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Conduct UX Research and Test Early Concepts is the fourth course in a certificate program that will equip you with the skills you need to apply to entry-level jobs in user experience (UX) design. In this course, you will learn how to plan and conduct a usability study to gather feedback about designs. Then, you will modify your low-fidelity designs based on insights from your research. Current UX designers and researchers at Google will serve as your instructors, and you will complete hands-on activities that simulate real-world UX design scenarios. Learners who complete the seven courses in this certificate program should be equipped to apply for entry-level jobs as UX designers. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Plan a UX research study, including the project background, research goals, research questions, Key Performance Indicators, methodology, participants, and script. - Explain the importance of respecting privacy and user data. - Conduct a moderated and unmoderated usability study. - Take notes during a usability study. - Create affinity diagrams to group and analyze data. - Synthesize observations from research and come up with insights. - Develop persuasive presentation skills to share research insights. - Modify low-fidelity designs based on research insights. - Continue to design a mobile app to include in your professional portfolio. To be successful in this course, you should complete the previous three courses in the certificate program. Or, you need to have an ability to conduct user research to inform the creation of empathy maps, personas, user stories, user journey maps, problem statements, and value propositions; as well as an ability to create wireframes and low-fidelity prototypes on paper and in Figma....

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28 de jul. de 2022

This part of the Google UX Design professional certification is actually the core of the training, if you miss any part here, you missed everything. It's indeed a participatory design technique


6 de feb. de 2022

The course gives you best practices while doing UX research. With the usability study templates, you are able to summarise all of the participants' key insights and recommendations.

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por Christian L

1 de jul. de 2022

The most valuable aspect of this course was learning about usability studies and conducting our own on our family and friends using the low-fidelity prototype we created. I learned a ton from this.

This course took me 12 days of study to complete with an average of 2h per day (over 20 calendar days). I was able to breeze through the videos (using 1.25x speed) and the readings and quizzes in a fraction of the estimated time but the weekly assignments were time consuming! I regularly exceeded the weekly assignment estimated time of 60m. Here is the actual time I spent working on weekly assignments: 1. build a research plan (25m); 2. conduct a usability study (3h8m); 3. observations into insights and affinity diagram (2h40m); 4. update your prototype and research presentation (2h50m). Conducting the usability study took up the most time because it required emailing friends and family and recruiting them to send a screen capture video of them interacting with the prototype. I'm posting this review to help other students get a better gauge of how much time the weekly assignments will take. Don't be intimidated! Just get started and you'll find it's not that difficult to complete, just time-consuming. I found some parts of this course unhelpful and redundant (i.e., tips for creating a strong presentation, presentation tips, overcome stage fright, tips for giving an effective presentation, etc.). I think it would've sufficed to consolidate all the public speaking tips into one reading and point students to extra resources. Afterall this is a UX design course not one on public speaking.

por Russell L

1 de nov. de 2021

Good step by step approach in planning, conducting, analyze and then present findings of UX Research. Personally, I had to delay my progress due to difficulty scheduling my usability studies during the second week. Perhaps, give students more time to organize usability studies with participants (tell students at the start of the week that they will need to recruit participants).

por Remy J

24 de ago. de 2021

Unfortunately in Week 2 and Week 4 the provided templates for the peer review assignments didn't match the previous videos nor the grading criteria.

por Oguz O

27 de jul. de 2021

Useful information but it was repetitive and monotonous.

por Tricia B

17 de sep. de 2021

This course was probably my least favorite so far. The material is generally pretty good, but like someone else's review said, it repeats content quite a bit. They've also been rearranging and adding material recently, but haven't removed some of the old content that's the exact same, so that added to the repeatability. I also think that if you don't get started on Week 2 basically when you start Week 1, you'll be behind since you have to accommodate people's schedules for interviews, which is not ideal for a course based on a monthly subscription service.

por Matthew D

26 de abr. de 2021

Course seemed poorly put together compared to the others in this certificate, it also seemed unnecessary to include this as an entire course.

por Tammy R

29 de dic. de 2021

I really liked learning how to use Figma and doing reserach to make better designs for users. I thought that some of the content was not in the correct order of progression for the class weeks and that some things in the videos did not match the tasks for the week endings. The peer-reviews have not been helpful for me but a hinderance. I never recieve feedback but give it to others when asked on the assignments. I would appreciate making useful feedback part of student grades for the assignments. I also have seen that alot of students enrolled do not submit the correct file and just give the points to pass the courses when reviewing assignments. Perhaps a bit more accountability for students enrolled to actually produce quality work and feedback would be helpful.

por John A

22 de nov. de 2021

The Person teaching in this course is pretty boring compared to the other courses, his manner of speaking and expressions has a very sleepy vibe

por praveen p

29 de dic. de 2021

this rating is not for the instructor or the subject, only for coursera team i hate the response from coursera could not help me in the fake palgorsim case i have tried many times to contact still no reply. some one wantedely flagged my assignment even tough i have orginal assignment i could not get the certificates. there is no response when ask support team to compare my assignment and verify before overriding my account

por John W W

14 de feb. de 2022

T​his course did a wonderful job of demonstrating how important user research can be to a UX designers product. I learned so much about the prototypes, lo fidelity designs, and usability studies. The instructor was easy to follow along with a did an excellent job stressing the importance of user feedback in order to gain insight and fine tune the middle stages of product design. Getting to use figma and other digital software for our projects gives me the confidence I need to easily build upon my portfolio project and see my initial sketches and brainstorm ideas become closer to an actual product that would benefit people's lives.

por Matt M

3 de jul. de 2021

This course really broke down the process of building a research plan, conducting a usability study, analyzing the data collected through research to inform improvements needed to your design, and how to create a thorough presentation to share insights and improvements with others. The instructor for this course was great! I really enjoyed the tone and demonstrated understanding of the content presented by the instructor. Though the content of this course and work needing to be completed took some extra time to get through, I believe it was beneficial and helped produce quality work in the end. Great course!

por Chia H C

22 de nov. de 2021

I have learned to create a research plan that allows me to prepare an earlier usability study for the project that I have created while objectively collecting valuable feedback directly from the user and moreover to provide accurate insights to enhance my project. And finally, learned how to prepare overall insights based on the research and collect feedback from the participants, and present it to the team or related stakeholders. I am grateful that I took this course and as promised that I will continue the rest of the courses.

por Jeremy B

24 de mar. de 2021

Doing user research seemed kind of scary at first, but the course sets you up with templates and tips and stuff that are really helpful. So far, the courses in the program are good at filling in all the gaps I had trying to learn UX on my own. Like going from research back to designing. I had a general idea for how to do some design updates after researching, but I was happy to see that the course lays out exactly what to do and how to do it. I feel like I am turning into a real UX designer!

por S D

30 de nov. de 2021

G​reat course. I have really learned a lot, and the assignments helped me to apply all concepts that I have learned here. I would like to sincerely thank my instructor for this great learning experience. I have one comment here. Sometimes, I am not able to meet the weekly deadlines, as, I take it a little slowly, to get a better grasp of the concepts and try to do well in my assignments. Once again, thank you so much, and I am looking forward to the other courses.

por Pooya D

23 de abr. de 2022

in this course I learned steps, research methods and how to make presentations for stakeholders. the way of lectures and lecturer is very good. they pay attention to every point even its very small or seems nonimportant from my perspective but when I study and try to do my assignments I recognized that why a small nonimportant point can have an effect on your project.

I learned lots of things from this course and sure I'll learn a lot from next courses.

por Analia d G

3 de jul. de 2021

I found this course to be instructional, fun and successful in teaching us how to write an initial Research Study plan, creating an affinity diagram, learning how to take notes and adding them to a spreadsheet for clarity and synthesizing, defining themes and insights and creating a Research presentation, while learning to present the said presentation and then updating it with our research findings. Looking forward to starting course 5!

por Shane T

25 de jun. de 2021

Whilst the start of the course took a bit of getting into - coming from such an interactive and creative previous course, I am so glad I stuck with it.

The material covered is incredibly valuable - and really highlights the importance of testing and getting feedback from users.

The assignments weren't easy - and really reflects the effort you put into the usability study. A poor study will make the follow-on assignments a LOT harder.

por Shanthi N

15 de mar. de 2022

This course was facilitated in an excellent way. I learnt all the important steps of planning and conducting a research study, conducting a usability study, using affinity diagram, deriving insights and most importantly how to present insights and recommendations effectively to a design team and how to present it flawlessly. There cannot be a better way to teach, help us practise these skills than this amazing Google course.

por Hsu I

10 de jul. de 2022

Hardcore. Hardcore is the first word coming to my mind when I finally complete the course. On one hand I totally understand research actually is the key in the whole certificate courses; on the other hand I keep screaming and cursing when trying to finish the submission. Every submission includes correlating steps and you can't just skip any of it. Respect! UX researchers and desginers.

por Sasha R

25 de nov. de 2021

W​ow, what a challenging and informative course. Research is key to creating a great application and design. I have learned so much and had difficult times, but I pushed on and it paid off. I hope to take all that I have learned into my future roles in the field. Thank you to all the instructors and staff who worked putting this together.

por Ray (

21 de jun. de 2022

This course was the first moment where I started to feel a bit professional. Everything is coalesing and it's satisfying. Thanks to the wonderful instruction well paced course material I was able to complete this with ease. Super happy, now the next course is 6 WEEKS!?... opinion pending on the well paced bit.

por Tahta A

25 de oct. de 2021

I​t does really help me to deliver a good presentation for the team and make the stakeholder support my research. It is somehow I find it difficult to conduct research online especially when there's a technical issue like a connection and device. Overall, I'd recommend this course to my friends.

por Ola B

26 de jul. de 2021

At the beginning of the course, i was really having a concern on how the instructor was teaching. but after first and second class, i was able to flow along with him. the course on its own was in-depth and challenging in terms of assignments. thanks google for such a beautiful course.

por Victor H S G

27 de abr. de 2022

Hello and I think that this course is very important for the development of the final prototype, this research stage does not help to improve our final prototype, I found it very interesting more than all the research and data collection methods, I am excited to start the next course

por Andrew M

4 de abr. de 2021

Great course. This takes some logical steps that I see rarely used in the real world. I have spent over 30 years delivering solutions to clients and this piece was never discussed. I learned that insights from user testing can be greatly valuable in building solutions a user wants.