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In this MOOC you will learn about the colorful and diverse international security landscape, and gain insights into challenging topics including Open Source Intelligence, serious organised crime and illicit trade. You will also meet stakeholders from different sectors and backgrounds. We recorded our videos at different locations in Europe to also give you an insight into the original environment of our contributing experts. You will realize that the style and focus of the various presentations will differ from one week to the other. We feel that this is a big asset! And yes, we also have men in suits and uniforms......

Principales reseñas

10 de sep. de 2021

Amazing!!!! A brilliant learning opportunity. First time, I get to have a broader and an international perspective on security management. Thanks Coursera and EUR, thank you very very much.....

15 de sep. de 2020

Excellent primer course on international security management! This challenges your ideas of safety and gives you an inside look as to how security is maintained, discussed and developed.

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por Vishal B

11 de mar. de 2020

a very well designed security course

por Deleted A

30 de may. de 2020

Professional Learning

por Tee T

24 de abr. de 2020

Great Course!

por Mohamed H

13 de abr. de 2020

Great course


7 de may. de 2020


por Rajeev K

10 de abr. de 2020


por Leon d L

25 de mar. de 2020

Excellent course. However, the sound was too low in some of the videos. And accurate subtitles would have been helpful. The teachers were enthusiastic and I loved the interviews with field professionals.

por Sean H

22 de abr. de 2020

A good informative course giving a comprehensive overview of International Security Management. Ideal for beginners in this subject area.

por Richard S

10 de mar. de 2020

Some guests where very hard to follow because of their [bad] English pronunciation.

por nilesh s

14 de abr. de 2020

Content is very good, very informative, for the most part. Unfortunately many of the scholars, not all, some are very clear, do not have English as their primary language of communication, so there are mistakes in use of words, which affects the clarity of the message. This is unfortunate as it really changes the meaning of the message and it's especially bad for non-English speaking students to get a poor and uncorrected translation. Thank you for the course, which content is eye-opening.

por Kingson C

28 de abr. de 2020

The content is good. However, there is some issue with the accent in Week 6, especially, and a few of the modules in other weeks. Due to accent problems, some of the important words have been inaudible. Please pay attention to this issue.

por Daniel O

7 de sep. de 2020

I understand this is an overview but, in several sections the content was broad but so shallow it lost practical utility. I would have preferred a bit longer lessens with more depth even if that meant an overall less well rounded course.

por Smartjoe

5 de jun. de 2020

An interesting view of the theoretical side in matter of safety and security .

por Nicole C

19 de nov. de 2020

This was an excellent course and necessary for me to attend at this particular time; I have found this course to be extremely helpful and I look forward to learning more about International Security Management in general.

This course was also a very emotional experience for me too and I can not thank Coursera and the course tutors enough for providing me with a remarkable learning experience.

I would like to say a huge thanks to all the phenomenal lecturers, tutors, researchers, public officials, camera crew, authors and partnering organisations.

por Courtney E

17 de mar. de 2021

Great course there should be a professional certification for this course, as a matter of fact, there should be a series of professional courses pertaining to this and criminal intelligence specialties!! This course shed a huge spotlight on international security and made me think about various considerations as a police officer. Seriously there should be more related professional certifications on here related to this topic, criminal analysis, and intelligence!! Coursera this was a great course!

por Shadi A A

2 de ene. de 2022

The course is more than wonderful, and it has benefited me very much. It contains a lot of useful information. I hope the university will hold other advanced courses in the future, especially on terrorism and combating terrorism.

Thank you very much to everyone who contributed to the production of this course.​

B​est Regards,

P​.s: It was good to mention ( indicate ) at the beginning of the course that the course is non -credit course

S​hadi Alkasim

por Thomas O

20 de feb. de 2021

I thank the organizers of this course for being sensitive to the emerging concern for security across the globe. The course made me to have deep understanding of the various challenges faced in the security sector and how offenders tend to evade the system using the loopholes in the security system. The course has generally sharpened my understanding of international security including the various tricks that perpetrators use to beat the system.


26 de dic. de 2020

My experience in relation to my expectations has been much higher. I think is a University with high standards. also the module development system. It teaches you how to use resources to support what has been studied and how to develop it. The tutors (video's) helps a lot with and advice on how to develop it. The platform has a lot of information to spend many hours online looking for information.

Retsan Koers BScN AD ASyl CPO CSSM OSP

por chan b p c

17 de dic. de 2021

In life, ever things come from experience , but the most lessons come from mistake. You mistaken today, that mistake is your experience of tomorrow. safety is always priority in to mankind. You will never where there is a threat, that threat we called insecurity. I do really appreciated this course and i recommended to my all families, closed relatives, and friends for own safety. Thank you very much and God bless you.


8 de nov. de 2021

M​agnificient Litrature, informative videos and simple quizes has made the course very effective for the personals dealing with security management of various organisations. The Weekly lesson plans have been emphatically planned and the research on security and related subjects has also been found at par with the course contents. Thank you for planning such a good course.

por Anam Z

4 de oct. de 2021

O​ne of the finest learniing experiences with the best Instructors, course design, and above all, solutions for the contemporaray and future International Security challenges. I highly recommend to join this course to learn the aspects, mechanism, and strategies of International Security. Indeed a great initiative by Erasmus University Rotterdam.

por Jaiber R G

7 de dic. de 2020

This was an immerse and interesting course, I would like to extend my gratitude to all the people involved in the development and implementation of the course curriculum and learning materials. The content is very relevant and provides lots of ideas and opportunities for cross-sector integration and partnership in the realm of security.

por Miguel M J

4 de dic. de 2021

In this certification I have learned about the colorful and diverse landscape of international security, and gain insights on challenging topics including open source intelligence, serious organized crime, and illicit trade. He also how to bring together stakeholders from different sectors and origins for a better result.

por Andrew D

21 de mar. de 2021

This was a really interesting and well developed course. I'm a professional in the security industry with 20 years experience, but this still gave me some very good and new ideas, and it certainly raised the bar for what I expect from such courses. This was incredibly thoughtful and insightful.

por Jonis G A

3 de ago. de 2021

Me pareció un excelente curso, con un contenido muy apropiado con la temática y sobre todo con expertos que hablaban desde su experiencia personal y profesional. Sería bueno que a futuro pensaran en un curso especializado relacionado con los tópicos de Security y Safety.