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Acerca del Curso

In this course, you will learn how to create a complete, multi-user web site using the Meteor.js framework and MongoDB. You will implement user authentication, security features, reactive templates and routing using iron router. You will carry out key database operations such as inserting, removing and updating data as well as sorting and filtering. You will see how a complete application can be built, line by line. At the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Install the Meteor.js system and create a web application 2. Work with the Meteor.js packaging system 3. Write Meteor.js templates that can reactively display data 4. Use insert, remove and update operations on MongoDB 5. Write MongoDB data filters to search for and sort data 6 .Add user authentication functionality to a website 7. Control what is displayed on the page using iron:router 8. Implement basic security features In this course, you will complete: 1 server install assignment taking ~1 hour to complete 1 programming assignment taking ~8 hours to complete 4 quizzes, each taking ~20 minutes to complete multiple practice quizzes, each taking ~5 minutes to complete Prerequisites This course is designed to build on top of the material delivered in the previous two courses in this specialisation. Therefore, we recommend that if you find this course too technically challenging that you first complete the previous courses before re-commencing this one. Specifically, we expect you to be able to code basic HTML, CSS and Javascript before you take this course. Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes....

Principales reseñas

26 de jul. de 2016

Thought it was a great intro to Meteor. Practical and easy to follow along, at least for someone like me with a Comp Sci background (though it has been many years since I really programmed).

30 de jun. de 2020

Good course for an introduction to Meteor framework, and of course, great teacher!\n\nProfessor Mathew Yee-king makes it easy to understand all the complexities around and inside of Meteor.

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por Miguel P

7 de dic. de 2015

Gran introducción a Meteor.js

por Nabil A B G

1 de ene. de 2016

Amazing course for beginner.

por Ag I B A D

22 de sep. de 2019

very interesting course

por TheLinODE

16 de feb. de 2016

Keep on the hard work!

por saqrani i

22 de dic. de 2015

I like this course

por Shane O

7 de feb. de 2016

Good course.

por Dominique S

5 de dic. de 2015

Great Course

por Chai W T

25 de dic. de 2015

Awesome :)

por Alejandro

13 de dic. de 2015


por Isaac H

2 de may. de 2016

The production of this course could be much clearer and as such this is a very tedious course. The actual subject matter is good if you have some experience with JavaScript. The video is constantly switching between the professor and the code. As such, you'll find yourself constantly replaying certain parts to see what is typed. In some instances, the code is actually "off-screen". Is there really any value to seeing the professor (rather than just hearing)? The key information is in the code! Either leave the video on the code the entire time and run the audio for the teacher, or, add another window where the live code is visible the entire time. It's important that this is the live code. Simply providing the final product doesn't allow the novice user to see how it is built.

por Jackson D

12 de jun. de 2020

This was a challenging course and I enjoyed the difficulty level. I marked it down from 4 stars because I had some major issues with the Meteor application and from the assignment in week 4 where the project simply refused to run, I therefore had to get creative to make it work. The week 3 code worked fine but obviously week 4 is adding more layers of complexity with the security layer. I think that this module could do with a review to ensure that it is still running okay, or that more instructions are provided to make sure that the majority of students can get on with it.

por David T

12 de sep. de 2018

The course videos are helpful and good to watch and I have no doubt that this once was relevant. However I cannot give more than 3 stars as these videos relate to an earlier version of meteor. If you want hassle free then learn how to install that version and not the newer version because you will spend more time getting the code examples to work than actually learning. A shame

por Moisés P

19 de jul. de 2018

The courses is ok. It would be better if the instructor explains Meteor and MongoDB using the documentation. I didn't like the long quizzes and the homeworks were too easy like the previous courses. I would give 4 stars if the course were updated with the latest version of Meteor or at least a newer version, but I could learn how easy and powerful is the framework.

por Lucas E S

14 de sep. de 2017

Good course, needs some updates since the main tool used (Meteor.js) has been updated since the course launched and is different from what some lessons portray. Also the course catalog page still shows 2 big assignments for this course, which has been changed to 4 small ones, so everything about it really needs to be updated.

por Blake S

26 de dic. de 2015

Was only videos and 2 question quizzes until the very end. I was very surprised by the assignment at the end as it was never mentioned in any of the videos. Almost didn't finish it in time because it was due right after Christmas.

Would like more hands-on assignments throughout the course instead of one at the end.

por Matt W

29 de feb. de 2020

This is a hazard with using some of these js frameworks like meteor. Inevitably there will be technical challenges that need to be overcome. I can tell a lot of people have given up on this one but if you get to know which errors to ignore it's at least tolerable. The instructor is great. Definitely not his fault.

por James K

19 de dic. de 2015

Full of great information, but still a bit in "beta" stage. Just like the other courses in this specialization, it has more than a few kinks that still need to be worked out. I would be upset if I had paid for this, but I'm glad to learn about meteor in a free and structured way.

por Dorota T

2 de sep. de 2016

Videos are easy to understand and follow, but there's sometimes to little background knowledge about writing good apps, security and good practices. The communication with the server and what would look like the final working product is not explained at all.

por Mohammad H

13 de feb. de 2017

The tutorials lack in depth explanation of methods work. This is not a university level course. its more like here is how to do it magically. There is no explanation on how the methods work. or how the meteor achieve what it does.

por Richard N

12 de nov. de 2017

I like the course, but I think the assignments should be more difficult. Perhaps the assignment should be built upon over the course of the class, with the final assignment fully realizing the end product.

por Eugene T

13 de dic. de 2015

Great course but the final assignment is really tough. Hence, it would be great if more examples were given and the inclusion of an additional assignment at wk 2 would help too.

por Ali g

28 de jun. de 2019

This course need to be updated,the version of meteor used is very different from the current version,

however other than that it is a very good course.

por Fernando P F

28 de may. de 2016

A bit old version of Meteor, but a good course for basics.

Saddly this old version and the way we done, gonna be deprecated soon.


24 de jun. de 2020

Overall the course is good but the topics could have been more diverse . Didn't get any hands-on project experience !

por yash s

25 de jun. de 2020

The course is over previous version of meteor.js so it is difficult to keep track of what the instructor is saying