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Volver a Revolutionary Ideas: Utility, Justice, Equality, Freedom

Revolutionary Ideas: Utility, Justice, Equality, Freedom, Universidad de Pensilvania

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What is the purpose of government? Why should we have a State? What kind of State should we have? Even within a political community, there may be sharp disagreements about the role and purpose of government. Some want an active, involved government, seeing legal and political institutions as the means to solve our most pressing problems, and to help bring about peace, equality, justice, happiness, and to protect individual liberty. Others want a more minimal government, motivated, perhaps, by some of the disastrous political experiments of the 20th Century, and the thought that political power is often just a step away from tyranny. In many cases, these disagreements arise out of deep philosophical disagreements. All political and legal institutions are built on foundational ideas. In this course, we will explore those ideas, taking the political institutions and political systems around us not as fixed and unquestionable, but as things to evaluate and, if necessary, to change. We will consider the ideas and arguments of some of the world’s most celebrated philosophers, including historical thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Immanuel Kant, Mary Wollstonecraft, and John Stuart Mill; and more contemporary theorists such as Elizabeth Anderson, Isaiah Berlin, Thomas Christiano, Frantz Fanon, Amy Gutmann, Friedrich Hayek, Robert Nozick, Martha Nussbaum, Julius Nyerere, Ayn Rand, John Rawls, Peter Singer, and Kok-Chor Tan. The aim of the course is not to convince you of the correctness of any particular view or political position, but to provide you with a deeper and more philosophically-informed basis for your own views, and, perhaps, to help you better understand the views of those with whom you disagree....

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por SD

Mar 04, 2017

I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. The lecturer was good, and structured the topics and lectures well so that topics were disclosed in a gradual and logical manner. I looked forward to part 2!

por TB

Jun 24, 2016

Would recommend this course to anyone living during this time as it explores what's true for ALL humans and forces you to think critically about how we can ALL become our best selves

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53 revisiones

por ehab al othman

Jan 07, 2019


por Jacques Pierre Trigo Loubiere

Oct 02, 2018

El curso fue excelente.

por Maxime Pasquier

Jun 01, 2018

An intersting content.

I really appreciate it

por Alexandre Soares

May 01, 2018

Very cool course with clear lectures and readings.

por Hugo Reinhard

Apr 10, 2018


por Fizza Batool

Apr 04, 2018

While the topic was great and I like the assignments, the lecture were too lengthy and lacked interactivity. The lectures need to be divided into smaller ones, there was too much repetitive talk which could be avoided and the mentor ought to work on keeping the focus intact.

por Marcelo Horge

Mar 10, 2018

This course is excelent! Answering the question of "why should we have a state" it explores the traditional lines of thought: utility, justice, equality and freedom.

The whole course is nothing less than a complete discipline one would take a semester to conclude.

There is a lot of reading to be done, and the explanations are very clear and precise.

Professor Alexander Guerrero explanations are perfect to be understood even by non-native english speakers.

por Effrosyni Pitsalidou

Feb 28, 2018

Thought provoking course, offering a wide view on a plethora of philosophical/political theories. Interesting assignments, yet the peer-review system can in fact prove to be troublesome (free-riders undermining the procedure). Really enjoyed it, ready to go for part 2! :)

por Ove Junne

Feb 24, 2018

Very very relevant.

por Daniel Supertramp

Nov 15, 2017

Great course with high level of content. It was fun and exciting to learning more about the ideas and concepts of freedom, equality, justice, and the role of the state in all of this. Thank you very much for this great MOOC