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Volver a estructuras de datos de python

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This course will introduce the core data structures of the Python programming language. We will move past the basics of procedural programming and explore how we can use the Python built-in data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples to perform increasingly complex data analysis. This course will cover Chapters 6-10 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. This course covers Python 3....
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7 de oct. de 2017

assignment 9.4 auto grader not working .

LTI unable to launch.

error message: This tool should be launched from a learning system using LTI.

i am using chrome on mac book air 2 and python 3.6


23 de jul. de 2020

Excellent explanation. Professor Charles kept the course from being monotonous. Learnt in depth about reading from file, sorting dictionaries and appending lists. Looking forward to learn more courses

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por Prabuddha D B

9 de nov. de 2020

If you know bit of python it may seems easy. But I assure Dr. Charles covers the very essential many forgets to teach, i.e. how you should approach a problem and think like a programmer, If you follow along bit by bit you are entering to programming world with good foundation.

por Vik M

1 de dic. de 2019

Another useful course made easy to understand by professor Charles Severance. Important fundamentals that will prepare you for future programming courses. I highly recommend continuing with this specialization before going onto more advanced topics, certifications, or degrees.

por Mariah N

15 de ene. de 2017

This course is very challenging, but I am enjoying the process of learning this material. Sometimes I feel it is overwhelming, but researching other videos on YouTube really helps me out sometimes. I am so proud of what I have accomplished thus far! I can't wait to keep going!

por Josephine C

18 de ene. de 2021

I love Dr. Chuck's Python for Everybody Course. It is so encouraging and wonderful, there's something about it that makes you feel you are capable of proceeding forward. And then you realize, little by little it becomes a lot. I am looking forward to Part 3 of the course now!

por Vivek T

19 de sep. de 2019

This was the most interesting course that I have taken. I had learnt so many things and trust me Dr. Chuck is the best teacher in the world. I loved that course and my learning has been increased after taking this course. Thank you so much Chuck sir. I would like to meet you.

por Sunny Y

21 de jul. de 2019

Excellent course that provides basic knowledge about data structures. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who has no programming experience and want to learn Python. Dr. Chuck is great teacher who has the ability to teach hard concept in an interesting and easy manner.

por Jesus G

13 de ene. de 2018

Very productive way to learn how to get data from not structured sources.

As as second course I learned how to get important data from not structured source of information, so far I Think I already have the knowledge to start developing my own tools for boost my productivity.

por James B

26 de oct. de 2017

The pace set by Prof. Chuck is perfect for each topic as the course progresses. This is an extremely well designed and accessible method of learning Python. The ability to go at one's own speed as time permits is invaluable. I'm excited to keep going in the specialization.

por A. Z

9 de feb. de 2017

I completed the second course of the 5-course specialization! I can do more! I really like HP and the graduation ceremony part. I've never been to an American style graduation ceremony before. This is my first time! Thank you Dr. Severance for providing this wonderful course.

por Mette N C

9 de sep. de 2021

Dr. Chuck has become my idol of online teaching. He is able to connect with the student even though it is just a video recording. The combination of videos, exercises, and worked exercises works really well. I have learned a lot - about programming and about online teaching.

por Farnaz Z

18 de jul. de 2021

This course was challenging for me, but i got to learn from Mr. Chucks. As he mentioned, we should keep on learning, I would continue to do so and someday I wanna look back and say that it would be possible without Mr. Chucks. This course is an awesome place to start coding.

por Muhammad R

22 de oct. de 2020

if you're new and want to learn data structures this is one of the best python data structures course Dr chuck not just teach you syntax he teaches how to actually use brain and solve problems looking forward to enroll in other Dr chuck python for everybody courses Thanks :)

por Rahul R

4 de ago. de 2020

Concepts were new to me and required interest as well as persistence to complete. Dr. Chuck's beautifully organised lectures and the way he taught certainly helped me become better at the concepts day by day and I'm no longer afraid of computer science! I love Python! Sssss!

por NISA Z

21 de jun. de 2020

very good course with clear explanation, examples, and guidance, thank you very much for the lesson so now i would be able to at least doing a code in python as I never touch it before.. hopefully I could continue my study in this specialization course until the last course.

por Aviral S

28 de jul. de 2019

Best in class course, materials and other stuff, Dr.Chuck is really a man of intellect and fun, which makes his lectures even more interactive and motivating. These types of teachers is of what world need right now. Great work, to all those involved in making of this course.

por Deepak K

20 de oct. de 2018

It was a fantastic course. I learned a lot from it. After completing the first course in this specialization, all the concepts were cleared and hence, part 2 was easy to understand. Charles Severance sir is an awesome teacher who explains the concepts very clearly. Cheers !!

por Ling J

21 de abr. de 2021

I absolutely love every single Dr. Chuck's course. To be honest, I have taken numerous Python courses, only Dr.Chuck's course makes sense to me. He is able to make all the materials easier to understand. I highly recommend his course to all the true beginners just like me.

por Emmanuel M O

29 de mar. de 2021

This is a great course. I leaned a lot about retrieving, crunching and processing it, to retrieve useful or needed information, I also learned how to how to choose the right data structure which is memory efficient and consumes less resources for any specific task at hand.

por Talha Y

5 de ago. de 2020

The course was very well designed in it's approach to teaching data structures and subsequently putting them to use in such a way that you would exert yourself in thinking how to solve problems, but at the same time the material you covered would still prove to be helpful.


25 de may. de 2020

One can enjoy by learning in this course. When I started this specialization I knew nothing about programming but now I am can say that I am better than beginner and by continuing this specialization I may not be an Expert but I am sure that I reach the Intermediate stage.

por Deleted A

5 de may. de 2020

During the previous course, I wished it was a little more challenging but this course was perfect in my opinion. I do wish number of exercises was more so we get more practice. But other than that, Dr. Chuck is a great instructor and his explanation works very well for me.

por Abhijeet B

19 de sep. de 2019

This course is really interesting and engaging . It will make you test your understanding about the course in a deeper way. Keep your Ears open and concentrate on the assignments. You will fail, hit hard but you will definitely come back with flying colors. Thanks Dr Chuck

por Anirvan R

12 de ago. de 2018

Dr Chuck has been nice, crisp and playful and was able to make me understand every topic, he is the best a professor can be. I personally would recommend anyone interested for this can take this up. It'll surely help. Looking forward to meeting him soon in the next course.

por Jiayu L

9 de dic. de 2020

I am so glad that I took this course. The speach that Dr. Chuck at the very end of the course, in the wrapup video, makes me feel so related. Thanks alot for this course and for the suggestion of "Keep learning", that's eaxactly how I feel after working for several years!

por rishabh r

21 de oct. de 2019

This course enhances and develops your data structures skills and knowledge in python programming language. Dr. Chugg is the best mentor to teach this course and he makes every concepts and problems to understand in a very creative way. I love his methodology of teaching.