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This course provides a rigorous introduction to the R programming language, with a particular focus on using R for software development in a data science setting. Whether you are part of a data science team or working individually within a community of developers, this course will give you the knowledge of R needed to make useful contributions in those settings. As the first course in the Specialization, the course provides the essential foundation of R needed for the following courses. We cover basic R concepts and language fundamentals, key concepts like tidy data and related "tidyverse" tools, processing and manipulation of complex and large datasets, handling textual data, and basic data science tasks. Upon completing this course, learners will have fluency at the R console and will be able to create tidy datasets from a wide range of possible data sources....

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25 de dic. de 2018

Very Very Rigorous Course for a beginner on R language and because of its nature, after completing just one course, I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge and also familiarity with R language.

17 de jun. de 2019

A very good course to read and get the valuable content of R language. This is for the students who want to learn and practice the basic and some intermediate concepts of data manipulation.

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por Jonathan K

17 de ago. de 2021

While I do feel like I learned the material, the lack of video demonstrations and over-reliance on the textbook made this a much less pleasant class than most Coursera courses. In addition, the demonstrations of ideas were generally weak - in particular, the final quiz, where we were expected to combine datasets, was something that I didn't feel prepared for. It felt like I had to teach myself how to do this through my own research, rather than something that the class had prepared me for.

por Teresa O

10 de jun. de 2017

This was a terrible course. It starts off extremely basic in Week 1 which makes you feel like a rock star. Week 2 becomes extremely difficult then Week 3 easy again. Week 4 ends up being nearly impossible. I find that there is foundational material that the course does not cover. Nor does it provide guidance or familiarity with the material that it then tests you on. You end up having to do a lot of googling for functions to learn certain rules. It isn't designed well.

por Zdenek K

15 de nov. de 2016

The first course of the specialization is very simple. The specialization was announced to be on an intermediate level but at the same time, you need to spend money on a very basic course with swirl assignments pretty much copying the course content. The good thing is that it includes very modern approaches to data analysis and new packages. The second course is much better, nevertheless.

por Matthew C

1 de oct. de 2018

Swirl is a great idea, but each section is submitted independently of the others. You have to complete all sections in one sitting if you plan to submit electronically. I had to redo 8 of the 9 sections in week 1 for this reason.

Content-wise, the quiz in week four is significantly more difficult than the other assignments and I felt a little underprepared.

por Dzmitry M

4 de oct. de 2021

S​wirl is messy. There is no version control, and the package does not handle the course's previous versions well.

S​wirl believes that 1:3 and seq(1,3) produce different outputs. Also, it does not tolerate -c(1,3) instead of c(-1, -3).

The submission of the quiz results is buggy. Overall, text-based courses do not seem to be elaborate enough.

por Erik R S

11 de jun. de 2020

99% of this course is awesome, but there's a VERY well-documented issue with the Week 2 assignment that took longer than the rest of the course combined. An official solution from the instructors is necessary, though students are quite helpful. That one issue heavily distracted from being able to effectively learn.

por Paul H

28 de oct. de 2017

I found the final project very very difficult as weeks 1 to 3 did not cover sufficient practice of the libraries which were to be used. That having been said, the project was achievable when you spent 20 hours on it. I posted several questions to the forum and received no answers.

por Trenton H

4 de abr. de 2017

There's not much substance. Also, considering there is not video the course seems very non-interactive. Its nice to see the instructors speak and work through examples. Hoping this course was just a quick primer for the R newbies.

por BenT

11 de jul. de 2018

The free book R for Data Science by Garrett Grolemund andHadley Wickham is a much better structured introduction! see

por Alvaro O

14 de jul. de 2020

The course material is pretty good, but Swirl is terrible, and its integration into Coursera is even worse. I can't recommend this course.

por Savvas S

28 de ago. de 2017

just links to a webpage... no support from the mentors no support form coursera... you can use your money more wisely..

por Glendronach 3

7 de ago. de 2020

The R Programming Environment is very buggy. Please tidy up the errors and make it more user-friendly.

por Alexander D H

15 de may. de 2018

Felt lost during the final, the course was not well suited to the end quiz

por Arthur G

14 de jun. de 2017

Too basic.

por Enrique A

10 de oct. de 2020


por Dillon R

6 de jul. de 2021

Course should have videos to supplement material ( no point paying for a course that one has to read about , many resources exist online for that purpose). Additionally quiz question were not clear at times and made it frustrating. Manual submission did not work causing for me to redo the 1st assignment 3 times only to realize that automatic submission works, serious improvements should be made to this course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

por Ryan R

7 de jun. de 2021

Complete and utter waste of time and money! There is no conceptual or technical instruction involved in this course – it's all just swirl() lessons –:which are freely available and don't require a Coursera subscription by the way!:–. If you are hoping to learn and :understand: what you're doing look elsewhere! If you want to pay money for otherwise free, "type XYZ into the command line in order to do such and such" instructions, then you're in the right spot.

por Daniel L

21 de sep. de 2021

This courses uses automated grading of assignments directly from R, and the system is completely broken, so there is no way to proceed through the course. The course offers a workaround to the automated system, but the workaround is also broken. Many students report the same issue on the discussion board, and no solution has been offered yet. The course instructors are inaccessible, and Coursera technical support does not know what to do.

por George Z

2 de abr. de 2020

The content is great. Unfortunately the grading system is not functioning which means that one can't continue to the next step. I will be dropping out for this reason. I hope they fix it but it doesn't work now. Technical support was pleasant but not helpful. Based on the discussion forum, numerous other students felt the same way. If they fix it, I will sign up again, but right now I have to caution against it.

por Lakin R

13 de mar. de 2020

The material of this course is useful. However, the swirl course that accompanies it is plagued with issues that date back YEARS (there are posts on GitHub and the course's discussion board from 3+ years ago with the same unresolved or barely patched issues. If I hadn't already been reimbursed for this course by my employer, I would've given up on day one.

por UP

19 de jun. de 2020

If you are on Mac chances are that can't complete this course without some major hacking. There is a 3 year old bug (as of june '20) in the swirl package the course uses that still hasn't been fixed. Comments section is littered with people who gave up on completing it and nothing is being done. Not cool at all.

por Robert L

1 de dic. de 2019

I had to drop out because of technical issues. A week 2 issue that is documented in the bulletin board had no clear resolution. After several months of trying to figure out the issue for weeks, I determined that the course wasn't worth extra time and money being spent.

por Daniel G

5 de ago. de 2020

The course doesn't prepare us well for the final exam. The expectations are too high for what is teached. I had to learn a lot by myself to complete it, which is not what I expect when I do a course. I don't recommend it to anyone.

por Brandon R

4 de ago. de 2020

You cannot complete one of the course assignments because swirl has a bug that prevents you from completing it. The bug has existed for years and has not been fixed.

por Christopher M P

10 de feb. de 2020

Final assignment may not be reviewed for weeks. If you go on to capstone, issue could extent into months. Expect to use many external resources.