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Welcome to Course One of Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR! In these first 4 Modules you will gain the knowledge and the confidence that will help you make good choices as you consider qualities of the camera you own, and the qualities of the other types of digital cameras you might be considering. You will learn about the basic functions that most digital cameras have in common. You will also go beyond the "technical" matters and learn about how you can make exciting pictures by emphasizing the aspects of Frame and Vantage Point to interpret old subjects in new ways. Discovering accessories that photographers find useful, and the types of camera bags from mini to carry-on sized, is also in store for you. You will also make your first photographs and, if you are a subscriber to the specialization, upload pictures to the web gallery and start interacting with your fellow learners in our "Gallery." Let's get started with Module One!...

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31 de may. de 2020

It's a very good course for beginners and I got to learn a lot and improve my photography in every way possible! I recommend it to everyone who's interested in Photography and want to do more with it.


22 de dic. de 2017

This course was very informative and provided just the right amount of challenge for me to stretch my creativity and newly obtained knowledge. I enjoyed it and I am looking forward to the next course.

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por Precin K

10 de jun. de 2020

Very outdated with all old tech. Bad audio quality.

por Кухарева М С

27 de mar. de 2020

Не могу удалить этот курс!!!

por Amisha A

11 de jun. de 2020

useless course dont take


24 de ago. de 2020

No I am cannot


4 de ago. de 2020

unenroll me

por Didi A

29 de dic. de 2020

Jamás te arrepentirás de tomar este curso! En mi país había realizado previamente un curso de Fotografía Básica, del que había quedado bastante inconforme. Fue entonces que decidí tomar este curso de la Universidad Estatal de MICHIGAN, y resultó ser algo completamente diferente. Con este curso aprendí a conocer las reglas y fundamentos de la fotografía profesional, a sumergirme más en toda la historia y desarrollo de la fotografía. Y, a pesar de que hablo idioma español y las clases están completamente en inglés, no existe impedimento para comprender cada detalle que los profesores amenamente van explicando, porque el curso está correctamente subtitulado y lo puedes encontrar en un montón de idiomas. Los profesores Glendinning y Sullivan demuestran mucha calidad en sus conocimientos y a través de sus lecciones uno va aprendiendo a sentirse en confianza con su cámara, a sentirse un verdadero fotógrafo y amar la fotografía como una verdadera expresión del arte. Este curso me ha motivado a seguir aprendiendo sobre la fotografía y a nutrirme de todas las disciplinas artísticas. Gracias a este curso me siento completamente inspirada a hacerlo.

por Nuwan D

14 de may. de 2021

I'm so thankful to Coursera & by Michigan State University for putting such a great course for learners. Great course structure! Great Professors Peter Glendinning and MARK VALENTINE SULLIVAN, Thank you, Prof. Glendinning and Prof. Sullivan. And thanks to everyone who helped to create this course. I really like to learn a lot from your teaching.

The only content I had access to were lectures, but I still want to say that I really liked this course. This Course Camera Control has really help me grow a lot as a photographer. And I'm looking forward to another courses of this specialization. I'm a Parliamentary Media Officer in Sri Lanka with Diploma In Mass Communication, and dozens of coursera certificates (from the times they were free), I'm curious about everything. This course and "Cameras, Exposure, and Photography" teached me a lot and brought so much joy into my life. I have had a long-term interest in photography. Super-helpful. It's not the same thing, of course, but it's a visual art. This course and "Cameras, Exposure, and Photography" teached me a lot and brought so much joy into my life.

por Francine D G

6 de ago. de 2021

August 6, 2021 - As a returning student I needed math concepts presented to me in a language a verbal visual learner could integrate and understand. In this course, Peter and Mark both seem to have that down as they provided illustration after illustration to convey the complexities of the mathematics and physics that are part inherent elements in modern picture taking. Peter's conversational ease in front of as well as behind the camera and his ability to validate and affirm learners who are finding their way made me want to get up and go school every day. Mark has a vision all his own and I could see the musical side of him evidenced in his approach to photography.

I am beyond grateful to have found these courses offered by Coursera in my field as a road warrior multimedia journalist, and am ready to apply what I learned in this latest update out in the field. Especially grateful for the session on programming my mirrorless camera. Francine Grinnell


1 de mar. de 2021

I have been very impressed with this course. The material has been well presented in variety of ways that retain the student's interest. The periodic quizzes have served to help me retain the knowledge gained. The peer reviews have been excellent as a reviewer by requiring me to be thoughtful about criticizing other students submissions while at the same time helping me to think about and articulate my own work. However I do think that the emphasis on being careful of your observations concerning others work has probably encouraged students to be "easy graders" and I found most of the peer reviews of my work to be, while positive and encouraging, unhelpful.

por Emanuel M

3 de nov. de 2020

Just being the 1st of 5 courses, it is very complete! Very personally I thought that I would not see anything new but how wrong I was. Photography being a hobby that I have had since I was very young, as of today this course gave me more desire and a lot of knowledge that before I did not give it due attention! Ways to see, different points of view, a better understanding of terms and how to see behind the scenes! I am really satisfied and happy to have two great teachers and photographers fully dedicated to this: Professor Peter Glendinning and Mark Valentine, needless to say, I took the time to see their works and captures and how good they are!

por Tricia A C C

29 de abr. de 2021

As a person who has been taking documentary style photos (badly) for a over ten years, the course was the perfect introduction to getting me started on the right path to making great photos. The mix of theory and practice with sharing and reviews is perfect for those who may be a little shy about sharing their work. One of the most important things I learned is that it's not about the equipment you have but the skill and techniques you use. I highly encourage doing the entire specialization. You will never think about photography the same way again.

por Торгунаков Н Ю

9 de nov. de 2020

This course inspired me.

It is very well organized: informative videos, many intermediate tests to help you remember new information. And, of course, the most important thing here is the photo creation tasks. It was always very exciting to do them, write comments on the work of fellow students and read reviews on your own. For me, the number of tasks was just right for the first year: not too difficult, but it already pushes me to practice using my device and look for beauty in everyday life.


I'm looking forward to the next course.

por Sarah S

12 de nov. de 2020

Professors create, discuss, and teach great content. Great course to take to refresh a photographers knowledge - or one who is just beginning. The peer graded assignments were particular favorite part of the course - allowed me to see what other fellow peers were taking; and to have validation of your own work. Anyone reading this and who are planning on taking it - please take your time to give feedback - it's what most of us are looking for. Constructive feedback to make us better.

por Birgit P

2 de may. de 2022

I​ have not learned so much yet, but there were a lot of things that I kind of knew and were brought to my attention in a more focused way. For example, when I was at the Zoo and photographed some monkey, I bent down to take a shot from a different Vantage Point. I have done this before, but was more intentional about it now. I look forward to camera control because my somewhat new Sony RXIV is still a bit of a mystery to me and I hope I can find some of the tricks.

por Georgios G

1 de feb. de 2021


The teachers:

Their experience gave the opportunity to enjoy the lesson.

The method of teaching their subjects was appropriate and very informative.

The curriculum:

The information they shared with us and the way it was done was perfect. The subjects were carefully selected and the audiovisual material, very friendly and understandable.

The projects:

They offered a substantial opportunity to apply what was taught during the course.

por Deleted A

10 de mar. de 2021

Definitely a worthwhile class. I picked up a great deal of useful information. It was an eye opener and motivator. The assignments were interesting and reasonable. Both of the instructors were a delight to listen to. With all of the information they shared I feel impowered. Peter and Mark came across as instructors with a passion for photography. I really must express my utmost gratitude for helping me out with a good start.

por Aleksandr Z

13 de mar. de 2018

I love taking photos. I care to organize them. I used to view the activity more like a mean of personal discovery and I was ok with that. . I found the course to be well organized and videos very engaging. The material is relevant so you can go and play with what you learned right away. By getting to know common vocabulary and participating in well designed peer graded assignments I begin to feel much less isolated.

por Albán S O

5 de dic. de 2017

I like Professor Glendinning very much. I can see he is talented and enjoys photography and also teaching, which in my opinion makes him a very good teacher. Professor Sullivan's lessons can be a bit tedious or monotonous. He also doesn't give barely any time at all to see and appreciate the aspects of the photographs he is commenting (photographs which I like and can tell they are very good also).

por Rovina F

23 de oct. de 2020

Because of the technology that we have now, it is easy to own a camera and just aim and shoot. Having this Photography course at COURSERA is really a big help in understanding the basic information in Photography. It gives me more technical ability to grow and expand my learning to the passion I love doing the most- Photography. Thank you Coursera and DOST for this wonderful opportunity.

por Maria J K G

18 de may. de 2016

The course is very informative for people who want to learn the technical aspects of photography. The material is helpful for those who want to turn photography as a serious career. It also enables enthusiasts improve their skills that will capture great moments. I highly recommend this course to everyone who wanted a peek on the science and art of taking pictures which tell a story.

por Agil S R

20 de oct. de 2020

this is a great course, i enjoyed every single videos its perfect presentation. and thank you for Prof. Peter Glendinning and Prof. Mark Sullivan, youre a great teacher for me, its a honour to be your student. and thanks to Michigan State University for giving me this opportunity to learn so much things about photography. and thank you for Coursera to you guys are awesome!

por Saho K

13 de jun. de 2021

​I have really enjoyed this course. I am an instagrammer and like photoshooting over the past 5 years. However, until learning the lecture, I have never thought what's the difference between the vertical frame or horizontal frame. I can recommend this course to all the begginer. It is well structured, very informative, and a good guide what kind of camera we have to buy.

por ShutterBum S

25 de oct. de 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the module. It covered the basics and dabbled in some intermediate topics.

I will definitely complete the other modules throughout the year.

It was a pleasure and an honor to learn from Professor Peter Glendinning and Associate Professor Mark Valentine. I recommend anyone interested in the digital arts to complete this course it's invaluable.


por Dmitrii S

18 de jun. de 2018

Although I had some basic experience with photography as a hobby, this course provides a nice possibility to repeat and extend the knowledge which we all might lack in photo production, especially while not related to that field professionally. Friendly attitude of lections by both Peter and Mark also makes a lot of sense while learning is going on. Highly recommend.

por Julie0674

10 de oct. de 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It was exactly what I was looking for to get me better acquainted with my camera and to learn the basics of digital photography. I think the instructors are great at presenting the material in a way that is easy to understand and they create an open, relaxed community of learning. Can't wait to start the next course!