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We have all seen forensic scientists in TV shows, but how do they really work? What is the science behind their work? The course aims to explain the scientific principles and techniques behind the work of forensic scientists and will be illustrated with numerous case studies from Singapore and around the world. Some questions which we will attempt to address include: How did forensics come about? What is the role of forensics in police work? Can these methods be used in non-criminal areas? Blood. What is it? How can traces of blood be found and used in evidence? Is DNA chemistry really so powerful? What happens (biologically and chemically) if someone tries to poison me? What happens if I try to poison myself? How can we tell how long someone has been dead? What if they have been dead for a really long time? Can a little piece of a carpet fluff, or a single hair, convict someone? Was Emperor Napoleon murdered by the perfidious British, or killed by his wallpaper? *For Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students, please be noted that this course will no longer be eligible for credit transfer....

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16 de abr. de 2021

HI, I am student of forensic science and as per my knowledge this is the best course i come across.

you just need to have basic knowledge, the cases given in the course are awesome.

i loved this


3 de jun. de 2021

This course was very interesting. It covered different forensic science components in a very methodical way and interspersed cases studies to illustrate the techniques and give real world examples.

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por Lesego K M

31 de jul. de 2022

this has been an exciting jorney, the topic discussed were very intresting but the best part of this course is the LECTURER. the professor has a way of making learning fun, he often tell very horrible jokes and its how not funny the joke is, that actually makes me laugh. so in a way he tells horrible jokes in a funny manner. i also liked the way he attained a simplified explanation of concepts for bettr understanding. i am a criminal justice undergrade and i particulary did not like natural sciences very much in High school, yet i found my self enjoying chemistry. thank you sir

por Sam B

22 de abr. de 2018

Well done! Fascinating course! The assignments are super fun (I would've happily done more) but they need revising, i.e. a little better quality control and there needs to be a recourse process for when peer reviewers do not read the rubric correctly and as a result, marks students incorrectly (I never received a reply or help :( ...), hence i had to rate the course 4/5 (fix these and this course is easily a 5!)

Otherwise the lectures are amazing and I really wish there was a part 2! Loads of fun! Thank you so much Nanyang Tech for proving this opportunity!

por Tan C L

15 de sep. de 2020

I've learnt about lots of interesting topics from this forensic course and I am glad that I have enrolled into this course. It really expanded my knowledge about Forensic Science and I would be willing to learn more about Forensic Science in the future. Learning from Professor Roderick has been a great experience, I love how he always gives examples to make things sound simpler and engaging. Love this course!

por Elena L

15 de jul. de 2021

There were 2 really enjoyable essay works on fictional case studies. Lectures give many interesting details, but no statistical analysis. Videos about real cases sometimes don't really give full picture, like they didn't mention any arguments for hypothesis, that JonBenét Ramsey was killed by a stranger - only for hypothesis that she wasn't killed by a stranger.

por Seema S S

25 de jun. de 2020

The course materials and quizzes are quite good. However, the course has peer-review assignments. Some people do not give the correct marks despite the fact that the answer has all the points included in the rubric. Mentors do not intervene in this situation. I would still highly recommend this course because of the highly accurate course materials.

por Nadine W

1 de nov. de 2020

The professor did an excellent job of condensing a large amount of material into digestible segments with ample applications of concepts to real cases/events. I only removed one star because there are some explanations of technology in the course that I think a layperson would have difficulty understanding at the speed at which they were discussed.

por Cornelia H

11 de ago. de 2017

A great course to get an overview of forensic science and learn about all the important techniques of the field. It is kept quite simple and can definitely be understood without much prior knowledge, but I personally would have liked parts to go a bit more in depth on the chemical side. Overall really good course though.

por Leanna J

22 de ago. de 2020

This class was great! I love all the information, and the videos are extremely interesting. The case studies provoke intellectual thought, and they are fun to solve. The only critique I have is the peer reviews may be harsh on the grading at times. Overall, this class was fantastic!

por Colin k

8 de ago. de 2019

Very Interesting. I'm not a chemist so struggle with some of the chemical compound diagrams but understand the principal and description. I really enjoyed the presentation and case studies. The Peer reviewed assignments are hit and miss with how the assignments are marked.

por anuj

30 de sep. de 2020

The course is very interesting and gives the basic idea about forensic science. It includes several read case studies. The tutor explains subject in details and maintains the interest through his nice way of teaching.