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Fechas límite flexibles
Restablece las fechas límite en función de tus horarios.
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Semana 1

1 hora para completar

Specialization Introduction - Communication for Engineers

1 hora para completar
3 videos (Total 8 minutos), 4 lecturas
3 videos
Meet the Professor - Dr. Gayle Moran2m
Introduction to Specialization4m
4 lecturas
Course Icon Legend10m
Required Materials and Other Info10m
Personal Communication Improvement Plan - Introduction3m
Pre-Course Survey10m
1 hora para completar

Course Introduction - Oral Communication for Engineering Leaders

1 hora para completar
1 video (Total 3 minutos), 4 lecturas
4 lecturas
General Course Information10m
Capstone Real-Life Presentation Assignment - Introduction5m
Discussion Forum Guidelines10m
Accessibility and Accommodations Statement10m
3 horas para completar

Week 1: Introduction and Communication Strategy: It Is All About Audience and Purpose

3 horas para completar
6 videos (Total 15 minutos), 1 lectura, 3 cuestionarios
6 videos
Communication Strategy2m
Who Is Your Audience?5m
What Do You Want From Your Audience?1m
What Do You Want Your Audience to Remember?2m
Choosing Medium2m
1 lectura
Personal Communication Improvement Plan - Week 115m
1 ejercicio de práctica
End of Module 1 Quiz8m

Semana 2

6 horas para completar

Week 2: Presentations: What to Say so that Your Audience Listens

6 horas para completar
8 videos (Total 37 minutos), 5 lecturas, 5 cuestionarios
8 videos
How to Develop and Organize Content4m
Pyramid Building Demonstration3m
Inductive vs Deduction1m
Key Presentation Elements, Part 17m
Key Presentation Elements, Part 26m
Principles of Persuasion5m
Storytelling Power6m
5 lecturas
Analyze Steve Job's Presentation20m
Drone Pyramid - Build Your Own Logical Pyramid for a Presentation30m
Reading from Engineers Journal10m
Samples of Presentation Openings10m
Personal Communication Improvement Plan - Week 215m
3 ejercicios de práctica
Steve's iPod Presentation Structure15m
Drone Pyramid Excercise5m
Module 2 Quiz8m

Semana 3

5 horas para completar

Week 3: Creating Visual Support: A Picture Is Worth a Lot of Words

5 horas para completar
6 videos (Total 32 minutos), 3 lecturas, 3 cuestionarios
6 videos
Supporting Visuals, Part 17m
Supporting Visuals, Part 25m
Showing Complex Data9m
More Data Visualization Options3m
Beyond PPT... Prezi, Infographics3m
3 lecturas
How to Present Data30m
Examples of Animated Infographics5m
Personal Communication Improvement Plan - Week 315m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 3 Quiz8m

Semana 4

5 horas para completar

Week 4: How to Speak so that Your Audience Listens

5 horas para completar
5 videos (Total 22 minutos), 6 lecturas, 3 cuestionarios
5 videos
Present Like a Professional, Part 17m
Present like a Professional, Part 25m
How to Coordinate a Team Presentation4m
Answering Questions, Prep, and Rehearsing3m
6 lecturas
Activities to Practice Professional Stance10m
Activities to Practice Purposeful Gestures10m
Activities to Practice Effective Voice10m
Activities to Practice Engaging Eye Contact10m
Optional - Apps to Practice Public Speaking10m
Personal Communication Improvement Plan - Week 415m
1 ejercicio de práctica
Module 4 Quiz8m



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Acerca de Programa especializado: Communication Skills for Engineers

Build a toolkit of communication skills that will give you the knowledge and confidence to be an effective engineering leader. Engineers who want to advance in their profession need to be effective communicators. They need to clearly communicate complex ideas and technical project plans. They also need to be strong persuaders. Engineers who are good communicators get recognized by their supervisors and by their clients. In this three-course Specialization, you will practice designing and giving strong, persuasive presentations; you will learn how to communicate across cultures, genders, and generations, how to create your personal brand and leadership presence, how to hold effective meetings with global teams; you will learn how to handle difficult conversations, and how to handle crisis communication; you will also learn writing skills immediately applicable in your daily activities. Courses are taught by faculty from the Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL). RCEL is focused on developing engineering leaders at the Rice University’s George R. Brown School of Engineering. It is home to one of a very few academically approved Certificates in Engineering Leadership....
Communication Skills for Engineers

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