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BioinformaticsData AnalysisGenomeGenomics

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2 videos (Total 13 minutos), 4 readings, 1 quiz
2 videos
Introduction to the Galaxy Platform5m
4 lecturas
Pre-Course Survey10m
A Note about AWS10m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 1 Quiz22m
2 horas para completar

Galaxy 101

3 videos (Total 42 minutos), 1 quiz
3 videos
Galaxy 101: Workflows12m
Annotation, Sharing, and Publishing13m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 2 Quiz56m
1 hora para completar

Working with sequence data

2 videos (Total 25 minutos), 1 quiz
2 videos
ChIP-Sequence Analysis with MACS14m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 3 Quiz18m
4 horas para completar

RNA-seq & Running your own Galaxy

4 videos (Total 49 minutos), 2 readings, 3 quizzes
4 videos
RNA Sequence Analysis: Assembly Quantitation, and Differential Expression12m
Installing Galaxy Locally8m
Galaxy on the Cloud19m
2 lecturas
TopHat availability10m
Post-Course Survey10m
2 ejercicios de práctica
Module 4 Quiz22m
Module 5 Quiz20m
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Principales revisiones sobre Genomic Data Science with Galaxy

por GKSep 6th 2018

This was a lot of work and rewarding to complete. The final project was challenging and the forum contributors helped a lot in pointing out good resources or strategies they had used.

por BGFeb 3rd 2018

Great Course if you are interested in dissecting the genome. Galaxy opens up this invisible world and allows even us little people to explore the world once reserved to only Academia.



James Taylor, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology and Computer Science

Acerca de Universidad Johns Hopkins

The mission of The Johns Hopkins University is to educate its students and cultivate their capacity for life-long learning, to foster independent and original research, and to bring the benefits of discovery to the world....

Acerca de Programa especializado Genomic Data Science

With genomics sparks a revolution in medical discoveries, it becomes imperative to be able to better understand the genome, and be able to leverage the data and information from genomic datasets. Genomic Data Science is the field that applies statistics and data science to the genome. This Specialization covers the concepts and tools to understand, analyze, and interpret data from next generation sequencing experiments. It teaches the most common tools used in genomic data science including how to use the command line, along with a variety of software implementation tools like Python, R, Bioconductor, and Galaxy. This Specialization is designed to serve as both a standalone introduction to genomic data science or as a perfect compliment to a primary degree or postdoc in biology, molecular biology, or genetics, for scientists in these fields seeking to gain familiarity in data science and statistical tools to better interact with the data in their everyday work. To audit Genomic Data Science courses for free, visit, click the course, click Enroll, and select Audit. Please note that you will not receive a Certificate of Completion if you choose to Audit....
Genomic Data Science

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