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Introduction to MongoDB, MongoDB Inc.

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Acerca de este Curso

This course will get you up and running with MongoDB quickly, and teach you how to leverage its power for data analytics. We'll start by mastering the fundamentals of MongoDB, including MongoDB’s Document data model, importing data into a cluster, working with our CRUD API and Aggregation Framework. These topics will be taught through a demo application which will give you a great first encounter of how simple and practical it can be to build applications with MongoDB. In addition to these essential topics, you will also learn and work with useful MongoDB tools and services. You will work with Atlas, MongoDB's database as a service, MongoDB Compass, a schema visualization tool, as well as many other useful command-line utilities....

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por HM

Feb 27, 2018

This is an excellent course on MongoDB, Compass and Atlas. This course also makes you work hard using jupyter notebooks and python.\n\nThank you very much!

por SD

Apr 27, 2018

A concise but excellent introduction to MongoDB's data model, Python integration through PyMongo and the Aggregation Framework.

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por Siram n s r s v pavan kalyan

May 26, 2019

the videos belongs to the older versions. please update them.

por Gabriel Cerda Camarena

May 26, 2019

More examples like the quiz ones would be good!

por Naveen J

May 10, 2019

Course Structure is very impressive. Practice Quiz and Course assignments really gave a complete hands-on on the subject. Thanks much for the tutors. Overall I learned something new and feeling confident about this tech subject. I strongly recommend this course to all MongoDB beginners.

por Rafael Andres Cisneros Corro

May 09, 2019

Excelente curso para aprender lo básico sobre MongoDB y algunas de sus fantasticas herramientas.

por Anusha Pachunuri

May 05, 2019

Setup can be a pain when you begin, but its easy afterwards.

por Ингерман Антон Евгеньевич

May 04, 2019

This is course has quite weak level of explanation. The service updates and have no match with video. I killed about 5 hours to makes mongoimport, because there are so many differencies . And the sharp turn to Python makes me down - where is video, how to set up the Python enviroment, how to install the pymongo. Is it explanation course or the set of tasks that fires my brain?

por Pranali Raut

May 01, 2019

It's bit tricky course

por Angel Alberto Cardozo Cueva

Apr 29, 2019

Buen curso para conocer Mongo.

por Karthikeyan

Apr 21, 2019

Good one.

por Mark Brass

Apr 09, 2019

Very unclear and outdated course. The simplest of tasks such as connecting to the server and uploading a file have no straight forward explanation. If I needed to figure it out by myself, relaying on outside forums and blogs, than this course is useless as an introductory one.