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Welcome to Modern Art & Ideas! This course is designed for anyone interested in learning more about modern and contemporary art. Over the next five weeks, you will look at art through a variety of themes: Places & Spaces, Art & Identity, Transforming Everyday Objects, and Art & Society. Each week kicks off with a video that connects works of art from The Museum of Modern Art’s collection to the theme. You will hear audio interviews with artists, designers, and curators and learn more about selected works in the additional readings and resources. Throughout this course you will discover how artists: -- represent place and take inspiration from their environment, -- create works of art to express, explore, and question identity, -- use everyday objects to challenge assumptions about what constitutes a work of art and how it should be made, -- and respond to the social, cultural, and political issues of their time through works of art. Through the discussion forum prompts and peer review assignment, you will also have the opportunity to connect with other learners and explore how these themes resonate with your own life and experience....

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Jan 15, 2018

It has been a very wonderful course. I love the museum as a cultural space and now I love it more for its commitment to online education and giving us the opportunity to learn in different countries.


Jun 08, 2020

Really enjoyed this course! Well organized/developed, and even for a museum buff, like me, offered great ideas, and perspectives in ‘looking’ and ‘understanding’ art, and particular artist’s process.

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por ANA L P

Aug 03, 2020

What I like most about MoMA's Art courses is that there is a very rich material, only accessible in the Museum's books and videos. In addition, the aesthetics of the materials available to the student makes all the difference. It is impossible to take a course in art with a sloppy aesthetic. The reproductions of book pages are not very inviting for reading but we can close an eye to this issue and remember that studying directly in MoMA books has a special glamor.

por Arran W

May 16, 2020

A truly wonderful way to spend this lockdown! Thoroughly enjoyed learning more about modern art as a discipline. Amazing to see how it connects to so much of life, both internally and externally. It has been wonderful to explore the capacity of art to reflect and influence the status quo. Also, as a BME person myself, it was lovely to be able to explore the work done by women and minority ethnicities. A brilliantly put together course. Many thanks to all involved.

por Giuliana M

Jul 12, 2020

Me encantó el curso. Porque es teórico y práctico a la vez. Además, se siente cálido. Es decir, aunque sea virtual, se puede observar con claridad que quien lo hizo es humano. Incluso, ayuda a entender el arte contemporáneo que muchas veces pareciera ser algo difícil de comprender.

Lo que más destaco, es el sentir que uno está acompañado todo el tiempo, y la comunicación con otros compañero. Lo que resulta de mucho crecimiento académico y social.

por 燕可郁

Jun 12, 2018

Thanks to the works provided by the Museum of modern art and the wonderful interpretation of teachers. I have always thought that art is a bridge of communication between reality and imagination, and only those who truly understand the content and emotion of the works can get the true meaning of art. This course starts with different themes. It not only displays many impressive masterpieces, but also highlights our thinking about the real world.

por Dimitris V

Apr 26, 2020

Great course, it re-ignited my passion for art. Its structure was very solid, which is of great importance, especially for a subject like art, which is not solid at all. It made it possible to think about art in terms of themes, which in most cases were not very clear but nevertheless, were there. I recommend it all beginners who want to get a better understanding about art and to people who want to re-ignite their passion for art.

por Linda D P

Aug 04, 2019

I was glad to take this course because it helped me look at contemporary art in a different way. Each topic had carefully chosen artworks, and I gained background knowledge of how each piece was constructed by the artist. I really liked reading others' viewpoints in the discussion section for each topic. It really broadened my worldview as to concerns and interests of people who live in different places than me.

por Tom G

Aug 31, 2020

This is a really great course. I put in a lot of effort and learned a lot. The more of the extra work you do, the more that you will get out of the class. I really liked the artwork, the videos and the slides. Having graded quizzes helped me so much to check my comprehension of the material. This was my first coursera class and I have already signed up for a second. Bravo MoMa, and the same to!

por june b

Jun 03, 2020

This is a well paced, well organised course. It has just the right amount of information, presented both in video and as readings. It has plenty of scope to extend yourself if you want to read more. The assignments are not too difficult but do allow the participants to respond in considerable depth if they wish to. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and thank you for the opportunity to participate.

por U. F F

Apr 11, 2020

A great course to take if you're interested in modern art/abstract art/impressionism/abstract expressionism...The explanations are very precise in crisp videos. Slideshows and all the additional reading material are interesting. I've got many inspiring ideas for my own artwork. This course has made me a better artist - to see the spaces, the identities and the societies that are supposed to create art.

por Pierre O

Feb 26, 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed this course offered by MOMA. The way the MOMA team present their courses is super professional and very creative. Extra care is taken with the films they offer in the course (always) and the extra reading content they offer feels like one's gets special access to their amazing archives and superior knowledge on Art as a whole. Thank you MOMA team, keep up the amazing work!!!

por Daniel C

Aug 17, 2017

I find this course highly enjoyable. It actually urges me to explore further after completing this course. Highly recommended for anyone with or without art background to get a sense and touch to start or pick up. Also good for causal knowledge which may give you enlightenments. Thanks for having this course organized and I really enjoy the learning experience and have much to take home with me.

por Sundip M

Dec 03, 2019

Thank you for creating this course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I learnt about art work I have seen throughout my life however never really spent the time to understand the meaning behind them or the artists. I’ve learnt so much as a result especially about the various themes. The course has also inspired me to join a local art club and I have also picked up a pencil and started sketching again.

por Stephen C

Jan 03, 2017

Excellent. The resources, material, and presentation made this the best course by far of those I have taken. Many years ago, I was an art student that spent a lot of time looking at slides and listening to commentary. Even jaded as such, I found the opportunity to actually learn and share with an International community. I will seek out MOMA educational opportunities as they are superior!

por Raffaella V

Nov 07, 2016

This course has changed the way I approach contemporary art and given me the tools I needed to "look beyond what the eyes can see". I learned about many contemporary artists I did not know before and loved the excellent video lectures. The final peer review assignment is also a great way to wrap up the study and get to know about even more artists. Definitely very enjoyable and recommended.


Apr 29, 2020

It's a great course for people who are interested in art. The course is not trying to set a standard of how you should interpret the artwork, but sharing directions with you to help you better resonate with modern artworks. If you're interested in art, you should definitely try this course. Maybe not necessarily for learning purpose, but for enjoying so many excellent artworks from MoMA.

por Julie C

Jan 03, 2017

This was an excellent course, in terms of both the content and structure. The way the lessons and course material were presented was both interesting and manageable. The questions and final assessment ensured that I understood the concepts and ideas. I feel like I really learnt a lot about many interesting artworks and the ideas and meaning associated with them. Thank you so much.

por Marieta C

Oct 11, 2020

An amazing experience - didn't want it to end.

Gives you a set of tools to really see a piece of art - to look for some around you and re-evaluate everyday objects as an achievement, rather than something that should be taken fro granted.

Captivating lectures, interspersed with the actual artists talking about their pieces.

It was a very pleasant journey! Thank you everyone!

por Cynthia M G

Mar 24, 2020

I learned about New and Old Artists I had never seen before. Their work was very inspirational and very eye opening for me. They touched on a lot of subjects I touch on with my work. This was an amazing experience, the course was well thought out, although I could have done with less of the small print readings on the PDFs, but other than that, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

por veronique j

May 21, 2020

I'm just beginning courses on line,this one was the fourth I took and I must say it's was a great experience.I really enjoyed the material and the fact that I had to provide ideas with photographs for the forum,the exercises like the one with the ready made,it was fun.

And the written reflection and essay were for me a challenge but I'm proud of what I accomplished.

por Neringa B

Jun 20, 2017

Modern Art and Ideas course was an eye-opener for me. I have realised to what extent material and immaterial appearances can sometimes be misleading. Ugly ideas often cloak themselves in resplendent garbs in order to produce an impression of virtue. Meanwhile, beautiful ideas are often those wearing the tattered mantle and being vilified for standing their ground.

por Sofia M

May 26, 2020

I think this course allowed me to learn more about all the different aspects of art, and I think this is quite important because you don't learn it at school. On the whole, the course was well-organized, the themes were presented in a simple but interesting way so you were encouraged to continue studying. I'm totally satisfied by the course "Modern Art & Ideas"!

por ghalib k

Jun 20, 2017

''CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING''. i believe that this simple phrase that i picked up during the course will help me immensely in understanding and appreciating art. instead of immediately rejecting something as art because it isn't visually appealing, i will be more interested in the thoughts and circumstances of the artist at the time of the creation of his/her art.

por Sanchari C

Feb 06, 2020

Every video and slideshow makes the content of this course very very interesting. Before enrolling in this course, I didn't know anything about modern art to the point that I disliked it but with the modules and ideas explored in this course, it was an eye-opening and mind-broadening experience for me. No one should think twice about enrolling in this course.

por Mila S

Jun 18, 2017

Perfect course for understanding Modern Art, the course classifies Modern art not in stiles or time of creation, but in 4 modules based on the theme of the artwork. that helps to learn how to understand, analyze and evaluate the works of art on your own and also provides a lot of very interesting lectures about different works of art, widening your knowledge