'll be fixed one day. Thank you for the amazing course!

por Joanna M

25 de feb. de 2022

​Very interesting introduction the topic of human rights of children. I enjoyed listening to and reading material from a diverse group of specialists in the field. This introductory course encourages you to think broadly about various aspects of children's rights, and look at the from many perspectives. It tries not to give straight answers but rather engages the participants in deeper self-reflection. Highly recommended!

por Mohamed M

1 de mar. de 2021

Children's Human Rights - An Interdisciplinary Introduction, It is an education that moves my mind to the way that, I have to give special protection to children in a situation of any kind of emergency, like Armed conflicts, conflict with the law, Justice to a juvenile issue, and any kind of child deprivation, neglect, and abuse.

By: Mohamed Mustapha, a Sierra Leonean,

From The Gambia, West Africa.

por Katarzyna J

24 de may. de 2020

Fantastic course, you can learn a lot. There are given interesting information and it motivates you to read and learn more about children human rights. Although, there are some issues with quizzes, sometimes there is no good answer or right answer is changed when you retake the quiz. But generally, I rate this course very high. I think it is useful for anyone, who works for children rights.

por Gaytri D S

3 de abr. de 2021

The course gave me overview of different perspective of Children's Human Rights especially world view. It is wonderful to reinforcing my learning through quizzes. Irrespective of who we are - parents, social worker, policy makers, implementers etc. we should definitely do this course for better clarity in our work and life and think through Child Right's approach. Thank you!

por Abbe M

13 de feb. de 2021

This course was a great introduction. The professors were so knowledgeable and thorough.

I enjoy the option to learn at your own pace as well as the short chunking of information in the video and written form.

I learned a lot about the rights of children in many settings of our society. This will be a good background to have as I navigate the position of a child advocate.

por Luisa C J

4 de sep. de 2020

Teniendo muy pocos conocimientos del área, el curso es bueno. Es general y entrega una perspectiva apropiada de la materia. Lo disfruté mucho y aprendí bastante.

I don't know much about the subject, but the course is very good. It's general, and gives you a nice perspective about the children's rights as an interdisciplinary topic. I really enjoy it and learned a lot =)

por Sandra C C M

15 de mar. de 2020

A really interdisciplinary and interesting course! It is very complete but yet simple for those who do not have a legal background on children's rights. I truly recommend this course to everyone, in general, but specially for those professionals working with children. Thank you for your teamwork and effort to provide us very interesting and accurate materials to study.

por Trisha M

22 de nov. de 2020

Very informative course. This course provided me with a deeper understanding of children's rights in order for us to find solutions to eradicate violations against children all over the globe. It is crucial for us, especially for teachers, parents, medical professionals, law (government) to recognize this issue head-on and to provide sufficient support and research.

por Yvette L R

22 de jun. de 2020

The course was excellent and presented very good.

However, I would like to learn more about adoption. Parents die due to illnesses like HIV, during the migration process or do not want the child and then the child becomes adoptable, either by strangers or by a village or community. What rights does the child have when it comesmtomfamily reunification?

por Nagatharan L K P

26 de nov. de 2021

An excellent course for those who want to work with children be it in any sector and I would highly recommend it to even parents. It gives you diverse perspectives on how you should treat children with dignity and respect and what you can do to uphold their dignity as children of our generation and the generations to come. Bravo University of Geneva!

por Rhio

28 de oct. de 2020

This course was very informative and relevant in today's issues. However, I wish some readings can be easy downloadable since there are some links that require registering on the website and/or pay subscription in order to have full access to the material. But so far, this is a good start if you want to have a career on Child Rights.

por Gökçe H A

15 de jul. de 2020

I enjoyed the taking this course . I improved my knowledge in many areas like international law, children psychology, children health..etc. As a law student, I will surely recomend this course to my friends because topic of the course is really important and every people should have knowledge about it to make safe zone for children.

por Chandni P

19 de may. de 2020

This is really a significant course in gaining a deep understanding of the inception , implementation and challenges faced in application of child rights across its member state also an invigorating outlook of Health Human Rights of human beings which at times we are under ignorance or are misled due to lack of its knowledge

por Stefani k S

15 de jul. de 2021

I find this course very interesting and useful. At first I only entered this course for law perspective but I'v learned that every perpspective are related for children's rights case. I just wanna say this course really important to give us point of view and more understanding about children and children's human rights.

por bhawna n

23 de oct. de 2021

very interested and knowledgeable course for the professionals who want to know about the rights and problem faced by the children all over the world.In this course you also came to know about the international conferences and norms made for the protection of the children. Thank you very much for the wonderful course.

por Gulsaule K

20 de ene. de 2021

Informative which involves key specialists concerned in the area of the rights of children. Primary topics are covered such as ethical considerations, historical overview on children's involvement in the field of human rights, international organizations and institutions, law and policies on the rights of children

por Maryam N

13 de ago. de 2020

It was a thorough and perfect course for me and I think it would be useful for everyone who cares about children and the future of world. This course encourages me to get to know more about children's human rights. Also, the course acquaints me to new matters regarding to the children's rights.

Thank you all.

por Sergio H

17 de may. de 2017

Excelente curso introductorio que presenta en diversos ámbitos el abordaje de los derechos de los niños, teniendo en cuenta las disposiciones universales y regionales relativas a cada ámbito, con relatos y aportes de expertos de diferentes países, enriqueciendo con ello la experiencia de aprendizaje.

por Zoe B

5 de jul. de 2017

This course was very informative proving historical framework of the C.R.C , to relevant issues affecting children today . I would recommend it to all persons who currently works with children , parents or persons who simply wish to improve their knowledge base for personal development.

por Gaukhar K

28 de abr. de 2019

It is a great course that gave me a wider and better understanding of my own field - early childhood development policy. I came to understand some of the reasons why child development programs can be ineffective. I recommend the course to everyone who is concerned with children in any way.

por rosemary r

15 de abr. de 2021

I learned a lot. I am the daughter of a prostitute and I suffered a lot to be a social worker today. Unfortunately, the dollar is too high for us and I will not be able to purchase the certificate. But I hope that one day it will be within my reach. Thank you all.

Rosemary RAmos

por Oduor K K

4 de nov. de 2018

The Course was (is) mind opening. I always seen human rights in the eyes of an adult including the popular political, economical and socio-cultural rights. Now I have a deeper understanding of the righst to children and how they are affected by various institutions.

por Karuppiah S

22 de abr. de 2020

It was a very interesting and engaging course thorough which I had learnt how to analyze and think about a variety of issues about Children's Rights. I had learnt various aspects and dimensions about the notion of Children's Rights. I enjoyed learning this course.

por jamie b

6 de sep. de 2018

I really enjoyed this course and I had my eye opened . The faculties are all experts in their respective field which I like the most . Any one who are interested in children's Right must take this course. Thanks team from University of Geneva. Thanks Coursera .