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Volver a Computational Investing, Part I

Computational Investing, Part I, Georgia Institute of Technology

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Why do the prices of some companies’ stocks seem to move up and down together while others move separately? What does portfolio “diversification” really mean and how important is it? What should the price of a stock be? How can we discover and exploit the relationships between equity prices automatically? We’ll examine these questions, and others, from a computational point of view. You will learn many of the principles and algorithms that hedge funds and investment professionals use to maximize return and reduce risk in equity portfolios....
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113 revisiones

por chris keo

Sep 04, 2018

Excellent breakdown of complicated matters.

por Kurt Spears

Aug 25, 2018

Interesting class with good assignments for computational investing cases.

por Brian Hastings

Aug 22, 2018

The QSTK software you need to install to complete the course is no longer supported and does not install. The course is not supported at all anymore and hasn't been for three years. The code is relying on outdated versions of python and python libraries and even if you are willing to learn these outdated versions of the libraries, the main module required for the course simply does not install. In short, the course is not completable and you will lose your money if you try to take it.

por Ahmed Zarban

Aug 16, 2018

The required software (QSTK) is no longer supported and only works on old versions of Python.

por Fangjin Huang

May 29, 2018

Very good introductory course for the basis of computational investing.

por Shahin Rasoulian

Apr 10, 2018

It is a very comprehensive step-by-step course with lots of good materials and guest speakers. Students will learn basic financial computations using Python. I recommend this course. This course is the combination of theory and practice.

por Alireza Ghanbarzadeh

Mar 30, 2018

I was searching for this course for a long time and I found it here !

por Sebastian

Mar 15, 2018

Please update! Topics covered are interesting, but I stopped this course because it is outdated. The main Python library used is only available for 2.x and not for 3.x.

por Fábio Amorim Ribeiro

Feb 11, 2018

Very nice opportunity to learn about quantitative approach investing. This course has opened to me a new door of interest. Thanks professor Tuker Balch and GT team for the initiative in share that subject and not less important, thanks coursera and coursera team in giving us the opportunity (and turn this opportunity democratic and accessible to who wants improve career) in get learning with one of the best universities abroad.

por ivan salcedo

Feb 08, 2018

The library QSTK is old and have fails with pandas an numpy.