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大家好!Hi, everyone, welcome to join our Chinese for HSK Level 3 course. This is CHEN Li and LU Yun, and we are very happy to meet you here! Chinese for HSK 3 is a 10-week course. It consists of two parts: Part I, which is a 6-week program, covers vocabulary and grammar delivered mainly through dialogues and passages; Part II takes 4 weeks to complete and the foci are exercises and testing strategies. Chinese for HSK 3 aims at the third level of HSK. It is the counterpart of Level 3 of the Chinese Language Proficiency Scales for Speakers of Other Languages and the B1 Level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Chinese for HSK 3 Part I includes:  30 video lectures with dialogue role plays by PKU students;  More than 300 new words on the basis of HSK 1 and HSK 2;  More than 60 new grammar points;  Review the words you have learnt in HSK 1 and HSK 2 courses.  New words and texts via audio;  Quizzes for each lesson and HSK test papers; At the end of the course, you will be able to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in your daily, academic and professional lives. You can manage most communication in Chinese when travelling in China. Specifically, you will master certain grammar knowledge containing fundamental sentence structure and usage like sentences with “把”, sentences with “被”(passive voice), comparative sentences and rhetorical questions. Moreover, you will master the meaning of fixed structure and usage of sentences like “….for sb…”(对…来说), “increasingly…” (越来越), etc. It does not matter if you complete HSK Level 1-2 or not, as long as you have obtained basic Chinese language competency. Hope you enjoy our Part I course and glad to see you in our next Part II course. CHEN Li, LU Yun and Chinese for HSK Level 3 team....

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19 de ene. de 2019

Great course, the content is interesting.\n\nThe teachers are doing a great job at explaining the various grammar points.\n\nI feel that my Chinese has improved quite a lot thanks to this course.

7 de jun. de 2020

Even Though I have a grounding in Chinese, but I found this course benefit me a lot. I have work very hard and managed to complete HSK 3 part I in short time and I will go for harder level.

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10 de nov. de 2021


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22 de dic. de 2021



7 de jul. de 2021

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25 de dic. de 2020


por Jorge E P A

25 de jul. de 2020


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20 de sep. de 2019


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10 de ago. de 2017


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2 de ene. de 2021


por Marcus V B F

6 de sep. de 2020

The Chinese HSK3 Part I is a very good course. I would take it again and I would recommend to others. I really enjoyed the teacher's lessons.

I will explain why I gave 4/5 stars:

1) DIALOGUE (Quality of audio). Similar to other Chinese courses here at Coursera, the audio quality of the dialogue is not the best. There is background and static audio noise. Raising the volume makes it even harder to listen. Some dialogues are better than others.

2) DIALOGUE (Speed). Some of the dialogues were not at all useful to me as the speed of the speakers was extremely fast. I visit China often and I can say that most people won;t speak as fast as some of these dialogues. Again, some dialogues were better than others.

3) Week 7 FINAL Test - It is insanely hard compared to the daily/weekly quizzes. I did well in the quizzes (most with 100% scores on first trial). By the time I got to the final, I thought I was going to do really well. Was I wrong! There are two reasons why I found the final to be so difficult. (i) the Listening Part is really really hard. I couldn't understand most of it in the first trial. Maybe something to do with the fact that I didn't get much out of the class dialogues (as described above). (ii) In order to do well in the final, you have to read Hanzi really well. I wish the class had Hanzi lectures and quizzes.

por Greta M

2 de dic. de 2021

there were some mistakes in the material but the course overall was exactly what I was looking for, thank you for giving me the opportunity to pass this course and to get even closer to my goal of acquiring the chinese language. The course was rather fast-paced and informative, unlike many other courses I finally was very satisfied with the introduction of grammar patterns and clear explanation of sentence order. This was a very good point in all the previous courses in this specialization as well. Cheers to the teachers and the university, as well as a massive thank you to the Coursera team, for making this kinds of professional and informative courses. 谢谢你们。我这个课堂很满意。我已经学习太多。现在我会写子,认识汉字,不但读很清楚, 而且听懂, 和说话普通话。我会学校最多的中文。太谢谢你们。(My chinese is not perfect (yet) but you have encouraged me to improve it even further, and keep reaching higher levels, and pursue bigger heights in my language learning journey)

por Daniela H

11 de dic. de 2021

Great structure behind teaching new topics and vocabulary which increases in using in following topics. So you are continuously seeing the new vocabulary and grammar points which helps a lot with learning it.

Unfortunately there are several mistakes in the videos later on. If you are studying constantly you will recognize them by yourself and will be able to correct them by yourself. Anyway it might distract and infact some students.

But I definitely enjoyed studying with coursera and will definitely continue to. Its an awesome platform to gain new knowledge.

Nice greetings,

Daniela from Austria.

por Vicente P

15 de ene. de 2021

The learning structure is quite good, covering most of the material needed to succeed on the exam; however, there were some audio issues in most of the videos, specifically on the dialogue part, making it difficult to understand sometimes. Exercises are too simple, so any more rigorous exercises to solidify better the material learned will be pretty much welcome :)

Thank you!

por Cheedapha T

19 de jun. de 2020

Thank you for such a good course! I have learned so much from this. Anyway, there are some typos for pinyin during Week4-6 classes (sorry, can't remember exactly which classes they are). Beginners should recheck the pinyin. (Pleco app is recommended!)

por Carl E

8 de abr. de 2018

The audio quality is generally good, but patchy at times. I think it could be improved. Please also be sure that the word lists for each session are correct. I think Week 5, lesson one did not match the content.

por Junaid B

19 de oct. de 2020

I really love the teaching methodology used by |Peking University for teaching Chinese. This is my third course from Peking university. I would recommend this course to beginners.

por Windy N

30 de jun. de 2019

Intensive and fast-paced. Very useful course and the professors are easy to understand. It would be nicer if there are more variety of exercises.

por John A G C

23 de dic. de 2020

Needs to edit the final exam. It's not easy to go back and forth with the choices and answer sheet. It could have been made more convenient.

por David G

21 de ago. de 2020

Great course but there are a few mistakes on some slides. Also feels like we never learned some words that are in the week 7 final.

por Nur R R

2 de mar. de 2021

A clearer space to ask questions to the teaches would be a good addition to the course. But overall really good.

por Adiel F G

10 de nov. de 2019

Very interesting and well structured! Congratulations!

por Tadeusz M

5 de abr. de 2017

Helped me a lot in order to pass my next Chinese Test.

por Anilda R

29 de jul. de 2020

Pretty straightforward and simple.

por Frank D c

9 de nov. de 2018

Good practice, well organised.