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Acerca del Curso

This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays. After completing this course, you will be able to 1. read and write Korean alphabet. 2. communicate in Korean with basic expressions. 3. learn basic knowledge on Korean culture. It’s fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!...

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17 de may. de 2020

A really good starting point to understand what's the Hangeul is constituted of and have a taste test on daily conversation. Last 2 modules were of quick pace which encourages me to revisit more often


27 de may. de 2021

useful course for fundamental learners. Everyone can take this course easily.\n\nthe instructor gives me good teaching and more information.\n\nI can basically talk to Korean after finished the class.

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por Arevik K

31 de oct. de 2020

It was a fun course. It is very convinient to study the letters and how to read, and to enrich the vocabulary. Of course, it doesn't give the opertunity to understand a lot and the grammar part is still very weak, but for a beginner level this was fun and easy, I highly recommend it if you want to start the language, but if you want to continue the lesson you should start another course with a higher level.

por Deyna A A

15 de may. de 2017

Un curso muy bueno para aprender lo básico en hangul... a pesar de no entender muy bien el inglés he podido comprender aunque con dificultad los ultimos temas.

Podrían los videos subtitularse con una mejor traducción del idioma español para una fácil comprención para los hispano hablantes, ya que hay muchos interesados en la cultura coreana.

Thanks Yonsei University for the great course!!

연세대학교 감사합니다!! ^o^

por Smriti B

12 de sep. de 2020

Professor Seung Hae Kang is really great; her grip on both language's Hangul and English is exceptional. Professor made the course look so easy and understandable; her way of describing the words with correct pronunciation is very helpful. I wish, I could learn more through this course; it ended so fast.

I am very thankful to all the creators of this course; thank you for putting so much effort into this.

por Katy J

5 de jun. de 2020

Me gusto bastante el curso, aprendí mucho, hace varios años había intentado introducirme en este idioma pero me costaba, y el curso fue una gran ayuda para ir empezando, lo disfrute mucho, la ultima unidad fue difícil ya que no había traducción al español así que me costo más, ya que soy de habla hispana pero aun así no fue imposible de entender o super complicado a pesar de las barreras idiomaticas.

por Cynthia L A

7 de ago. de 2021

I do feel like I learned a lot from this course as a beginner. I was able to fill 2 notebooks of notes and information learned and reviewed during this class. However, I would like to have seen more repetitive review. At times I felt the lessons were slightly rushed, and when advising on pronunciation the professor did not slow her words enough for me to feel confident of what I was repeating.

por Mary K P

10 de mar. de 2018

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to achieve another goal in my life. All the lectures were very interesting and challenging even though at first , I was trying cope up and adjust. I knew that the lessons I took up in this course can be useful to me since I am into kpop stars. And through this course, I was able to explore such wonderful things and backgrounds about the Korean language.

por Yanela G P

7 de may. de 2017

El curso me ha parecido muy ilustrativo y he aprendido mucho con él. Es la primera vez que estudio este idioma y me ha sido bastante sencillo seguir las clases, eso se debe a que las explicaciones son muy claras. Por el único motivo que no le doy las cinco estrellas es porque a partir de la semana 4 los subtitulos pasaron a estar en inglés en vez de español. Por lo demás un curso excelente.

por jackits x

10 de oct. de 2021

This course is great for learning basic Korean. I found that I understood the course content much easier when I also studied independently as well. I would advise learning Hangul and some basic vocab before starting the course. I felt much more able to engage with the content when I had some basic knowledge as the course moves quickly from the very basic to more complex sentence structures

por Gatiana Z T

26 de jul. de 2021

Solo le doy cuatro estrellitas ya que los últimos vídeos a pesar de que los tenia con la opción de sustitutos en espanol aparecían en ingles así que se me hizo un poco mas complicado de entender, a pesar de eso el curso es muy bueno. Espero poder sacar el certificado mas adelante, muchas gracias por darme la oportunidad de vivir esta experiencia, me gustaría aprender mas.

Muchas Gracias!!

por Tara J

30 de jul. de 2021

Sometimes new words are taught but they do not get included into the new vocabulary list in the lesson's worksheet. I had to go back to a few videos to find the words and write them down in the PDF. Other than that, I really enjoyed this course and I learnt so much than I ever could or would have on my own. Thank you so much for providing this free education; it is really appreciated.

por Pooja M

29 de sep. de 2021

a good course to start journey to learn hangul from scratch , made it very easy with vocab, sentence making rules, tells pronunciation of difficult words, so many example to learn and practice problems and meaning of every word used is given. It was very good course fully packed with everything we need , I am so happy I found it. THANK YOU!!! so much YONSEI University and my teacher.

por Emma M

25 de abr. de 2020

Great course overall! I liked how how it was set up and it definitely helped me to start my Korean-learning journey. My only issue is that lessons tended to sometimes not fully explain things or go too fast so I had to seek help outside the course to clarify certain concepts. Perhaps a more detailed review sheet or even links to other resources would help resolve this issue. Thanks!

por antonia g

31 de ago. de 2019

Quedaron dudas respecto al vocabulario que no fueron explicadas. Hubo conceptos que fueron incluidos en las conversaciones de las clases y en los cuestionarios que tampoco tuvieron una explicación. Así mismo, sería beneficioso recibir alguna retroalimentación respecto a las preguntas erradas en los cuestionarios. Sin embargo, es un muy buen curso para introducirse al idioma.

por Nora A

23 de jun. de 2020

The course overall is good. But I would prefer if the lecture notes is before the video, so that I can print it right away and totally make use of of it. In that way, I don't have to go back on lecture video. It's a free course and I have nothing to criticize about. So grateful that such course is being offered on Coursera . Thank you Professor Kang. May god bless you. :)

por Rosibel V T

26 de ago. de 2021

he aprendido lo basico, aunque es verdad que me ha costado bastante entender los verbos porque no se explica muy bien porque cambiar, pero lo demas genial me ha gustado que en cada modulo se aprende vocabulario y te da bastante ejemplos para que vayas praacticando. Los cuestionarios de la parte final de cada modulo estan muy bien asi repasas si has aprendido o entendido.

por Anais B

3 de may. de 2020

This courses were really hepfull but i'm 100% beginniner! To be honest it was really complecated for me to understand first how to read korean because we dont have any space in sentence and also for the pronunciation. So, at the beginning of the courses it was really hard and i continued because i really want to learn this langage. So for me it's 70% good and 30% hard!

por Yamin P

18 de ago. de 2020

The course was extremely useful, especially the engaging videos that have a high quality in sound and visual. The cooperation of cartoons for the conversations help me learn it in a slower pace which was great for the beginners like me. I love the real-life scenarios that hooked the class. I would suggest to include engaging activities that can be linked from the class.

por Annabel B

13 de ene. de 2022

Really enjoyed the lectures, concepts explained well. Some suggestions: class note fonts too small. Would be nice to teach vocabulary before the conversations. Wondering if new vocabulary could use highlighted font in the conversation? Maybe speak Korean slower? Excellent teacher, really enjoyed the course. Could there be a Q&A section for students to ask questions?

por Ananya K

9 de dic. de 2021

This course is AMAZING to learn and it is very basic and very very helpful. Personally I wanted to learn Korean becasue of the kdrama and kpop. By starting this course I am now able to fully read hangul within 2 weeks and I am shocked myself. The way they teach and explain is perfect. However, I wish i could get the certificate for free since this is a free course.

por Yarely J R C

3 de ago. de 2020

Muy buen contenido y muy bien explicado. Excelente la opción de de los archivos para repasar. Lo único malo es que los subtítulos en español no son correctos, están desfasados, no están traducidas algunas cosas o aparecen subtítulos en otro idioma, esto dificulta un poco el aprendizaje para los que no entienden muy bien el inglés, de ahí en fuera todo es excelente.

por Urvi K

10 de jul. de 2016

The course is mind blowing!

With time and patience it is easy to get the language and the phrases.

I only struggled really hard with telling the time.

Also being hard of hearing made it a little hard to pinpoint exactly what time they were talking about.

Overall this course is wonderful and anyone who is interested in basics of Korean should take it!

Thanks a lot!!

por Thais R

30 de jun. de 2020

Its currently 2:19 am but I just finished this course and honestly, I am so glad I took it because I feel like I was able to get a better grasp at basic or common phrasing to push me out of my shell. I know I still have a bunch to learn but this is a great first step. It was flexible and easy; it also gave me something to look forward to during this quarantine.

por Amy L

5 de ago. de 2016

I have been teaching myself (attempting to) Korean via various methods over the past 9 months, but I really enjoyed the structure of this class. It helped me understand WHY sentences/words are structured as they are, instead of just memorizing a lot of vocabulary and cramming too much information in my head at once. Can't wait for more from Yonsei University!

por Kübra A

20 de mar. de 2020

Ms. Seung Hae Kang really focused on the pronunciation which was great. The course really helped in lots of aspects and it provided circular teaching method. The only problem for me was the only Korean written parts. As new words can be hard to remember, I could really use a little more English backup in sentence practices. Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

por Cynndi N

23 de dic. de 2018

The discussions and the playbacks were essential. However, not sure if it were the audio, but the enunciation would not be as clear as I needed to learn; so I did venture outside the class for other resources. But very interesting to learn about formal/informal and addressing younger/older brother from sister or brother and other language and counting tips.