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Around the world, we find ourselves facing global epidemics of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and other predominantly diet-related diseases. To address these public health crises, we urgently need to explore innovative strategies for promoting healthful eating. There is strong evidence that global increases in the consumption of heavily processed foods, coupled with cultural shifts away from the preparation of food in the home, have contributed to high rates of preventable, chronic disease. In this course, learners will be given the information and practical skills they need to begin optimizing the way they eat. This course will shift the focus away from reductionist discussions about nutrients and move, instead, towards practical discussions about real food and the environment in which we consume it. By the end of this course, learners should have the tools they need to distinguish between foods that will support their health and those that threaten it. In addition, we will present a compelling rationale for a return to simple home cooking, an integral part of our efforts to live longer, healthier lives. View the trailer for the course here:

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5 de dic. de 2020

Foods and us have a relationship, and this course defines that relationship. Personally, this course provides positive experience for me in regards of food, meal preparation, and eating in moderation.


26 de ago. de 2019

Very informative and useful. I'm from India and I look forward to study more about nutritional values of different foods. This course gave me a head-start and information to pursue my goal. Thank You!

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por Jo-Ann D

15 de may. de 2020

This course is very well organized and easy to understand. It includes the perfect balance between auditory and visual information. The information covered in this course is extremely important for everyone to know, and can easily be put into practice. Dr. Maya Adams & author Michael Pollan do an excellent job in explaining critical information regarding FOOD and Our Health, and the benefits of realizing that simple informed changes can make all the difference. This is a course in looking at our own mindset concerning food & our health. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in using food to improve their own health and well-being, and the health of their family.

por Laurence D

29 de dic. de 2016

Amazing course. I learnt everything I wanted (and needed) to know about the basics of good nutrition. I loved how the course doesn't just give you general information but also practical tips to shop, cook and eat better. I feel that I gained knowledge but also the ability to apply this knowledge in my everyday life, which is very empowering. As a social scientist, I appreciated the effort put in addressing socioeconomic factors affecting people's diet. To me, the course was complete and thorough its its objectives, and the great quality videos were very enjoyable to watch. I could tell that there was a team of professionals who put their passion and skills behind each one of them.

por Khrystyna V

5 de jul. de 2018

I have studied nutrition and dieting for a long time and had quite a deep knowledge as for a normal person only taking care of my own health. However, there still were some gaps which I could not understand despite all my researching. This course structured all my knowledge and clarified all things that I could not understand. It is so clear and so influential, that I even started to translate it into Ukrainian and Turkish, both of which are my mother tongues, to make it accessible for more people. I am going to convince all of my relatives and friend to take the course because it is crucial for happy and healthy living. I want to thank everyone involved in creating this course!

por fatou n

30 de jul. de 2019

Unfortunately, I had a failing grade in Sport and to catch up and get my credits, my schools registered me to this "class". At first I was septic about it because i wasn't interested but when I really started reading the materials, I really learned a lot. Life changing information, I tend to really eat until i am full and mostly with processed food, by now i will eat until i'm not feeling hungry anymore and with natural fresh foods.

Now I know how to be healthy by doing shopping and .i am someone who hates to cook and just order food, with the videos, my mind has changed, I will try to cook by myself at home so that i can control what i am eating and be healthier.

Thank you

por Luísa d S C

3 de nov. de 2020

Excelente curso online com informações extremamente relevantes, com uma perspectiva internacional e que agrega bastante com os meus conhecimentos prévios. Visto que tenho acesso a estudos específicos devido ser graduanda de Nutrição.

Entretanto, isso não impede a compreensão. Os conceitos e aulas são abordados de maneira leve, com uso de exemplificação, o que acaba tornando mais fácil o entendimento. Outro diferencial se dá por conta de que o curso possui tradução para o português e outros idiomas, auxiliando ainda mais na acessibilidade das informações.

Sou agradecida pela oportunidade de fazer um curso internacional e agregar mais expertises ao meu arcabouço acadêmico.

por Valeria F

3 de jun. de 2018

It was really nice listening to Mrs. Adam ! I really enjoyed your course, even if, for me, since I am Italian, I already enjoy cooking and eating healthy food. I just want to try to loose some weight, that's why I started and completed the course. I really liked the videos, they look really professional. I am just sad about so many people in the world who cannot afford nice and healthy food, like 13 millions of Americans live in so-called "food desert" with no fresh food at all. I hope that more whealthy people will become aware of good nutrition and so can choose wisely what and how and when to eat and more poor people that can afford the healthy food. Thank you so much!

por Aarya H

29 de dic. de 2020

This course is very useful for people willing to learn about food and nutrition. I feel very glad for having an opportunity to do this course.

The course is absolutely amazing. And this course is an true example that learning can be enjoyable and interesting.

All the hardwork of editing, filming, making, etc of these videos of this course is truly appreciable.

This course also helps people who want to keep their control over food and nutrition and stay fit and healthy.

Apart from learning and reading, this course is going to help me practically in my real life, If ever I got onto the control of food, I know that the knowledge from this course is going to help me out.


por Sushant K

14 de feb. de 2020

A great course for building foundations of food and health. I've been obsessed around diet for the last couple of years and have been to numerous dieticians. After a lot of research, I decided to learn the basics of food & nutrition so as to better work out my diet. This course has been phenomenal in helping me understand the basics. The content delivery is very good and the course is very engaging.

I would recommend everyone who wants to make the most of their life to follow a healthy diet. It allows you to live up to your true potential. This course will help you understand the basics and should be done by anyone who wants to follow a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

por Adrianna L

2 de abr. de 2022

MAYA ADAM is an outstansing professor who has an exceptional knowledge of healty and nutritional eating. She provided much valuable information and was extemely inspirational and motivating. The same goes with Michael Pollen. Both professors are passionate about educating people about the benefits of staying healthy by choosing the right foods to consume. I was so impressed with the lectures that I completed the course much sooner than expected. I also enjoyed viewing all the recipes that Professor Maya Adam shared. I highly recommend this course to those that need a jumpstart on improving their beverage and food choices and improve their health and well being.

por saidev

6 de abr. de 2020

This is really great course for beginners like me and helps you with at least fixing your food habits and this also helps you understand what to look in processed food like the simple pro-tip the less number of ingredients the better it is and also foods with no labels are always the best like the whole foods. This also breaks another myth which most people even me believed that your plate should be built around protein which is not the right thing instead it should be around vegetables that your plate should be designed. Instructor Maya has been really great at teaching all the basics. Thanks a lot for putting together a super helpful and knowledgeable course

por azaa o

6 de sep. de 2022

Thanks for the great course! I really enjoyed it a lot even though I couldn't get all of the theoretical background (chemistry stuff). However, it changed my mind about cooking and shopping especially. I used to beleive that those products which have rich ingridents on the labels are good for my health, but I found out that it's completely opposite. As a lazy person who cooks the same dish (usually pasta) every evening, now I am thinking of buying more vegetables and other products to make my dish cooler and look better (of course healthier). Thanks again. I will try the recipes given at the end of the course (Wish me luck not to make a fire in the kitchen).

por Andrea M A

22 de oct. de 2021

I would like to emphasize that it really is a beginner's course, since many things are kind of intuitive if you've already been in the food, nutrition, or health communities/industry for a while. However, there is still very valuable information provided. I especially appreciated learning about how to discern nutrition labels, habits of the average consumer behavior, and food marketing tactics to avoid falling into them. If you were expecting in-depth information about nutrition, macronutrients, etc. this course doesn't look too deeply into it, but it covers it. I do recommend it though, it's easy to follow and the explanations are very clear and concise.

por Marlene J K

1 de feb. de 2016

I signed up for this course because of health issues - my triglyceride level was a bit to high on my last blood analysis. Even though I felt, and still feel, that this course is more specifically aimed at people who are inexperienced in the kitchen and maybe even overweight, it has helped me and my family improve some of the aspects of our lives that could still be improved. Furthermore, i think this is a course that everyone should take for themselves and especially for their families, since the person who cooks is the one influencing everyone's diet and therefore their health.

Maya, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom (and your recipes) with us!

por Michelle G

23 de feb. de 2021

Loved learning how to eat even better. Start to shop the perimeter of grocery stores for the healthiest options. Avoid the middle aisles that have a lot of processed foods. Also, nutrition facts on foods are less healthy options. Look for foods with the least amount of ingredients. Buy organic fruits and vegetables if you can, but even if you can't its better to eat them then not at all. Also, the recipes at the end are easy to prep and cook. I am looking forward to making them myself and switching to gluten free flours etc. (I think I am sensitive to gluten) This course is worth exploring if you are interested in improving your health and diet!

por Barbara N G R

25 de ene. de 2021

Considero que fue un curso muy bueno, pudo brindarme conocimientos que no había logrado adquirir anteriormente, fueron temas genéricos pero temas de gran importancia, temas que la mayoría de la gente debería estar informada sobre esto , sobre todo, entender importancia de llevar una alimentación saludable, llevar a cabo una selección consiente/saludable de los alimentos que vamos a consumir , ya que necesitamos cubrir las necesidades nutricionales que nuestro organismo necesita para funcionar de una manera óptima y por su puesto tener un mejor estado de salud y prevenir el riesgo a padecer de enfermedades crónicas que dañan la salud de la persona.

por Jenelle H

31 de dic. de 2017

I really enjoyed this course. Dr. Adam was very informative. The illustrations were very helpful in helping to support the information that was given. I am an RN, and wanted supplemental information on nutrition for my own personal purposes-overall health. The only thing that I might add, is during the "Reading Nutrition Labels" section, is to perhaps provide more information on how much of each area is recommended. For example, if a food contains X amount of Calories, Y amount of Carbohydrates, and M of Fat, this is/is not a good choice for you to eat. Otherwise, wonderful course. I'm glad that I took it! I gained new knowledge that I can now use.

por 张晓航

19 de jun. de 2017

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This course is not all about nutriology or simply introducing any knowledge as I expected in the first place. In fact, it changes my opinions towards healthy diet. After taking the course, I know which food to choose for health purpose and avoid those heavily processed foods that could lead to obesity. And the most important thing is that I become more positive towards everyday meals. I don't feel boring during the whole process of preparing food anymore even it is only for myself and begin to enjoy the pleasure that food brings to me.

por Salil P G

18 de jun. de 2020

This course is the best way to know about food. We get to learn a lot about calories and the food intake and how to control and bring gradual changes to our diet in order to progress and achieve our health related goals.

I have just one suggestion. I believe that many of the students are from Asian Countries like India, Vietnam, China Etc. So I feel that It will be great if you can include statistics from the Asian countries as well relating to Obesity, Dietary patterns etc. which are all mentioned in the videos.

In the end, A very big THANK YOU to Ms. Maya Adams and Mr. Michael Pollan for making the course easy and understandable for all of us.

por vivek d

6 de sep. de 2022

It has all the basic knowlade about what and what not to do when you are councious about your health and the food you eat and the rest of the lifestyle around it.

It explainns the basic but important nuances about cooking at home and the effects on our health.

It helps us to understand about fat, sugar, carbohydrates and the rest of the important energy sources as well as nutrients that are necessary to have a good health.

It clears the idea that how important it is to understand the Food science behind what we regularly eat, and answers all the questions about why the person should cook at home and eat healthy as much as possible.

por Rafaela P d A

24 de ago. de 2017

Even that I haven't paid for it and that I won't have any certificate showing that I took this course, I would spraid the knowledge that I've learnt. Everything that I listen to in this course has made an impact on me and I would like to share with eveyone I know all the tips and advices about healthy food. I got now a different point of view about food. Food isn't just a thing that we eat in order to get energy, it is a delightful way of enjoying life. I'm looking forward to cook one of the Maya's recipes. Finally, I just want to thank the Stanford Univertisty and Course for letting me takes this course from my own house, in Spain.

por Anne-Marie M

28 de ene. de 2022

This course helped motivate me to get back on track as my eating habits had slacked towards processed food quite a bit. Contending my family's dietary likes & dislikes makes it challenging to remain motivated in cooking healthy meals every day. As far as information goes, I'm fairly well versed in nutrition so I don't feel that I learned that much. However, the professor's positive attitude, sound advice and encouragements was worth the course in itself. Anyone who is a bit lost within the wide variety of nutritional claims and trends and wish to have a better sense of direction in their nutritional journey will enjoy this course.

por Shradha R

18 de ene. de 2019

I think this is one course which is absolutely essential for everybody and even more so for people who intend to be more aware of the food that they are putting in their body. As a food blogger, I always share recipes and suggest to people what they should eat and therefore for me, this course has been so helpful and constructive. I love the fact that this course shares all the vital information in a very crisp, clear and simple way. The fact that they are empowering and encouraging people to cook at home and providing helpful guidelines and tips to help them is commendable. Maya and Micheal have done a great job. Thanks a lot!

por Chinmoy C

22 de oct. de 2019

it is a beautiful course, I stopped myself from buying a pack of kurkure (indian version of cheetos) and my wife will attest to what a great feat this is... but I expected something more in terms of chemistry and may be little equations and more medical terms that I needed to google at the end of the video. but then this was a beginner level course. However I am grateful to the team for setting up such an easy going course which is plenty in information and yet not too heavy to grasp. and kudos to Michael Pollan for writing food rules, apart from 'twinkle twinkle little star', my 2 year old is going to be reciting

por Stephen H

27 de feb. de 2016

Very well presented course.

To certain degree, the concepts are basic. If you're looking for a course that explains the physiological effects of sodium or the chemical reaction of glucose, this is not it. However, it gives sensible advice about how to eat well for a healthy life.

I took away a number of good ideas. Also, the course helped me put into a wider context some things I already knew in a disjointed manner, which helped me to understand them better.

Good structure, script, presentation (including interaction between the presenters), visuals...

In summary, I feel following this course was time well spent.

por Fabio L A

4 de may. de 2020

Excelente curso que fue orientado de de una manera muy especial por MAYA ADAMS, quien inspira a sus estudiantes con su compromiso y su maravillosa forma de hablar, caracterizada por la claridad en la pronunciación, presentando ideas claras y concisas que permite una asimilación por parte del estudiante, de cada tema, muy bien planeado el curso en cuanto se puede desarrollar de una manera que no sea demasiado exigente en tiempo pero a su vez permite aprendizajes muy valiosos que nos permiten cambiar nuestros hábitos alimenticios y nos llevan a tomar medidas para lograr unos habitos nutriciones saludables.