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In this course -- through a combination of video lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice -- you’ll learn about the main components of an operating system and how to perform critical tasks like managing software and users, and configuring hardware. By the end of this course you’ll be able to: ● navigate the Windows and Linux filesystems using a graphical user interface and command line interpreter ● set up users, groups, and permissions for account access ● install, configure, and remove software on the Windows and Linux operating systems ● configure disk partitions and filesystems ● understand how system processes work and how to manage them ● work with system logs and remote connection tools ● utilize operating system knowledge to troubleshoot common issues in an IT Support Specialist role...

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27 de dic. de 2020

This course was very informative and challenging. I really appreciate the way the course was put together. It would be ore helpful if the links to the readings were from material other than Wikipedia.


27 de nov. de 2021

Great course, lots of very challenging and useful information. You'll learn about Linux and some of the inner workings of Windows, plus lots of tools and programs that are really useful. Great course!

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31 de may. de 2022


por Wyatt D

3 de oct. de 2021


por Ryan B

30 de ago. de 2020


por addison m a

21 de feb. de 2018


por Luke P

27 de sep. de 2021

The teacher was really good and well-spoken, and I could understand a lot of what was being said to me. The issues came in during some of the Qwiklab assignments, which I noticed a lot of other people were having problems with. Some of them were well put together, but others loaded too slowly, gave errors, or just didn't respond to what I did. I have a good computer, so the program running slowly is definitely not my fault. One issue I had (that other reviewers also seemed to encounter) is sometimes the loading times could take up to 10 minutes. Remember, these are timed quizzes. If they consistently load slowly, you could end up running out the timer, and if it's a prominent enough issue, it may make it outright impossible for you to complete the course. Make sure you have a good computer if you plan on taking this. In one of the Qwiklab assignments, I had to put in around 8 or so detailed commands in a row. The first several commands didn't give any output, so I had no way of knowing if I did something wrong. Then, one of the commands just didn't work. I literally spent the entire hour time limit trying to get it to work, then I read other reviews of that lab where people said they couldn't get it to work, either. This command is detrimental to completing the lab, so if you wind up in that situation, you just have to accept losing points for that portion of it. Another issue with the Qwiklab assignments is that they threaten to ban you if you deviate from what you're supposed to do. I can't speak for everyone on this, but this made me really anxious to do anything because I felt that if I did one small thing wrong, I would be banned and unable to complete the course. They should definitely be more specific about things like that. All in all, the Qwiklab quizzes were the only major issues I had with this course. The information was put together well enough, and it was nice to learn more about operating systems like Windows and Linux. You will definitely learn a lot here, just be prepared for possible technical issues.

por Rosemary P

15 de sep. de 2019

It was very dense and could have been two courses.

I am experience GUI user and haven't worked in Linux or PowerShell and the pace felt overwhelming. The instructor was very intelligent and very experienced; I just wished the course was geared to beginners in writing commands. I felt like she would gloss over REALLY important things and spend time on things that were important but not vital to building a solid foundation of knowledge. she would switch back and forth between Windows and Linux muddying (in my mind) which commands were used in each. I know that there is a quite a bit of overlap but I think that I would have found it more helpful to focus on one and then focus on the other one. Also, if she could have paused to let the viewer see the command that she was writing before hitting enter which in most cases made the command disappear. The transcript wasn't helpful with the grammar of the commands. The readings would have been more helpful if the foundation of concepts had been established better.

I also had issue with the labs: Weeks 1-5 were too easy, where the answers were given to you and then in Week 6, you were basically on your own. I first weeks needed to be more challenging before giving you barely any instruction on Week 6's labs. In Week 6's labs, it would have been nice to have feedback on which ones were completed correctly and which ones needed more study.

por Edward K

31 de may. de 2022

Don't attempt this course without some prior knowledge of Powershell and Linux command line. I recommend "The Linux Command Line, A Complete Introduction" by Willaim Shotts (No Starch Press) , the first 100 pages, and "Learn Windows Powershell in a Month of Lunches", 3rd edition, by Don Jones and Jeffery Hicks, Manning Publishers, (especially the chapters on Help and commands). I know that these books are expensive, but they are well worth their expense. Without these books I would never have completed the course.

The initial lectues are too fast paced and with too much material to be learned effectively. The course should be expanded into a 8 or 12 week course. Also, more emphasis on explaining what the various command do would be helpful. And this is important! A dictionary of the commands used in the lectures for each week and how the commands work would help the student .

The Qwiklabs are a work in progress. For example, on my last successful attempt to comlete the final Windows Lab, the screen froze. I decided to end the lab, because I already had enough points to pass the lab.

por Emilio G

19 de oct. de 2020

I enjoyed the course, and I think the information will be definitely very usefull , however , I think this course (and the whole IT support program) will benefit with a.. lot more... pedagogic approach to it . It would be great if is explained before each topic, how this can be used in a real life scenario, why are we learning this specific skill. This will help to spark more interest in the topic and to remembering it a lot better.

During and/or at the end of topics , provide a couple of real life examples of problems that we can apply this skill to and how to do it. also there there is a need for many excersices along the way to practice so we can undestand and remember the information better. for example, just mentioning a command once or twice, its very difficult to remember it and even less to really understand it, mostly when its brand new information (someone who has never use anything similar).

I realize this would make the course a little longer, but it would be TOTALLY WOTH IT . ;) ... just my two cents.

por Mark A

4 de may. de 2020

like all the courses i had a lot of trouble just accessing the linux lab with my chromebook. The instructions are incomplete in the labs and led to countless hours spent with help desk staff just trying to enter or setup the lab.....ultimately the solution was very simple but after countless hours, trying six or seven times just trying to get either cloudshell or secureshell up and running to do a simple lab, a helpdesk person gave me a simple bit of information which had i known a month ago could have saved me hours of headaches.

The course was ok but i found the instructor would just breathe past command lines too quickly, moving on before i could really absorb what she was saying. A bit more explanation and a slower pace at times would have been helpful. Also a bit more explanation of the spacing in command lines would have been nice. She often typed commands without explaining why or how to place flags., the need to space everything correctly.

por Daniel P

4 de ago. de 2018

Too many things were glossed over very quickly. There were many topics where there were multiple solutions to an issue and one or two options were given but more were suggested by the instructor saying " there are other ways but we'll talk about them in a later course" only for them never to be brought up again. Very heavy preference was given to explaining topics in Windows PowerShell, and granted most companies do rely on them more than Linux or macOS machines but to spend 90% of the time on Windows and then get the "it works the same way on Linux" and macOS ignored I find dismissive. With more companies switching away from Windows based IT due to higher IT support costs, I find it a bit narrow minded to take this approach. I still do find the course informative and am glad to be apart of the program.

por Dana A

25 de jun. de 2022

L​ove the instruction - clear, concise, understandable. Would be helpful for labs to immediately follow the instruction to apply knowledge in practice rather than at the end.

Final assessment 2 issues: Completed Windows lab processes (per clear instructions) but no idea how it was graded and where anything was missed. Linux (I found much easier to use) did not specify what file needed what process update or instruction = no instruction for the specific file provided. Ex. Going back to week 3 lab referred to installing Atom - the assessment lab was not asking for this but updating a file using apt update, apt full-upgrade and where none of the 4 files were specified to be updated. Unclear instruction at the end resulted in good understanding throughout and, unfortunately, 'A' grades being abandoned.

por Nathaniel S

12 de sep. de 2019

I really had a lot of difficulty with the labs especially the last linux lab in the course. I'm not sure if it's just that I am new to using command line or if they are actually not very instructional, although I have read about others in the forum having trouble with them. All in all even though I was having trouble with them it made me work in the CLI more so maybe it's good? I did end up passing. It however was not an enjoyable experience and made me dislike using linux CLI so I think that should be looked at because I do think the unpleasantness came from the labs and the instructions not from using linux. I get that the last lab was meant for us to figure it out on our own but I think it could use more guidance.

por Salvador D

20 de nov. de 2020

However helpful and interesting, there are many gaps here and there, but even more worrying is its structure, which in some point things seem to be all over the place, taking you from the obvious to rather complex things without any warning or even getting you off guard, specially if, like myself, you are totally new to many of the modern concepts of computing. The course should, on my humble opinion, keep this in mind, and try to take beginners "by the hand", at least for the most basic and important concepts, so that they get a strong basics foundation from where they can start building on and expand their new knowledge...

por Wayne B

27 de jun. de 2018

While I do like challenges and this course definitely presented one, I felt as though more detailed instructions and/or interactive labs instead of the usual quiz would help people gain a much better understanding. Supplemental readings on the various command lines in PowerShell and Linux can be overwhelming and I know many people struggled with the final tests. I am hopeful that the course administrators will someday utilize the virtual machines more so that you can effectively practice alongside what is being presented to you in the videos. Overall, I'm glad I was able to make it through with persistence!

por John M

18 de sep. de 2019

Good course, very technical; almost a little too technical due to its overall lack of context. It was all quite interesting, but it was difficult finding the jumping off point at course two where the content picked up in course three...there seemed to be some kind of in-between course missing.

Also, the weekly qwiklabs would do better to build off each other while repeating more knowledge over again (i.e. week one = task A; week two = tasks A and B; week three = tasks A, B, and C, etc.) , than just jumping from topic to topic with a large wrap-up of everything at the end.


John Marshall

por Sophie R

11 de may. de 2022

I experienced a bug in the Windows-VM-based labs, and no one I contacted in support was able to help me. I ended up accidentally figuring out a solution myself (I had to continuously press the ALT key in order to get my typed text to show up in PowerShell).

I guess that is on-brand for a tech support certification, but it is unsettling to me when I think of how I have already put $500+ into this certification and no one could help me ensure that I hadn't just thrown that money away. It makes me less likely to trust Coursera with a significant investment of funds in the future.

por Kristin H

17 de may. de 2021

I really wish there were more practice problems using command lines and linux. I had a difficult time grasping those concepts by watching. For those instances I think doing would be more appropriate since in the work environment it'll all be hands on. I think there should be hands on assignments in every module so that when it's time to do the graded assessments the students have a better understanding. Concepts were fine, but having to go through notes and remember how to type out lines was frustrating and made the end of course assessments more difficult.

por Stacy G

12 de jun. de 2019

A pretty nice introductory course to the Linux OS, terminal and Windows PowerShell/other admin utilities!

Nothing is particularly difficult if you have been exposed to basic troubleshooting in either of these systems for some time.

Some of the labs are a little clunky and mostly just review what you just watched the instructor do, rather than explore deeper into the principles. That is to say, they don't really push the boundaries of your knowledge. They are still good learning exercises if you're not the type to usually "follow along" with learning videos.

por Rachel H

14 de ene. de 2020

I learned a lot in this course but it was very hard to see what the instructor was typing into the command line much of the time. Sometimes she read the command aloud and that helped a lot. Other times I had to pause, rewind, pause, and repeat several times to catch the command. This is especially true for Linux. I also found that most of the commands ended up being useless in regards to the tests and final. I ended up just googleling how to do what the tests asked me to do and then using those commands instead because the course ones didn't work.

por Roza I M

28 de may. de 2022

T​he instructor was great, the material is important, interesting and good for a beginner. the labs are, well sometimes they absolutely don't work, sometimes they have misleading instructions, sometimes you just have to copy and paste things and don't learn anything because the previous videos never even mentioned the commands you have to use, and they don't explain it either in the lab. my favorite is the last lab, were you have to remember the command from the first course, because if you try what you've learned in this course, it won't work.

por Brandon M

8 de abr. de 2021

I enjoyed this course, an equal amount of time was spent on various topics, but a significant amount of practice will be required to master these skills. I am fortunate to have experience with system and user administration so it was a great refresher course. There were faults with the Qwiklabs exercises during week 3, that support was not able to resolve. Then in week 5 I was referred to week 3 to complete a task so the material was out of date and Coursera was not helpful, they quickly dismissed me to qwiklabs with no sympathy whatsoever.

por Stacey J F

11 de nov. de 2021

As a first time to be introduced to Linux I feel that the course was not detailed enough. When I got to the final lab I struggled with the correct syntax and when I tried to revisit the courses what was needed was not clear. It seemed that the lab was asking me to do things that were failing, with the Windows one I was unable to update the software, and I tried many different ways. With the Linux lab I completed all of the 5 requirements and still was only able to get 80% and I am unsure why or what I was doing wrong.

por Eric M

4 de nov. de 2020

Far too much for a beginner to remember well enough to finish in under one hour. I can't help but wonder if this might be a 'bottleneck' where a lot of students get hopelessly stuck and lost and are forced to give up. I appreciate y'all's efforts, it's just that repetition is the mother of all learning, and these tasks were only touched upon. Even if the course has to be made longer, it's vital to guide beginners through a lot of repetition and practice before expecting them to do a lab such as this. Thank you

por Jeffrey C

3 de mar. de 2022

A decent intro course, but don't expect to have mastered anything when finished. The course doesn't offer enough challenges and opportunities to practice what it teaches. The week 6 lab was how all the labs should have been. It gives you an opportunity to apply the lessons being taught in an enviroment that doesn't completely spoon feed you everything and allows you to play and experiement. This course could be so much more, but unfortunately decides to appeal to everyone and keep it on easy mode.

por Michael K R

25 de abr. de 2018

It was OK. The Windows labs frankly made it a pretty miserable experience. From logging in frustrations to actual frustrations with the way the labs failed constantly. I realize that this is an entry level course but it seemed like most of the meat of the course was in the readings and not covered in the lectures. It really should be labelled Becoming a Basic Problem Solver not a power user. I enjoy these courses but this one, not so much.