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This is the third course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills needed to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. As you continue to build on your understanding of the topics from the first two courses, you’ll also be introduced to new topics that will help you gain practical data analytics skills. You’ll learn how to use tools like spreadsheets and SQL to extract and make use of the right data for your objectives and how to organize and protect your data. Current Google data analysts will continue to instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Find out how analysts decide which data to collect for analysis. - Learn about structured and unstructured data, data types, and data formats. - Discover how to identify different types of bias in data to help ensure data credibility. - Explore how analysts use spreadsheets and SQL with databases and data sets. - Examine open data and the relationship between and importance of data ethics and data privacy. - Gain an understanding of how to access databases and extract, filter, and sort the data they contain. - Learn the best practices for organizing data and keeping it secure....

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4 de jul. de 2021

Thank you for the course! It's a nice introduction to SQL and Google Big Query as well as the concepts of data privacy and security. The course also offers some great tips for professional networking.


8 de ago. de 2021

As a beginner in SQL and Data analyst world, this course "Prepare Data for exploration" open my eyes and enrich my knowledge. I do really enjoy this course. and Excited to move forward. Thank you :)

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por Pranali S

29 de jul. de 2021

por Laura D

24 de jul. de 2021

por Idecia A

16 de jul. de 2021

por Shittabey J

11 de jul. de 2021

por Deepak R D

23 de ene. de 2022

The course was great and it was delivered very by the instructor. The practise exercises with hands on activity was very well delivered. The course covered topics related to preparing data for the Data analysis process and it covered topics ranging from data ethics to data handling on spreadsheets and BigQuery. Hallie was great in delivering the contents of the course so well and I thank her a lot for making this course very interesting. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is starting their data analytics journey to go with this course. But sometimes the course felt a little stretched and this course might just be a revision for people who are already familiar with the data analysis process.

por Eduard P

2 de mar. de 2022

I enjoyed it, but the 'hard' part (BigQuery) could have been better organised. The videos contain a lot of info that is hard to grasp for newbiews, and they are all bunfled together. Then come readings that give the same info. It would be more useful to group the video and reading related to one topic together. Similarly, the excercises repeat the same task - which is a good thing, given that for people not familiar with SQL and BigQuery , like me, will surely need to do the same task a few times in order to learn how to do it properly. But this could be made clear: as it is, the number of 'hand-on' activities seems daunting. I would suggest restructuring the course to make the learning path more explicit.

por Naren K

3 de oct. de 2021

The course and teaching is awesome, but

The new changes happen in reset deadline is not good, I was in my 1st time line, when i reset, it switching to new timeline and all my previous completed module is not stored in new timeline and they saying to complete again. it not fair

sometimes I don't have time to courses and modules on time, so i reset the deadline, but it become hell in learning progress. already raised many tickets regarding on this issue.

the putting pressure on ME to complete the course. I love to learn, but sometime i don't have time to learn, i am full time working, i got some free time to learn, putting pressure and the learners make more stressful,


por Victor D

30 de ago. de 2021

I can understand people who are complaining about this course, which is kind of similar to the previous ones. But I like this one better because it introduces some (actually) useful insight about professional social media and connections. The stuff about SQL (BigQuery) was nice too, just not very complex. It seems to me that things go a bit backwards in these courses. They try to motivate you about professional fields and often ask you to imagine what you would do in certain situations as if you were already getting a job anytime soon, when we still know nothing about real or "tough" data analysis. But well, maybe in the next courses the fun stuff finally appears.

por Jennifer M

8 de oct. de 2021

Again, this course is a good introduction and overview of preparing data for processing. For those with zero experience, it is a great introduction. If you have previous coding experience, the BigQuery / SQL exercises will be pretty easy. My biggest criticism from this course is that there are no explanations on proper coding syntax/the why of how we code. If you've used R or SAS, coding in BigQuery is very similar. But I kept thinking to myself, if I had no coding prior coding experience to rely on, these exercises would be confusing and difficult. For example, there are no explanations of the DISTINCT, COUNT, or DESC functions and why/how they are used.

por Nihad I

1 de dic. de 2021

Definitely better than second module. Speaker speaks much cleaner; you feel that this stuff will be needed for you in future and also optional part is actually in optional part. You will learn basics of SQL and how to sort/filter in spreadsheets, really starts of Big Query. Get useful ideas and advices for your future. I did not put 5 stars only because it felt like there could be more additional material on SQL and more deep dig into the preparing of data

por carexpert K G

20 de jul. de 2022

While the "Ask" course mostly covered softskills and general office behaviour this one is way more specific. You learn how to use BigQuery and set up datasets, table and import open source data. The you go on with real SQL queries. The videos about that are realy quick so you have to pause and rewind often. Also the interface of BigQuery changed a bit since they were recorded so you have to search for some functions but it still works completely.

por Jeannette U

1 de feb. de 2022

Happy that we are finally getting to the "work" of the data analytics piece. All an all this was pretty easy to follow along with. Would like more hands-on examples and that the data provided in the end of course review is used in the questions. It also would be nice to know when something should be followed along with, and when we should be trying to get accounts and/or access to do what the instructor is doing at the same time.

por Tran T M H

8 de may. de 2022

This course is awesome. I like the way they lead me step by step over the process of preparing the data for analysis . I also love how they guide me on how to create a good networking which really benefits for me to land my job as a data analyst. However, I think the multiple-choice questions are just too easy, I hope it will be more challenge so the course takers would spend more time to reflection on.

por chelsea t

5 de may. de 2022

This course definitely ramps up when you get to week 3 compared to all of the work before it. It is super informative the only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because when working in SQL the program has us use BigQuery but the reading and videos dont tell you that BigQuery has some coding differences from SQL and they dont tell you that until after you have frustratingly found this out on your own.

por Madeline W

4 de may. de 2022

Course three was getting into the meat and potatoes of the coursework. I was not altogether enamoured with the focus on BigQuery. I am sure there are other websites. But OK. BigQuery is a counter-intuitive site and very difficult to use and understand. I am good at wading through new programs, and this one was hard for me. Also, some of the test questions are coded with the wrong answers marked correct.

por Kathy M

22 de mar. de 2022

Pretty good overall. There was one or two sections that seem to throw me off. It was the two sections regarding writing code and it was difficult to remember the correct syntax. I also found the intro to Kaggle a little intimidating. I also feel that the screen shots and directions on using Google BigQuery need to be updated. I couldn't find some of the commands during the exercises.

por Diana C

14 de may. de 2021

I enjoyed this course, there was less self-reflection as well. The bias part was truly interesting. I did feel that Kaggle was pushed very much on me and it seemed too advanced. I enjoyed the SQL bit but it was just a bit and I look forward for more. I'm looking to gain practical skills since I am already working for 15+ years but I do see the value in the other topics taught.

por Philip R

6 de ago. de 2022

I​ think this course definitely helps you out a lot when it comes to entering the field. There's a lot of sites that I've never heard of nor interacted with, so I appreciate the information when it comes to finding data sets to operate on and also collaborate with. I only detract a star from this one because some of the pacing early on in the course feels slow.

por Taniya S

17 de ago. de 2021

Course is very precise, nicely explained, covering all the topics from scratch. The best thing I like about this course is the videos are very short and crisp. They don't bore you with long 1-2 hour videos. They have a combination of videos, readings, assignments, practice quiz etc. which makes the course very interesting to learn.

por uday k

2 de may. de 2021

I appreciate the course has good content of information to learn and develop.

I would like to inform that, spreadsheet security & protection is not explained completely in this course. If these examples are added the course will be more helpful for beginners.

Thanks for the support to make process daily with this good information.

por Haritha P

12 de sep. de 2021

Great course for beginners and who are confused who to get started and what are the right things to think about while analyzing your data. This course takes a tour of querying data, ethics and security principles that an analyst should follow topped with many analytics community networking tips!

por Maye W

9 de may. de 2022

This course is generaly helpful, however, I found some sessions are harder than others and requires more time to that particular session. It would be more ideal if the materials (i.e. technical and non-tachnical materials) to be spreaded out more evenly throughout the entire course. Thank you.

por Manohur C P

5 de jun. de 2021

When I saw that one needs no experience at all to learn this, I was not convinced! However, with the detailed explanation, it seems that a novice can actually learn it. I've skipped much of the videos due to my work experiences but the videos are definitely detailed.


3 de jul. de 2021

this is wonderful opportunity for me .After 40 yrs i am doing the first course with google.i wish to get a job in google. i understood each concept clearly. this course changed me alot, i learnt so many new things in this course . i feel very hapy. thanks to all.

por Matias A H

25 de abr. de 2021

Bueno el curso pero se torna muy confuso con Kaggle. Sobre esta plataforma uno no llega a comprender que es lo que se quiere que se haga durante el curso con la plataforma ni para que, mucho menos entender el funcionamiento de la misma como se pretende que se haga.