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Mountains 101­­ is a broad and integrated overview of the mountain world. This 12-lesson course covers an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on the physical, biological, and human dimensions of mountain places in Alberta, Canada, and around the world. Specifically, we'll study the geological origins of mountains, how they’re built-up and worn-down over time; we’ll learn about their importance for biodiversity and water cycles, globally and locally; we’ll explore their cultural significance to societies around the globe, and how that relationship has evolved over time; and we’ll learn how mountains are used, how they’re protected, and how today they’re experiencing rapid change in a warming climate. At the end of each lesson, Mountains 101 will also provide learners with some smart tricks -- Tech Tips -- to safely enjoy time in the high alpine environment: from how to pick the best footwear for hiking to making smart decisions in avalanche terrain. We’ll be delivering your online lessons from valley bottoms to mountaintops, from museums and labs, to alpine huts and other spectacular alpine sites, and we’ll do so with the help of a whole host of experts. We invite you to join us for this online adventure! The mountains are calling......

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22 de oct. de 2022

It was a wonderful lerning experience for me. The content was great, the videos and lessessons were very enjoyable and enlightening. Bravo to the teams who created this couse, well done and thank you.


11 de feb. de 2021

Great fun, I really enjoyed this course. Sometimes the dialogue was somewhat repetitive but overall you can see a lot of effort went into finding experts and giving quality, accompanying video clips.

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por Benjamín A G

19 de dic. de 2020

This is great, I´m so grateful for the opportunity to learn so much from such highly qualified experts and teachers. The course is perfectly organized, presenting information and inside on many, if not all, aspects of mountains and human communities around them. I specially enjoyed the lesson on glaciers. As a senior highschool student from Chile, this course has definetly influenced the decisions I am making towards my career and study choices.

por Kristopher A

3 de abr. de 2017

This course was one of the best produced ones that I have seen on Coursera. The production quality of the videos is very professional and they interview experts in many different fields(history, literature, meteorology, biologists, etc.) to provide a very interdisciplinary view on the topic of the course. The quizzes aren't very challenging but they suggested plenty of supplemental material for those that want to learn more about the subject.

por Kimberly F

30 de jul. de 2017

A great course for an intro to mountains! You get a little bit of everything from geology, history, biology, wildlife, culture, evolution and conservation as well as handy tips for hiking in the mountains. The modules were easy to follow, the instructors easy to understand, and each lesson was accompanied by beautiful graphics, and interviews with professionals that helped to make it feel like you were there. Can't wait to take Mountains 201!

por Goh T Y

28 de jun. de 2020

Being from a country with limited mountains, I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I've always loved the outdoors, and this course allowed me to understand mountains better despite not being in close proximity with them. The scientific concepts were clearly explained, and I enjoyed how the course was very interdisciplinary. Being a humanities student myself, I really enjoyed the elaborations on how mountains shaped cultures, literature and art.

por Michelle P

31 de jul. de 2020

A top-notch course that I would highly recommend for everyone. The cross-disciplinary content made the learning process both intriguing and an absolute delight. The material covered was deeply fascinating, with practical tips that anyone can apply. The breathtaking imagery left me totally inspired. I really didn't want this course to end! A big thank you to the Mountains 101 team and the University of Alberta. Got any more up your sleeve?

por Keith P

29 de sep. de 2020

An amazing introduction to what mountains are actually about, beyond their seemingly everlasting beauty and majestic visual power. Their relationship with weather systems, habitats for fauna and flora, peoples and their cultures and economies is truly well presented, described, and explained.

There's a really cool surprise at the end of the course, and the whole journey towards it makes the overall learning experience a time greatly spent.

por Taylor W

5 de ene. de 2021

This course is so insightful across all aspects of mountain education. From the history of mountain communities, excerpts from writers and artists inspired by the monolithic structures, the geography and animals in the mountains, climate change, and all the way to the future plans of re-introducing species into mountainous areas. This course taught me more than I could have imagined there is to learn about mountains. I highly recommend!

por Lawrence S

14 de jul. de 2017

I truly enjoyed the course. It tackles a lot of disciplines from geology to history to social and they introduced relevant experts from those fields. The photos during the videos were also beautiful and they provided a pleasant experience while the instructors were discussing. This course is well developed and well produced and I consider one of the best MOOCs I have taken so far. Congratulations to the team for this magnificent work!

por Ophelia

3 de oct. de 2017

I found the course to be informative with just the right amount of difficulty, requiring me to pay close attention to the lectures and those interviewed. I was amazed over how much I learned and the absolute necessity of mountains and the ecosystem!

I commend the lecturers and the interviewees for their obvious devotion and commitment to the preservation of mountains and their habitats.

Without hesitation I give the course 5 Stars!

por Anita B

17 de dic. de 2021

I've always loved being in the mountains, family road trips in my youth and my Dad's love of nature help built this love. This course was phenomenal, I learned so much more of the importance of protecting and preserving our Earth. I may even take this course again in the future, I've also been telling my friends and family to check it out as well!

So anyone reading this review and contemplating this course, I highly recommend it!

por Dar M

28 de ene. de 2017

This was such a wonderful and informative course. I love the mountains and travel frequently around the world to experience mountains in other places as much as I can. The videos were put together wonderfully with different speakers and resources, such a great collaborative effort. Education and awareness is so important for sustainability. I also really enjoyed the interactive maps and tech tips. Really great course all around.

por Marie S

11 de sep. de 2020

Mountains 101 is an excellent interdisciplinary survey of every subject about the mountains. The instructors delivered interesting, easy to understand lectures, which were accompanied by entertaining videos, particularly of the Canadian Rockies. Can't wait to get out on the trails again to explore some more, learn more in nature's inviting laboratory, and check out some of the many references they recommended. Thank you!

por Peyton S

10 de dic. de 2021

I found this course very helpful and useful. I live and work on a mountain and I didn't realize how much a mountain can affect the environment and the people that are high up on the mountain. It was a great course and I loved seeing all the different types of mountains and what each and every mountains does differently to the environment around them. Thank you for making this course I really learned a lot and enjoyed it!

por Priscilla C

25 de mar. de 2021

There are a lot of information unpacked in this course, very detailed. I appreciate the mountain hiking tips in almost every lesson and the organized notes that help study. I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the mountains as well as the science behind it. This course looked at mountain in all different angles and aspects and provide a complex understanding. I love it and I think many mountain lovers will like it as well.

por Ramyashree A H

22 de abr. de 2020

Wonderful couse!! I am a postgraduate (M.Tech) student from India. In high school I was very much interested in geography. I would like to mark places on my country map and world map. I chose engineering because I love maths and physics. But topics like geography, history, sports etc are my subjects of happiness and curiosity. I don't study them as my subjects, rather I enjoy watching videos in free time. Thank you !!!


19 de may. de 2022


por Cole M

12 de may. de 2020

As an Environmental Sciences student, now employed with Parks Canada as an intern, I see huge benefits of the information I've been able to absorb from this course. Relative knowledge reinforced, and confidence to take on more of the mountain terrains. I feel that this course has given me more than just the taught information, but installed a deeper respect for our mountainous regions and all the life within them.

por Dawn S

16 de jun. de 2020

This was an awesome course! Filled with insight and beauty and an appreciation for Canada and its stance on conservation! The professors both kept me captivated and I enjoyed every lesson and seeing your PM at the end was awesome! I am going to miss this course but I have gained so much by taking it thank you for giving me an even greater appreciation for the mountains, in my eyes they are the footstools for God.

por David D

5 de jun. de 2019

An outstanding applied geography of mountains that deals with the physical, ecological, and human dimensions, with practical advice on how to experience mountains firsthand. The course makes great use of current and historical photography, diagrams, animations, pop-quizes during recorded lectures, and interactive maps. It sets a high bar for self-paced courses in terms of content, pacing, and use of the platform.

por Eric V

2 de ene. de 2023

Growing up in the West Kootenays and having lived and worked in Jasper National Park, Yukon Territory and now SW Ontario - I very much enjoyed a higher level of understanding about the place I call home. The amount of travel from Vancouver to Castlegar and vice versa as well as Castlegar to Calgary and Edmonton providesa true sense of stewardship. Thank you for creating this course and sharing it with the world.

por J W

26 de ene. de 2022

Fascinating look at the many facets of mountains around the world, including the geology, history, impact on local climate, influence of mountain climate on humans, glaciers, importance as a watershed, biodiversity and adaptations of plants and wildlife, climate change, pressures on mountains due to tourism and more. Really enjoyable course with some stunning photos of mountains as a backdrop. Thank you.

por Stephen B

24 de ago. de 2020

Such a fantastic course!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it. The instructors are excellent, the material interesting and well presented and the interactive maps and tech tips added much to the learning and experience of the course. The images and interviews with various subject matter experts added to the quality of learning. I am sad to have finished the course because it has been so enjoyable.

por Blake F

26 de ago. de 2020

The course is super comprehensive and leaves you with an overall greater appreciation for the majesty of our planets mountains, and the processes that occur within their ecosystems. Not only do you feel more knowledgeable about the ecological processes of mountains and their formation, but the course also gives you a broad range of perspectives when it comes to living in and adapting to mountain life.

por Richard E

11 de abr. de 2020

Very educational survey course for non-Science majors. No complaints as I knew what I was getting into. It would be interesting for me to attend a follow-up course with some Geochemistry, Math, and computing skills (Python, R, SQL, etc.) required. Excellent presentation of issues related to human activity and various cultures. Quite educational. References provided for deeper dives. Recommended!

por Gordon W

17 de jul. de 2017

Amazing Course! Interesting and Eye-opening course of mountains. The courses touches on many different aspect of mountains, which I very enjoyed. As well as a bonus, I got to learn about many different mountains across the world and lots of tips for travelling and hiking in the mountains (which I plan to do in the near future, after seeing how beautiful and magnificent they are from this course)!