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The proliferation of digital technology gives businesses a diverse new set of tools to reach, engage, monitor, and respond to consumers to an unprecedented degree. The aggregated and voluminous digital data can also be leveraged to better target specific consumer segments. Following the Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape, this course aims to give you a deeper understanding of core processes of planning a digital marketing campaign and the role of various digital channels in an integrated marketing communication....

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Nov 23, 2018

Mike Yao sir did a great job. He started all with basics and taught everything very well. I'm so glad I choose this course it'll for sure help me advance my career.


Mar 15, 2020

The instructors are great and explain all the concepts in good detail. I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to know about digital media and marketing

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por Christina U

Jan 22, 2019

Course material is very well presented. It is very condensed and practical and exceeds expectations. Much better than any other online course I have ever done.

por Janarthanan B

Sep 22, 2015

I am not very happy with this course. It lacks depth. Reading the text book gives more understanding. The videos are just verbatim repetition of what is there in the book. The concepts are not explained well. No examples and no case studies. And further there are errors in quizzes. The first course in this specialization was really good... course 2 and 3 were also very informative. But 4 and 5 are not up to the mark and not meeting the high expectations set by the previous courses.

por René W

Jul 18, 2017

-content out of date,

-lecturing style inadequate and below peer level

-the supplementing book which is used is more effective reading than attending and going through these lectures which leads a course ad absurdum.

-tests and quizzes seem to partially link to a prior "version" of the course as partially those questions are not covered in the lectures.

... to my understanding a complete waste of time.

por Debora

Oct 18, 2019

This course is very interesting and updated. Mike Yao is a great Professor who delivers insightful classes in a very effective and clear way. I loved it!

por rawad n

Nov 29, 2016

Super basic, nothing to be learnt there. No need to purchase the course, just go over the videos if you're new to digital.

por Rainer B S

Mar 30, 2016

Poor quality and heavily outdated content. Video quizzes were broken more often than not. Module Quizzes questions and answers were vague and poorly constructed resulting in choosing incorrect answers.

Reading material was of poor quality with many "industry professionals" not being professional enough to perform a simple spelling and grammar check.

por Iva K

Jun 08, 2016

Disappointed with lectures

-structured data rather than real life examples

-professor is speaking monotonously, without passion

-no visualisation on the discussed topic

por Pavan K T

Apr 29, 2018

This course was not interesting and not many examples or scenarios

por Seif E T A

Feb 25, 2018

Needs to have a new instructor

por Marcos M

Feb 13, 2017

The content is very good. It explores the basics of the campaign planning and the essential topics any digital marketer need to know. Just few improvements must be done in the very first course like not split in so many short videos. It just take time from the audience going again and again in the introductory part with the university logo and music. The material also in the beggining was too much fractioned. Please gather all in one sinple PDF file. The videos in the beggining the teacher was looking "on my shoulder" or something behind us. No eye contact. It must be also corrected. These are details but overall course is very good!

por Bo L

Oct 07, 2019

professor is very knowledgeable and have really good insight on current digital marketing strategies. He helped me understand greatly on understanding the underlining principals of the strategies, and not stuck with the current technology. In a way, understanding how digital marketing works, independent of the current digital platforms and channels, it makes the marketing strategies timeless.

por Tinashe D

Apr 11, 2019

I really appreciate the time and effort taken by professor Mike Yao, clearly articulating and unpacking the digital marketing discourse. My key take aways from this course where approaching strategy from a more holistic angle and giving an in depth analysis on trends, strengths and opportunities within the digital marketing landscape. Hope to engage in more edifying sessions with you prof!

por alfonso b

Sep 30, 2019

Excellent course, possibly one of the best in the Digital Specialization Programme. Very specific, a lot of material in each sessions. Prof. Yao, makes possible that every lecture he delivers must have a lot of debriefing just as a consequence of the amount of information he delivers.

Readings are well selected and very much updated than those in others courses of this specialization.

por Emily G

Feb 14, 2019

I found this course hugely beneficial. I loved the content and the focus on the strategy behind digital marketing is a great fit for my role as a Global Marketing Analyst within a global technology company. I thought the lectures were very interesting and although difficult, I gained a lot from the peer review assessments.

por Sumair N B

Aug 01, 2019

Professor Mike Yao has really designed this course very well. He has covered and explained the details of strategies relating digital and social media marketing very effectively. The course has really developed enhanced my understanding of strategy related skills in the digital marketing space. Thank you! Mr. Yao.

por Andrea A

Dec 20, 2018

This was the most interesting and useful course in the specialisation. The teacher's explanations are clear and to the point and the interviews and insights have been really eye opening for my everyday job. I will definitely be coming back to review the lessons after the course is finished.

por Shruti B

Oct 05, 2018

Very honestly, initially it took me awhile to focus on the course because of the online learning environment. But gradually, Prof. Mike Yao's simple yet effective teaching technique got me involved, opened up many doors to the digital world. This is just the beginning I'm sure...

por Bobo C

Apr 17, 2016

Although the lecturer is just reading the textbook in the video, the textbook which the lecturer recommended to read in the beginning is really powerful. It provides all the tactics and practical methods to work in digital marketing field. I still deeply appreciate.

por Andile N

Oct 17, 2019

Very good course. I liked the detail and structure. Very informative as well. The only improvement I would make is to join the lecture videos together like Marketing in an Analog World (e.g. Lecture 1 & 2). Too many separate videos can be annoying for the students.

por Suraj N

Jan 05, 2020

Extremely good course. Mr. Yao teaches the basics as well as the intricate details of digital media and marketing along with the most important KPIs and makes you realize one of the fundamentals of marketing....what message do you want to convey and to whom?

por Shashank J

Aug 06, 2019

This is an excellent course for both beginners and the veterans. As a practicing marketing professional, this helped me revisit my learning, understand other ways to target and plan my Digital Marketing plans, and know the importance of some tools and KPIs.

por Tal v D

Mar 19, 2019

I like very much that the course is focused on concepts and less on technical stuff. Not that those technical things are NOT important, it's just that with the clear explanations of digital marketing concepts things sound logic and start making sense.

por Julia W

Mar 25, 2020

The best course I have taken on Coursera by now. The instructor explained very clearly and specifically. He provided only the information he needed in an accessible form. It is a mine of the most necessary knowledge for every digital marketer.


Aug 31, 2019

I have really enjoyed how professor Mike Yao has presented the information. I never realized of intricate social media was. If I ever get a chance to put a social media/digital media at least I will have a basic understanding before beginning.

por Hesham S

Sep 29, 2019

This one was way better than digital media and marketing principles course, course videos and materials was interesting and engaging

assignments was a bit challenging but helped me acquiring new skills and knowledge in digital strategies