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This course introduces the world of database systems. It provides the foundation that will enable learners to master skills in data modeling and information, as well as extract information using existing database management systems. The following main topics are covered: database design/modeling, data storage and indexing, query processing/optimization, transaction management, database security, and data analytics....

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Aug 23, 2018

Great course to learn DB concepts. Lectures are well organized and assignments built up difficulty smoothly. At the end of course, student feels familiar with DB/ tables creation and queries.


Apr 05, 2019

The 2 main assignments are very challenging, you will learn a lot. You cannot complete this course without learning basic postgres. Big like, great application

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por David B

May 05, 2019

I was really let down by this first class. The full course sequence is very relevant to my job and planned direction for career growth, so I was quite happy to see the topics on the syllabus.

However, the execution of the course was unfortunately quite poor in several dimensions. The course design was quite sloppy and the assignments were poorly scaffolded. Several lectures seemed to be poorly planned, with the lecturer skipping parts of his slides, not labelling hand drawn graphs, and using non-specific language in several examples that therefore failed to elucidate his points. One of the Week 4 lecture videos is listed as 15 minutes long but was cut off at 4 minutes - this problem was reported something like 6 months ago in the discussion section, but ASU has failed to re-upload the full video - I guess all of the students just get 1/3 of that particular lecture for the indefinite future!

The assignments were not clearly written, and the first assignment had a typo in it that materially changes the answer (note that I took the course fairly long after its release). The automated grading algorithm provides absolutely minimal feedback (only if a question was right or wrong) - my expectation for a good automated grader is that it tests several assertions about each response and gives verbose feedback to the student that help in debugging improper responses. Even if ASU intends for the assignment scoring to be on the opaque side for cheating prevention purposes (perhaps the most charitable view of why the grader is designed this way), the course offers no ungraded exercises for students to learn from with more substantial feedback.

The assignments also were incredibly easy for nearly all of questions, followed by a single question that was orders of magnitude harder. A properly designed problem set instead ought to avoid such difficulty spikes and gradually increase difficulty from question to question.

More subjectively, I felt the first 2 weeks of content was too basic and did not touch topics that would be more useful at this level. What are good patterns for SQL query optimization? What are some common database parameters that can be tuned to achieve desired performance in different contexts? These topics would be very relevant for the databases sequence but are not broached.

I did enjoy the final 2 weeks of content more and the course introduced more ideas in those classes that I was not already familiar with. However, the application of those concepts was limited to simple multiple choice quizzes without any programming assignments. For example, the course describes transaction interleaving and recovery algorithms - it would have been interesting to code such algorithms for a mock database.

All in all, because this is a paid MOOC, I have expectations that the university will provide quality materials and some semblance of ongoing investment in the course's learners. These expectations were not met. I can half-heartedly recommend the course to anyone who needs an absolute beginner (not intermediate) introduction to SQL, but think that more interactive, free resources (e.g. SQLZoo) are already available to meet that need.

por Guillaume R

May 31, 2018

It's more an introduction... They teach us a way of writing code, but then are expecting another one when you write your assessment. They tell us that is preferable to work on a Ubuntu machine... No clue about how could we install the desired postgresql version...It smells like "let's make some easy money". First two weeks are ok , the two others are just there to introduce some concepts that we just don't see how they are used in a practical way ( what do we insert in our code ?! )...

por Alireza T

Jul 17, 2018

Firstly, The feedback returned on the programming assignment is not helpful. There is no way to find out what you did wrong. Even though my local database was working perfectly on first submission, I had to make 10 more submissions to get only 10/20. I still have no idea why it ended up working.

Secondly, having one really long assignment in week 2 and then short quizzes rest of the course is a terrible set up. Not only does it discourage people from moving on but there simply isn't enough training by that point for most students to complete the assignment.

por Manuel G L C

Jul 07, 2018

First programming assignment has problems with the review and is not possible to try to get more information from the response given in the page. The forum was not answered for more than a week.

por Niall

Mar 19, 2019

Nice introduction to core concepts.

Assignment 2 was a bit frustrating, it built on the result of assignment 2 but the "name" field of the movies table changed to "title" and unless you re-created all tables in your local test environment using the "optional" solution.sql 50% of the test cases fail without any explanation.

por Maxim Z

Nov 03, 2018

Some test assignments are ambiguous. The content in the Week 4 is not complete, one video file is shorter than it has to be. Lack of support from the platform

por Max S

Aug 28, 2018

Overall the course syllabus is really good, however the implementation is very disappoinnting:

> The lecturer explains the material really poorly. I literally have to look up definitions on youtube / google to be able to understand what different terms mean. He used some terms in the definition of these terms, which makes no sense. This is not to comment on his knowledge, just on his ability to explain what he knows in plain English

> Homework scoring system is really bad. The feedback is vertually absent, the solutions are not presented afterwords.

por Syed F H

Jan 25, 2019

Really amazing learning experience!!

por Mark D S S

Apr 05, 2019

The 2 main assignments are very challenging, you will learn a lot. You cannot complete this course without learning basic postgres. Big like, great application

por Aditya P

Mar 31, 2019

Great course with good hands-on exercises. Just a little in-depth knowledge should have been provided.

por Naveen K J

Jan 06, 2019

Assignments are good. But Assignment description needs to be a bit more clear.

por Ghullam M

Nov 12, 2018

I want to say specially about Professor of this course is best fit personality for core data.I love her.

por Ilya B

Nov 20, 2018

Not for totally noobs. Well designed course if you want to fill spaces in your education.

por ANNA B

Aug 23, 2018

Great course to learn DB concepts. Lectures are well organized and assignments built up difficulty smoothly. At the end of course, student feels familiar with DB/ tables creation and queries.

por Joke D

Jun 24, 2018

Good introduction to databases. Got a deeper understanding of storage and retrieval, indexing,... Enjoyed the postgres assignments.

por Hamzah A S S A

Apr 20, 2019

Really, it is very useful course with professional professor. Thank you so much Coursera. Thank you so much Dr.Mohammed. I appreciate all what you did. I will be happy if you recommend some books for students in DBMS.

por Harish K T

Sep 15, 2019

It is a great resource to enhance your fundamentals.

por Borys K

Mar 21, 2019

The quizzes could be more difficult, and more programming assignments would be appreciated.

por Jose E Q I

Oct 26, 2018

the evaluations of the practice exercises are not clear.

por Miltiadis S

Nov 01, 2018

Very nice course. I liked the programming assignement. I think the subject matter of the 4th week was covered a bit superficially.

por Pablo A

Aug 05, 2018

There's an incomplete video in the last section (locking). Also some weeks required much less time.

por Laura B

Jun 15, 2019

The concepts covered in the course were explained well.

I think I would get more out of the SQL portion of the course if I knew how my PostgreSQL code failed the test cases. Feedback on efficiency of the code would be a good addition also.

por Plamen M

Jun 01, 2019

The course is good for like people who are aleady familiar with a bit of SQL and have knowledge of software that handles SQL queries. Other than that it would be great if each explenation was followed by more accurate examples of how things happen. Thank you for your time that you took for preparing this.

por Hamza J

Jul 07, 2019

The course is great but the assignment should be more descriptive.

por Zhonghua Q

Jul 29, 2019