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Learn to Speak Korean 1, Universidad Yonsei

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Welcome to Learn to Speak Korean 1! This course is for beginner students who are familiar with the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Through this course students will learn the skills essential for daily interactions with Koreans while living in Korea. This course consists of six modules, and each module is composed of five units. Each unit has vocabulary, grammar and expressions, conversation practice, video clips, quizzes, a workbook, and vocabulary lists. In order to assist students with their independent studies, Korean learning materials such as lecture notes, workbooks, and vocabulary lists detailing each day’s lecture are also provided. The vocabulary lists are accompanied by English, Chinese, and Japanese translations. I hope that you enjoy all this program has to offer over the next six weeks. After studying in this program, you will be able to have a real Korean conversation with your newly acquired knowledge of the Korean language. Thank you! Your Course Team Chief Contents Developer: Sang Mee Han Contents Developers: Bock Ja Lee, Yoo Kyung Choi, Ha Min Cho, Ju Eun Kim Production Assistants: Jin Hee Kim, Eun Hye Kim...

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por TT

Oct 25, 2017

I learned more in this six week course than i did in my year of self teaching Korean. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to advance their Korean after having learned Hangul!

por NA

Jun 19, 2018

this course is nice, the structure of the lessons is simple and easy to follow, the videos are short which reduce the chance for getting bored, i recommend this course for the beginners

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361 revisiones

por Zhuojun Xie

Feb 13, 2019

Well structured course.

por Kimberly Zapatero

Feb 11, 2019

I have learned a lot through this course. Beginners like me can follow well, not too fast nor too slow. It is very much helpful for me! Thank you!

por Joseph Mwangi Ng'aru

Feb 10, 2019

Well structured course with enough of practice for a beginner level.

por Hyo Cheng

Feb 08, 2019

I really thankful I complated this course, Thank you Coursera


Feb 07, 2019

A little bit repetitive, especially the videos. The notes and the exercises are great tho!

por Abolghassem Rahimi

Feb 07, 2019

talks go very fast, beginners cannot follow. Although I read first the notes and look up the words in the dic but still the lesson and dialogues are too fast. Thank you


Feb 03, 2019

I enjoyed this class. I don't know when I will use it. But I will keep these sentence structures in mind. I did not spend so many hours each day with this class but I did use my late night time or early morning time to participate in the class. I have been studying Korean for awhile first with a tutor and then through language exchange. I have been to South Korea twice and still found it difficult to even just ask for things. So I hope the next time I visit this class will help me with my confidence to speak much better.

por Thet Min Paing

Feb 01, 2019

I want to study korean language in korea.

por hoseokiee

Jan 31, 2019

I love this course. I higlly recommend this course to whoever is learning Korean!


Jan 29, 2019

A suitable level with lots of examples. Well done!