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This course is focused on using the flexibility and “ease of use” of TensorFlow 2.x and Keras to build, train, and deploy machine learning models. You will learn about the TensorFlow 2.x API hierarchy and will get to know the main components of TensorFlow through hands-on exercises. We will introduce you to working with datasets and feature columns. You will learn how to design and build a TensorFlow 2.x input data pipeline. You will get hands-on practice loading csv data, numPy arrays, text data, and images using tf.Data.Dataset. You will also get hands-on practice creating numeric, categorical, bucketized, and hashed feature columns. We will introduce you to the Keras Sequential API and the Keras Functional API to show you how to create deep learning models. We’ll talk about activation functions, loss, and optimization. Our Jupyter Notebooks hands-on labs offer you the opportunity to build basic linear regression, basic logistic regression, and advanced logistic regression machine learning models. You will learn how to train, deploy, and productionalize machine learning models at scale with Cloud AI Platform....

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May 18, 2020

I feel this course very valuable because it taught how to create an automated service in cloud with very huge data and working with distributed systems in production environment with minimal time.


Oct 17, 2018

pretty good. some of the code in the last lab could be better explained. also please debug the cloud shell, as it does not always show the "web preview" button ;) otherwise, good job!

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por cloud H

Aug 21, 2018

awed some!

por Fedric

Feb 03, 2020


por Cesar R L S

Jan 18, 2020

Very good

por Carlo B

Oct 03, 2019

Very nice

por Víctor D L T

Jul 23, 2019


por Nayanajith P

May 26, 2019

It's nice

por Kamlesh C

Jun 12, 2020


por borja v

Jun 17, 2019


por Zhuqing X

May 04, 2019

Love it!

por 영신 박

Apr 27, 2019


por Terry L

Apr 26, 2019

이 과정을 끝ㄴ

por Bielushkin M

Nov 11, 2018

good job

por Md A A M

Jun 28, 2020


por Sujeethan V

Mar 26, 2019


por Aldi N S

Jan 24, 2020


por Ahmad T

Aug 26, 2019


por Loganathan S

Aug 02, 2019


por Edgar D J E

Sep 17, 2020


por 江祖榮

Sep 19, 2019


por Fathima j

May 11, 2019


por Dong H S

Apr 28, 2019


por Atichat P

Jun 02, 2018


por Girish S K

Jul 22, 2019

The course was good introduction to tensor flow I learned lot of basics which otherwise I could not have learned from books or other online materials. The concepts are well explained. What I am not happy is about the Datascience labs. In places where internet is slow it is very difficult to do it. Instead of this in we are provided some alternate instructions to run them on a local machine that would have helped at least for some of the first few labs. I know that all of them cannot be run on local machine then the whole purpose of learning tensorflow on Google Cloud is defeated. The whole purpose is to learn how to run it on a cloud environment with scaling. I know that is not possible on a local machine. Another option would be to provide instructions to run the code with without notebook. I basically do not like notebooks , I Prefer command line to notebooks to execute and see results live. But overall I got a good intro about tensorflow - Thankyou very much.

por Benny P

Dec 05, 2019

First of all we need to understand that TensorFlow is not just a Python toolkit. It's a complete tools from Python library, training management, monitoring, down to deployment to cloud or what have you. Therefore this course should be viewed as getting started introduction to ALL of that, not just the toolkit. And I think it's quite good. There are few glitches here and there when it comes to interacting with the GCP, but that's fine, you're learning something while fixing it. The disappointment comes from the forum though, as the staff's only response seem to be to shift the responsibility to Qwiklabs

por Yaron K

Jul 14, 2018

An excellent introduction to TensorFlow, Including debugging tips, and how to scale up TensorFlow models and deploy them. So why only 4 stars ? because there is no audit option for this course and the videos can't be downloaded. Presumable the notebooks with sample code can be cloned from Github - but it seems the explanations will not be available unless you re-enroll. This policy is even more inexplicable considering that the course serves as a "presale" for the Google cloud platform.