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Learn how modern software developers collaborate across the world without messing up each other's code. You will look at the different version control systems and how to create an effective software development workflow. You will be introduced to some of the most commonly used Linux commands that you can use to work with files on your hard drive and create powerful workflows that will automate your work, saving you time and effort. Finally, you will see how Git can be used in software development projects to manage team files. And you will create a repository that can manage code revisions....

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25 de dic. de 2022

A great course to understand the fundamental of version control. !

It break down break down complex problems and make it easy to understand.

A big thanks to the Mata teams and coursera :)


26 de nov. de 2022

Very simply explained. Great guidance. I went from knowing little to nothing about version control, git and github. This course will help you gain a good understanding with good practice.

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por Jahedul A

21 de jul. de 2022


Yes, it will get you to start using version control (git), but its just 20-30% of the commands you will need in your everyday developer life. And most of the course teaches you basic command line commands which does not involve version control at all.

por Viktor K

19 de ago. de 2022

This is a wonderful course, made with soul. This is a wonderful story in simple words about complex topics. Huge thanks to the amazing creators and Meta Corporation. I am a refugee from Ukraine studying to find a job and this course has been a huge support for me and my family during a difficult time after russia's dastardly attack on Ukraine.

por jwsarge

13 de ago. de 2022

While this does not get beyond the basics, it is good to have a real solid understanding of the fundmentals. As a self-taught hobbyist, I really appreciated it and feel like I now have a much more solid foundation to build more complex methods on top of.

por Timothy P

19 de ago. de 2022

I think that this is a really helpful course if you have never used version control. In all honesty it can be done in about an afternoon if you understand what you are doing. Make sure that before you go into this course though that you set up and become familiar with Git and Github. By knowing just a bit, this course will be a breeze.

If you are someone who has used version control and are looking for a brush up, it is ok. I mean it doesn't really talk about Github/Git until the third week, and even then does not go much deeper than Git Pull, Push, etc.. If you have used version control, there might be a nugget or two in here that you find useful, I did. But for the most part it felt like a quick refresher that took some time to get to the meat of the content.


21 de ago. de 2022

Week 2 had some problems with Bash on Windows part. Other than that, great course!

por Emmanuel N

13 de ago. de 2022

Covered basic git and command line and gave ineresting ways to use them both. Introduce more compelex logic like head nodes in git and provided options to actually use git, clone, fork and even make pull requests that might one day be merged. A well rounded Beginer friendly course.

por Obembe S D

17 de jul. de 2022

Beyond my expectation and the instructor knows what she was doing.

por Jim H

18 de jul. de 2022

Very good instruction and introductory course to Git/GitHub.

por Amanullah A

17 de ago. de 2022

It was a great course and learn about Git, Github, and CLI to download, manage, and update a project. The only problem was the second week which did not explain to download the git bash first to follow the instructor's instructions.

por Alberto V Q

10 de oct. de 2022

A great introduction to the Unix ecosystem and Git. I have never encountered other version control systems other than Git (and Perforce) at work so learning about the topic more in detail was useful.

The lesson contents are good enough for Unix commands but I would have liked a few more exercises to practice the commands as you end up leaving behind a few if you don't use them daily.

The GitHub material was also pretty good and modern.

por Abanoub A T Z

21 de sep. de 2022

It was very useful. i have learen how to use command line and how to create a repo and how to work with others.

Thank you Meta team!

por Jeffrey C

26 de ago. de 2022

It works as an introduction, but don't think you'll gain any sort of mastery of git and version control once you complete the course. That will require you doing your own homework and finding other resources to learn Git/Version Control. With that said, I appreciate Meta for developing this course and all the specializations.

por Salim H

30 de ene. de 2023

Course is useful but it was rushed, the instructor was speaking fast, didn't take their time with every new concept, application wasn't in depth. There were some mistakes in the quizzes.

por Sidney I

11 de oct. de 2022

It was great to learn version control but I'm still sceptical about the usefulness of command line interfaces over their GUI option.

por Victor R

1 de feb. de 2023

its not easy for me. sometimes the pictures don't guide you well and you have to figure it out. they aren't clear as to what you should be seeing. they also mention things but its not clear what you should do, i kinda just guessed through and eventually it worked. the labs expect you to use steps and commands that were mentioned in the videos but theres no easier labs that introduce you to using them for basics tasks first.

por Nicholas G

25 de oct. de 2022

On the first lab the instructions they place out are out of date due to updates that github has pushed out. The lab cannot be completed if you follow the course's instructions.

por Mustafa S

12 de dic. de 2022

Over all I would rate this course 9/10, I loved the content in it, and it is the best course for learning Version Controlling tool after 10Pearls Version Control courses I have found on the online learning platforms.

Thanks to Meta.

Recommendation from my side: I would like to say that please add a usage of Git Visualisation tool for elaborating BRANCHES, NODES and how commit id works behind the curtain of such commands like "git commit", "git add", "git push" etc, and how branches merges works behind "git merge" command.

I have seen this visualisation tool for git learning in 10Pearls Version Controlling course and it worked really amazing in understanding and memorising by visualisation.

por Екатерина Г

10 de feb. de 2023

Overall, this course was great! I felt that I really discovered something new and fascinating when learning about version control systems. Knowledge about Git and GitHub was something I've wanted to obtain for a long time, and finally, the mysterious coding platform has revealed its secret and I feel myself in a programmer's flow!😎👌☘️✨

I definitely look forward to continuing with this certification's courses!

I wish you all the best of luck with achieving your goals and aspirations!

Thank you, Coursera, for providing me the financial support and helping me with my career goals!🥰

por Antonio P

15 de ene. de 2023

This is one of the best online course on Version Control for many reasons. I want to explain some. First and foremost, the course's structure is really good. Secondly, the teacher knows deeply and use it in her daily job and most importly the course is well paced, giving you a time span to finish on time. Beside grasping git and hithub you will use comfortably the bash command line that is a very usuful tool IT. If you don't know till now which oneline course to take on the subject, I strongly recommend it.

por Michael

17 de jul. de 2022

This course made Git, GitHub, and Command Line a lot easier to understand and took away a lot of the intimidation with working without a GUI. It demonstrated and went step by step on all the commands you need to know while collaborating on a project and setting up projects. And the additional readings contained a lot of useful resources that I'll come back to.

por Nathan S

11 de dic. de 2022

The skills I learned from this course were directly applicable to my current job. Learning how to use git is crucial for programmers and this course explains how to use GitHub as well as work with git in the local environment as well. I recommend it for anybody wanting to differentiate themselves from novice programmers and elevate their skills.

por Iglehart

17 de feb. de 2023

The course is very useful. There may be a need to update the walkthroughs in the course due to changes made to some user interfaces, related to online resources and programs. Having to feel your way through a system or resource that doesn't quite match the in-course example does help with remembering the material and newly learned skills.

por Aarón I C A

4 de sep. de 2022

Buen curso.

Entendi cosas que en mi trabajo las hacia porque tenian que ser asi. Con este curso me abrio los ojos y pude entener varios conceptos y solidificar las bases.

No es muy avanzado, es una introduccion basica-intermedia pero con variedad de ejemplos, documentacion y bases para ir explorando y aprender por uno mismo.

por Chaukat W K

15 de ene. de 2023

It is a great introduction to version control. The course focuses on git and GitHub. Since GitHub changes rapidly the course screenshots were sometimes outdated. Figuring out things on your own add to the learning experience. All in all, this is a great course. Well suited for beginner to intermediate learners.

por we t t

26 de nov. de 2022

This was most required course for the most required skill to be a developer.

Teachers were clear with their goal of what to teach and how to teach.

Assignments were so good but there was one problem that these assignment were not graded.

Overall course was awesome. and

Thank you for this course