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ModPo is a FREE (no fee, no charge) fast-paced introduction to modern and contemporary U.S. poetry, with an emphasis on experimental verse, from Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman to the present. Participants (who need no prior experience with poetry) will learn how to read poems that are supposedly "difficult." We encounter and discuss the poems one at a time. It's much easier than it seems! Join us and try it! ModPo is open all year, so you can enroll now, or any time, and join us. Each year we host a lively, interactive 10-week session, in which we move together through the ten-week syllabus. The next live 10-week session of ModPo will begin on September 3, 2022, and will conclude on November 14, 2022. Al Filreis will be in touch with you by email before the September 3 start of the course with all the information you'll need to participate. If you have questions, you can email the ModPo team any time at Much more information about ModPo can be found at During the 10 weeks of the course, you will be guided through poems, video discussions of each poem, and community discussions of each poem. And (unique among open online courses) we offer weekly, interactive live webcasts. Our famed TAs also offer office hours throughout the week. We help arrange meet-ups and in-site study groups. If you are curious about the ModPo team, type "ModPo YouTube introduction" into Google or your favorite search engine, and watch the 20-minute introductory video. You will get an overview of the course and will meet the brilliant TAs, who will be encountering the poems with you all the way to the end. If you use Facebook, join the always-thriving ModPo group: from inside Facebook, search for "Modern & Contemporary American Poetry" and then request to be added as a member. If you have any questions about ModPo, you can post a question to the FB group and you'll receive an almost instant reply. Much more information about ModPo can be found at . We tweet all year long at @ModPoPenn and you can also find ModPo colleagues using the hashtag #ModPoLive. ModPo is hosted by—and is housed at—the Kelly Writers House at 3805 Locust Walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia USA. All ModPo'ers are welcome to visit the Writers House when they are in our area. Our discussions are filmed there. Our live webcasts take place in the famed "Arts Cafe" of the House. To find out what's going on at the Writers House any time, just dial 215-746-POEM....

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14 de nov. de 2022

This was a wonderful course. I learned more about stylistic devices, close readings of poems, and was introduced to some very fine poet's!


4 de dic. de 2022

This is a great course. The course is very interactive with great discussions and unique insights.


John Wang, PhD CRE MBB

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por Chris T

12 de nov. de 2020

An absolutely brilliant course, which I cannot praise enough. The content was very well thought out and excellently structured from beginning to end. The support and active participation by the lead Professor and his brilliant team of Teaching Assistants and Mentors was truly wonderful. Thanks also to Chris the techie for making sure that the live weekly events worked so well. And thanks to the poets who took part as well.

por Will B

11 de nov. de 2021

This is an amazing, admittedly just short of comprehensive journey through ModPo (no course could cover everybody), though there's definitely plenty here (especially when you venture into ModPo Plus), and the worldwide community of students, TAs, mentors, and poets adds to its stimulation and fellowship. Al Filreis and Laynie Browne and the rest of the gang keep everything running smoothly while keeping you thinking. Wow!

por Charles D

13 de nov. de 2020

I enjoyed working through this ten week course which I found most enjoyable and informative. It has put me in touch with a most valuable poetry community, that has been of enormous help for me. I value the reading material and other sources supplied. I especially liked the two last weeks of the course where I took much pleasure in reading, writing and learning about conceptual poetry. Again many thanks.

Charles D'Anastasi

por Shelly K

13 de nov. de 2021

This class was difficult - however, the readings and videos led me through it and I learned quite a bit. The Professor and TA's were engaged with the students and were quick to respond to any questions or concerns (unlike other Coursera classes). I intend to continue with this class, as others have. I feel prepared to read and write poetry at a higher level than previously. I am grateful to Al, the TAs and the mentors.

por Thelma H

13 de nov. de 2020

I have only praise for this ModPo course.I come away with an understanding poetry that I have never found elsewhere. Probably due to the guided discussion method which is so effective. My only regret is that there was no mention of Elizabeth Bishop`s poems. But this is of course entirely personal. For me the most memorable will be " I dwell in Possibility " and "Via "

Thank you all I shall miss you.

Thelma Heppell

por Sylvia C

7 de nov. de 2021

This is a fantastic course on modern and contemporary poetry. It is in-depth, philosophical, and challenging, yet understandable and accessible, too. The readings, videos, assignments, and interactive nature of the class all work together to provide an amazing educational environment in which students can truly grow in their understanding and appreciation of modern and contemporary poetry.

por Mary C

22 de nov. de 2016

ModPo is the most vibrant MOOC that I have discovered in several years of online learning. This is due to the ongoing passionate, hands on participation of Prof Al Fireis and his team. In my experience, many repeat MOOCS can have a stale, dead atmosphere. Not so here. Always refreshed.

If you have any interest in poetry, new or experienced, you will not be disappointed.

por Jennifer H

14 de abr. de 2020

First, I would like to thank you for allowing the public, during this time of crisis, the ability to further our education! Next, I have enjoyed this course immensely! It's right up my alley, so to speak. as an Author!!

Lastly, I would welcome learning anything from this Teacher as he has successfully kept his audience captivated!!

Thank you! Truly!!


por Barry T

4 de jun. de 2020

I have just enjoyed the course so much, the format and the content. it's a great way to learn and essential to the idea of pedagogy, so eloquently highlighted by Al and the TA's in the final 'workshop' on the Traci Morris poem. It has informed my own poetry and will continue to do so. Many thank to everyone involved in the course. all the best. Barry

por Bríonáin N B

22 de nov. de 2020

Fantastic modern poetry couse with wonderful facilitator, teaching assistants, and guest speakers - quite challenging at times - definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone - but each year brings new insights and increased appreciation - well worth the effort - look forward to SloPo - thanks to Al and all involved - highly recommended!

por Helen R

14 de nov. de 2020

What a great experience, I love to read and create stuff but it has been years since I "formally" studied poetry. ModPo has provided me with a new joyous community experience . Thanks Al, the T.As and my fellow ModPoers who have given feedback , commented and shared in this journey. I will be staying in touch. See you next time!

por Carol G

3 de feb. de 2019

Quite simply, the best MOOC out there, and I've completed many, many courses. Al Filreis and his TAs are exceptional teachers and learners. Mentors work their socks off to create a real global community of learners. The discussion forums are used with generosity and enthusiasm by teachers, learners and mentors.

Thank you so much.

por Esteban R

14 de feb. de 2018

Beautiful course, I'm just going trough week 1 and it's amazing feel so engaged, with the content and the videos, I really appreciate the words and toughs of Al Filreis, and all the Team that is working with him, thank you so much to everybody, I'm not a native English speaker, but here I'm loving this course.

Thank you,


por Sarah

11 de abr. de 2021

The last poetry course I took was as a freshman in college in 1971. This course was not in the same league. I learned more in the first week of ModPo than I did in the entire previous course.

My husband teaches poetry and AP English and he has enjoyed learning alongside me as I am constantly thinking and talking about poetry.

por Alison B

22 de nov. de 2016

ModPo is genuinely one of a kind. This is the only MOOC I know that people continue to return to year after year, despite the content of the course remaining the same (for the most part). The reason for this is the community and level of interaction in the fora-- it is incredible. There is no MOOC like ModPo, far as I know--

por Augoustinos K

23 de nov. de 2016

If you want to live a five star, modern and comprehensive “tale”, ModPo course by Penn University is a perfect way to travel through the pages of American Poetry written by famous poetical names and still alive under the care of Pr. Al reaches to your PC in a fresh and renewed option. “Goal is the right goal”.

por Brian E

13 de nov. de 2016

This is an incredible course. It is online, but feels very personal. Dr. Filreis, though he may reject the term, is a genius. He and his staff have created a thought-provoking poetry community. I would recommend this for beginners, for published poets, for poetry teachers and for everyone in between.

por Zakia S

16 de nov. de 2017

I find this course very extensive. I recommend every one to get enrolled in here. I had started other online courses and regretted that i should have completed those first and then embarked on this one. Now that when the course has gone to its 10 week will i be able to earn a certificate for this one.

por Don C

17 de nov. de 2020

I've learned so much from this course. I went from having a strong interest in poetry to feeling like I have at least the beginning of a robust base of knowledge about the American poetic cannon and some goings-on in the contemporary world of American poetry. Thank you for what you're doing, Al!

por María d C S A

25 de ene. de 2017

This is an extraordinary opportunity to engage with a community of poetry lovers from all over the world. Al Filreis and his team share with the participants in-depth analysis of poems, from Whitman and Dickinson to the wild contemporary experimental authors of our time. You'll never feel alone!

por Nana A A

16 de dic. de 2022

This is an absolutely brilliant and absolutely necessary course.

It so beautifully, and challengingly, and thoughtfully displayed that poetry is more than words and words are more than poetry. And ultimately that poetry is alive and is itself, life.

To all who make ModPo possible, THANK YOU!

por Hariharasudhan R

2 de dic. de 2016

Very well thought. Amazing selection and gives a complete coverage of the subject matter. Amazing amazing TAs and others who accompany Al. A great way to learn American Poetry. The best that's out there. And them giving a completion certificate from UPenn for free is really kind of them.

por Lo W

21 de nov. de 2021

I will be returning again and again to this course for all the ModPo Plus material I could not get to this time around. I wanted to finish on time, but there were times I wanted to ponder a bit more, read more and participate in the forum chats more. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

por Carlos A

13 de abr. de 2022

Disfuté la amplitud de lecturas y autores. Creo que el curso es muy valioso y me ha ayudado a construir mejores lecturas de la poesía norteamericana.

Enjoy the breadth of readings and authors. I think the course is very valuable and has helped me build better readings of American poetry

por Cat M

19 de ene. de 2022

One of the most profound and joyful learning experiences of my life, like walking freely through a superbly curated and tended forest and gathering periodically with many others – some who know the forest intimately and others new to it and everyone in between – to share our findings.