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This course provides learners with a baseline understanding of common cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and risks. An overview of how basic cyber attacks are constructed and applied to real systems is also included. Examples include simple Unix kernel hacks, Internet worms, and Trojan horses in software utilities. Network attacks such as distributed denial of service (DDOS) and botnet- attacks are also described and illustrated using real examples from the past couple of decades. Familiar analytic models are outlined such as the confidentiality/integrity/availability (CIA) security threat framework, and examples are used to illustrate how these different types of threats can degrade real assets. The course also includes an introduction to basic cyber security risk analysis, with an overview of how threat-asset matrices can be used to prioritize risk decisions. Threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks are examined and mapped in the context of system security engineering methodologies....

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27 de jun. de 2020

Ed is a very engaging instructor and tries to make the content applicable and understandable. I would recommend this course for anyone who is looking for an introduction to the world of cybersecurity!


3 de mar. de 2020

I'm so glad I could complete this course as I look forward to continuing other courses on Cyber attacks. Its been helpful as it gave me the background knowledge as to what is needed in Cyber Security.

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por M. D

8 de jul. de 2020

Everything is great except the tests. They were thoughtful in the start of the course - meaning that getting a question wrong and revisiting the relevant material would a) produce a correct answer b) help you understand why the first answer you chose was incorrect, and c) your *second* attempt would be correct. By the final, those properties were absent. We were being graded on questions that the professor had stated was _subjective_, there was not enough information about the hypothetical company we were supposed to create an analysis of, and I am pretty sure one of 9 questions was _not possible to answer correctly_ since it had only three answers and by trying multiple times over two days, I was able to try all three and all three were wrong?

por Britta G

10 de feb. de 2020

The content and the videos are great and it is a fun to learn. But the quizzes inside the videos and the weekly ones are a catastrophy. For some questions there are no correct answers and for other questions a solution that was marked correct in the first try is marked wrong the next and correct again on the 3rd round. And the worst is that there is no support in the discussion forum. The existing problems seem to be old but were never fixed.

por Isabelle B

7 de mar. de 2021

The videos are very clear in explaining the module content, but the follow-up reading could be difficult to understand, especially for someone who would be completely new to computer networks. Also, many of the links to papers and videos don't work anymore. Sometimes other classmates would help provide working links in the class discussion forums, but most of the time we just can't find the required reading material.

por Wolfgang G

24 de may. de 2018

Interesting course, engaging lecturer. Needs some polish, however. Test questions are often confusingly phrased (perhaps on purpose? would be a questionable pedagogical principle) and not well aligned with the lectures, not noticeable support in the discussion forums. The additional reading material was interesting, but seemed quite random and not really coordinated with the course content.

por Ricardo d S L

17 de dic. de 2020

Eduard have a nice way to explain those subject. He is really a good teacher. I just think that it should be better if this course had some practical task, e.g. like programing. Another problem is about the TCP/IP book recommendation. In fact, this is a great book, but the time to read each chapter is much greater than what is recommended in this course.

por Ehsan B

31 de dic. de 2020

I personally learned from the course by 30% of the contents - I was mostly familiar with the topics. Perhaps a sequel to this course will be useful and we can keep learning.

My feedback would be the suggested readings were quite dated (around 20 years ago timeframe). Although we can still learn from them, a more up-to-date article would be more helpful.

por Carole P

25 de ene. de 2018

The information contained in this class was helpful, but not being able to see the correct answers to incorrect quiz questions hindered complete learning. If there was something I didn't understand and answered incorrectly, I did't have the correct answer in order to further my learning.

por Russell R

28 de oct. de 2021

The content was excellent where available but there are a couple of assigned readings and that are either not available any longer or are paywalled. Also the feedback on the test did not seem to advance learning and the final project was odd at best.

por Javier G

26 de nov. de 2020

I expected it to be more specific, it could be named also as "history, beginings and bases of cyber security". Anyway it is very interesting and I consider it very interesting for who wants to begin a career in cyber security

por Akshay B

6 de ene. de 2018

Good lectures and overview but the supporting text book was way too complicated and unhelpful, and the discussion group/TA support was non-existent. I will recommend the content of this course to others with those caveats.

por ArjunSinh N

5 de jul. de 2019

thought this was more of a practical class - but was completely theoretical. also that there was more reading than what professor taught - (professor gave definitions/intro about topic and expected to learn all material).

por Aymen A

18 de ago. de 2020

Beginners have no idea about stack-based buffer overflow attack , please keep that in mind when you mention beginners, it's 0 knowledge about programming, otherwise i enjoyed this course a lot !


por Shule C

7 de dic. de 2020

Have some nice concepts for cyber security, but it is not really for beginners or someone new to the IT field. the final project just felt kinda random, you may have to guess the answer.

por Luba G

17 de oct. de 2021

This course gives basic terms of security risks in very clear way. Although tests aren't practical. They have some contraversial points. This fact sometimes pushes to bruteforce answer.

por Wesley S

12 de ago. de 2021

I work in IT and have for 15 plus years but info was helpful but the way it was laid out on the last test was very hard to follow and I taken a cone of Test from other places

por Pablo O

29 de mar. de 2019

The teacher never answer any comment, observation or question in the forums. Some questions in quizzes was ambiguous, for example question 9 in quizz of week 3.

por Hans P L

9 de ago. de 2020

This course gives a basic introduction do cyber threats, but it is not been updated in a while. Some of the videos linked don't even work anymore.


1 de jul. de 2018

Instructor was not too good he not able to describe things clearly. He relate every case with example but not understandable to me

por Rubi G

2 de sep. de 2020

The introductory readings were so confusing for a first time student without a background in programming to fully understand.

por J.M Y

21 de feb. de 2021

The course was interesting but needs updating annually and the quizzes were not good

por Mugdha C

26 de ago. de 2021

good course, however, didnt include as much practicality as i had thought it would.


23 de sep. de 2020

The course was educating, but kind of abstract in experimenting in my job role

por Ashlesha G

29 de nov. de 2019

It's a very basic course and it needs to be refined for security analysts

por Warren R I

5 de dic. de 2020

Quizzes do seem a bit harder and more abstract than the study material

por Michael H

13 de ene. de 2020

Good as a beginner course but not enough practical information.