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This course made by Novosibirsk State University and Lektorium, one of the largest MOOC publisher in Russia, covers the process of creating modern online courses. Nowadays it’s time for experiments in online education. There’s no unified quality standard, and no one knows for now how to make it right. But if you’re good at formats and technologies, you can be flexible and choose the most efficient tools to develop your course. We’ll show you in detail the key approaches to creating popular and efficient online courses. We’ll introduce you to various formats and show our internal chemistry: share with you our experience, secrets and life hacks. You’ll learn basic trends in online education and find out which stages are included in developing an online course, and what is important on each stage of course development. How to organize the production of educational videos? What are the appropriate formats? How to open up an inexperienced speaker? What is critical to consider at the cutting stage? How to support online courses after launch, and what should be considered when creating quizzes and other types of graded and ungraded assignments? Join our course, and design your own MOOC with us!...

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12 de sep. de 2020


26 de may. de 2020

Respected sir due to.professional reasons I cannot continue in this course , kindly in enroll me from.this course\n\nThank you . Iam doing parallaly many courses from.coursera .

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por Liz H

21 de dic. de 2019

Great information, but tests are frustrating.

por Kelly L

23 de abr. de 2020

Really interesting - I knew nothing about how to make a MOOC before and I was asked to investigate for my company. As a result of this course I have a good basic understanding of the technical side of how online courses are created. Personally I would have liked some more detail about the educational and instructional theory of making a MOOC rather than what cameras to use - but that is a personal preference. As a native English speaker I found that the lecturers often spoke far too quickly and there were a several big grammatical mistakes in both the transcripts of the videos and the tests. The tests can be frustrating as there are a couple of questions which it feels haven't actually been covered by the course content and those grammatical errors made some of the questions difficult to understand. However as an introductory course I liked it and I would probably take courses by the same provider again.


27 de abr. de 2020

For many questions there were many answers. It will be difficult for the reader to choose all the correct answers. If this is rectified, it's a very good course.


24 de dic. de 2019

The course is not organized in a proper manner. Modules and the elements need to be rearranged. There are a lot of bugs in the tests, especially in the 3, 4, and 5. Feel sad that a course on how to make a MOOC itself has lot of problems!

por Oleksiy G

15 de jul. de 2020

Contents of the lectures is great, although English sound overwritten above Russian sound is a nuisance. (About a half of the lectures are like that.) I'm fluent in both languages, but the mixture is somewhat distractive.

The quizzes are terrible. They are not really complex, they are just hopelessly mismanaged. Some more complex questions return no feedback on what you did wrong. Some simple questions have their answers swapped between questions, so that the system expects to get the right answers to wrong questions, and it takes you several attempts to figure out this bug. In some cases it takes many attempts to get the needed 80%, and it's not like learning, it's more like deciphering or solving a quest, not instructive at all.

The bugs in the quizzes are reported on forums, but no one of the course creators responds for years.

It's a shame that a MOOC on making MOOCs is implemented so poorly. The worst quizzes I've ever had on Coursera. I advise taking this MOOC non-credit, without passing the quizzes.

por María d P E G D

24 de may. de 2021

Me ayudo a adquirir conocimiento entorno a la creación de un curso MOOC, definitavemente el curso ayudara a ampliar los horizontes en el acceso a información

por Didik H

7 de abr. de 2020

In general, this course is structured and organized in a relatively good level, though it needs some rearrangement in some modules. I give my thumbs for the quality of the video presentation. Unfortunately, the one that needs many efforts is in tests, especially for week 2nd test and final test.

por Robert B

17 de ago. de 2020

The content is detailed and definitive although the text suffers slightly from having been translated resulting in some grammatical errors which do result in questions being cumbersome to understand.

The quizzes and final test are indeed testing and the pass mark bar is set high. the feedback comments on incorrect responses are not consistent throughout nor are they always helpful.

The advised duration is woefully understated I suspect I have spent over 30 hours - admittedly having to retake tests will have contributed but I would suggest the course acually requires a minimum of 24 hours to watch the videos, follow up the suggested links and review course notes to actually have any chance to gain the pass marks required.

It is testing but definitely worthwhile.

por Richard M H

11 de oct. de 2020

The course itself was good. However the final test required to complete was badly written in unclear English. The questions and instructions on how to answer them were obviously written by someone with poor English skills and not proofread properly.

por Rose S

3 de ene. de 2021

Although materials are resourceful, Assessments are poorly designed and seems like this is a beta course.

Tests are not in accordance with the best practices taught in the course.

por Stephen B

22 de may. de 2020

This MOOC on creating MOOCs is excellent. It presents a realistic picture of how to prepare, produce and launch a MOOC after deciding what the MOOC is for why it's worth investing in. They are walking the walk as they talk the talk. Having looked at other MOOCs, I can see that this one really is using best practice based on sound research. I recommend it.

por Sivakumar R P

13 de jun. de 2020

Course was very helpful for me to conduct Online classes for my students, specially in this Quarantine time, while schools are closed. I am grateful to the Team of Instructors and Supervisors who made this course wonderful and informative. thank you very much once again :)

por Ng L J

13 de jun. de 2020

The materials were more than sufficient for me to make adequate notes out of them. The final quiz was challenging, but no online course is without difficulty. Thank you very much for this opportunity! This course should be classified under 'Professional Knowledge'.

por Dr B T

13 de sep. de 2020


por Dr. R B

27 de may. de 2020

Respected sir due to.professional reasons I cannot continue in this course , kindly in enroll me from.this course

Thank you . Iam doing parallaly many courses from.coursera .

por Viranchi S

17 de jun. de 2020

Very well designed course. Lectures are kept short and crisp than brings out the a great essence of online teaching techniques. Overall it is worth learning this course.

por André S

16 de jul. de 2020

Great course, extremely useful even if you're not making a MOOC you will understand a lot better teaching structure, resources and motivation.

por Dr. S Y M

20 de sep. de 2020

I have learned how to make a MOOC in detailed (step-by-step).

Thank you very much all instructors making this course for us to learn.

por Ivo Č

11 de oct. de 2019

Very structured and organised course. Recommend it to everyone who is considering about MOOC production for educational institution

por Dulce O

26 de may. de 2020



por Rajesh M

30 de jun. de 2020

This course is very useful to the faculty members who wants to develop online courses.

por Raunak K D

30 de jun. de 2020

The course was intensive and very professionally crafted. The quality was outstanding

por Pankaj K

13 de jun. de 2020

If you are looking to create MOOC course than join this course ..really very helpful


5 de jun. de 2020

Very good course. They have started from the basics. I like the course very much.

por Anwaar A S

29 de jun. de 2020

Excellent course. Highly recommended especially if you will be part of MOOC team