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This course introduces you to the concept of conflict transformation and how it differs from conflict resolution, management, and prevention. We’ll see how conflict offers opportunities for constructive change, and we'll explore different tools and methods for engaging conflict constructively. Regardless of your familiarity with the topic, you'll get insightful tips, portable handouts, lively demonstrations, and personalized assignments to bridge and enhance your own knowledge and history within the conflict narrative. In any area of your life, you'll benefit from the practical techniques and transferable information offered throughout this five-week journey....

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17 de ene. de 2019

I love this course, which gave me many nice instructions on how to maintain relationships with others. The assignments were very interesting to finish, and provided a lot of insights while doing it.


2 de ago. de 2017

I have definitely learned a lot with this course! What is my style, how to address conflict more efficiently, what tools do we have, and many more useful skills for my personal and work life.

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por Rosinda G R

24 de sep. de 2020

Me gustó mucho el formato y el contenido. La maestra Ott me pareció muy profesional y muy clara en la enseñanza.

Me pareció sumamente útil y lo recomiendo ampliamente.

He terminado 3 cursos por Coursera y este ha sido mi favorito

por Karen S

17 de jun. de 2021

It's a very good class and a very important one. Everybody could benefit from this class. I will get some more of the literature in this field. It's best to stay away from claiming that some of these things are Native North Amercian. They are not they way they are presented in this class. These are Hippie / New Age adaptations and not authentic Native North American. There is a lot more to that. Native North Amercians don't like this at all since this is altered & not authentic. Thanks


21 de mar. de 2018

Though I have not gone far in this course but I really love how the course is being presented. I have to recommend this course to all my colleagues. Conflict Transformation all the way

por Anikó M

7 de jun. de 2021

I loved the course!

It was very interesting, useful and gave me practical knowledge right away that I can apply in my work as of now (I'm a counsellor).

I liked the variety - namely sometimes reading, other times a video to watch and so on.

I found the assignments a good tool to check if I have understood and can apply the knowledge I gathered in practice.

The only critique I have is that it took me much more work to complete the course than 2 hours a week - as the course description states. Maybe I'm too thorough, but I feel I couldn't have done this with less time spent.

Thank you, it was a great journey and adventure! :-)

por Jenn B

7 de jun. de 2021

Excellent course! The professor delivers clear lectures that draw from and expand upon assigned readings. Coursework directly relates to major concepts and helps solidify understanding. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about this subject and feel that I gained a lot from it, as well; in addition to developing a friendlier view of conflict, I have gained useful skills and strategies to apply to future instances of conflict in my life.

por Denise A

25 de may. de 2022

I​ loved this course. The instructor was very thorough and engaging, and explained the course material in such a way that the information was easy to understand, retain, and apply. I learned a lot about how to not just resolve a conflict, but how to better approach it from the perspective of transforming it into an opportunity for growth. I highly recommend this course to everyone. It was definitely time well spent.

por Sadie E

25 de jul. de 2022

This is an excellent course. My only suggestion would be to consolidate the readings or give options for those articles that are very similar, ie: read this OR this, unless you have plenty of time to read both. I love the video segments, the instructor is very easy to understand and explains the material very well, especially for those of us not famliar with all the terminology of conflict transformation!

por Kate D

19 de ene. de 2021

I really enjoyed every aspect of this course. I opted to do this course as I felt it would help me to deal with conflict in the workplace, however, since doing the course and learning about all aspects of conflict transformation I now feel confident to deal with conflict in the workplace and also in my personal life. Ellen was a great educator and also very pleasant to listen to. Thank you!

por Dat L

4 de may. de 2021

This course really surprised me. First even if it was virtual was very easy to follow. The exercises were very nice and easy to do. Also the real exercises fro the teacher were great( Mediator exercises for eg). The information sent was really compatible with my mindset and its very easy to understand. I am very glad that i take this lesson. Thank you for the hard work added in this course

por Nduta N

16 de dic. de 2020

I enjoyed this course immensely. The assignments were a bit of a chore but they really helped me to think through what it is that I was learning. I learned a little more about my conflict style and learned some tools that would help me consider ongoing and new conflict through the transformative lens and examine the potential therein for growth. Thank you Ms Ott-Marshall and God bless you

por Jack

30 de abr. de 2021

It is really interesting to think conflict as a natural phenomena. It changes my way of thinking as I used to see conflict as something to avoid. After this course it helps to realize that I can do much more rather than just hiding and hoping that conflict don't involve me. I think the course is worth looking into for everyone as we all live in this everyday conflict world.

por Indu P

16 de jul. de 2021

Very frankly, I got into the course just out of curiosity but ended up being a serious learner. Why did I do that? I was impressed by the structure and organisation of the course, the empathy of the teacher (which came through even on video), the simplicity of learning which did not take away anything from the completeness or seriousness of what we were doing.


12 de ago. de 2021

T​he instructor gave a very clear description of the process as well as compared conflict transformation with conflict management in a precise way. Excellent tools and readings. I come out of this course with a great pool of tools to use in personal and professional conflict situations.

por Jessica F

27 de jul. de 2022

This was a well-designed course that provided excellent source material, engaging lecturettes, and assignments that promoted learning and reflection. I came away with a different understanding of conflict and the opportunities that conflict can provide.

por amadfudge

8 de may. de 2021

Absolutely amazingly useful and practical course. I applied many of the techniques to my work and personal life. Prof Ellen was very easy to follow, and used very good examples that were relatable to everyone. Highly recommended!

por Chaya S

8 de abr. de 2021

This was an excellent course examining many different aspects of conflict and providing abundant strategies for resolving it. There is considerable information for follow up study provided in the recommended reading and links.

por Andreas S

1 de may. de 2021

This course is excellent! Especially "in contrast" to other courses – but "stand alone" as well. The instructor, Ellen Ott Marshall, is superb, the course itself is professional & personal, the content is great. Thank You!

por Luis O L W

10 de feb. de 2022

Excelente curso. Muy bien diseñado y maravillosamente dirigido. Los recursos son vastos y permiten contemplar una amplia visión de la trascendencia del manejo y resolución de conflictos bajo una perspectiva constructiva.

por Sajia I

14 de sep. de 2020

ONE EFFICIENT WAY OF TEACHING LEARNING FROM MS.Ellen Ott Marshall. Along with learning each specific details and guidelines to know about conflict transformation from science background. I'm so glad to take this course.

por Rajitha A L

30 de abr. de 2020

It was a great course which helps us to improve our management skills and personality. Learned lots of important things about conflicts, conflict management, problem-solving and constructive conflict transformation.

por Lucía F D E

25 de abr. de 2021

The course was worth it, I am 100% sure that this will help me in my personal and professional life. The concepts were easy to understand and the tools provided are really useful when we face a conflict.


18 de ene. de 2019

I love this course, which gave me many nice instructions on how to maintain relationships with others. The assignments were very interesting to finish, and provided a lot of insights while doing it.

por Massimo C

21 de jul. de 2022

the content of the course was very interesting as well as balanced between theory / practice with weekly checks aimed at verifying the effective acquisition of the techniques / information learned

por Eréndira F H

3 de ago. de 2017

I have definitely learned a lot with this course! What is my style, how to address conflict more efficiently, what tools do we have, and many more useful skills for my personal and work life.

por Ellen B

26 de oct. de 2020

Truly a great course with a great teacher - a thorough introduction into the topic with a high-level overview of many different facets of Conflict Transformation. Highly recommend!