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Neural Networks and Deep Learning,

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If you want to break into cutting-edge AI, this course will help you do so. Deep learning engineers are highly sought after, and mastering deep learning will give you numerous new career opportunities. Deep learning is also a new "superpower" that will let you build AI systems that just weren't possible a few years ago. In this course, you will learn the foundations of deep learning. When you finish this class, you will: - Understand the major technology trends driving Deep Learning - Be able to build, train and apply fully connected deep neural networks - Know how to implement efficient (vectorized) neural networks - Understand the key parameters in a neural network's architecture This course also teaches you how Deep Learning actually works, rather than presenting only a cursory or surface-level description. So after completing it, you will be able to apply deep learning to a your own applications. If you are looking for a job in AI, after this course you will also be able to answer basic interview questions. This is the first course of the Deep Learning Specialization....

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por JP

Feb 12, 2018

I would love some pointers to additional references for each video. Also, the instructor keeps saying that the math behind backprop is hard. What about an optional video with that? Otherwise, awesome!

por MH

Jun 30, 2018

Very good course to start Deep learning. But you need to have the basic idea first. I would suggest to do the Stanford Andrew Ng Machine Learning course first and then take this specialization courses

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por Oukaci

Dec 13, 2018

Very nice courses , Thanks you so much !!

por Abdul Rehman

Dec 13, 2018

Awesome explanations and course outline.

por Erez Katzenelson

Dec 13, 2018

The course elaborates on the mathematical background of the computational methods used for machine learning, as well as demonstrates how this learning is done in practice. However, implementing the code in the exercises, I often felt I just need to "fill in the missing part" in a greater scheme built for me, in a way that sometimes diverted me from dealing and comprehending what exactly is going on in the code.

por Sasank Amavarapu

Dec 13, 2018

The assignments could have been a little less technical.

por Dharam

Dec 13, 2018


por PK Mozumder

Dec 13, 2018

Excellent step-up through deep-learning networks. I am especially pleased to see the impact of multiple layers that combine features into complex patterns to do complex modeling/learning.

por Somex Kumar Gupta

Dec 13, 2018

this course helped me in getting the internal mechanism of neural network

por Cyprien Henry

Dec 12, 2018

The course content is great, Andrew as always is very good at teaching). The exercices in the notebooks are a bit disappointing: for some of them, they are really cumbersome and repetitive.

por kishore

Dec 12, 2018

very well explained

por zhiyong wei

Dec 12, 2018

Very nice course, I wish I started this earlier