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Acerca del Curso

It used to be the case that everyone viewed webpages on about the same size screen. But with the explosion of the use of smartphones to access the Internet, the landscape of design has completely changed. People viewing your site will now expect that it will perform regardless of the platform (smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer). This ability to respond to any platform is called responsive design. This course will expand upon the basic knowledge of CSS3 to include topics such as wireframes, fluid design, media queries, and the use of existing styling paradigms such as Bootstrap. After the course, learners will be able to: ** Explain the mobile-first paradigm and the importance of wireframes in the design phase ** Create sites that behave across a range of platforms ** Utilize existing design frameworks such as Bootstrap This is the fourth course in the Web Design For Everybody specialization. A basic understanding of HTML and CSS is expected when you enroll in this class. Additional courses focus on adding interactivity with the JavaScript Programming Language and completing a capstone project....

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19 de jul. de 2019

I enjoyed the course very much. Learn a lot of things. And find that in web designing good practices are more important. I have to read articles, blog to update my knowledge and to learn new things.


4 de feb. de 2023

A very clear and engaging introduction to responsive design. Lots of advice on best practice. Despite the course referring to older versions of Bootstrap framework, still a useful course.

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por Karolina R

21 de abr. de 2019

Outdated. Introduces Bootstrap3.

por Fei P

14 de mar. de 2020

It's 2020 now but the course videos are old. I would suggest Coursera to update courses especially for technology courses. I like the interviews very helpful.

por Jackie O

10 de abr. de 2020

Rating this course two stars is solely for the outdated material in the second half of the course. An outdated version of Bootstrap is covered and the bulk of what is taught has been made obsolete by the current version. I took this course as part of the "web design for everyone" series, but would have definitely reconsidered a different class if I knew outdated material would be covered in part of the series.

This rating is no reflection on the instructor for this course. She does a good job of teaching the material.

por Yarosav S

6 de abr. de 2019

Old information about bootstrap 3, need to update a lot.

por Drew C

21 de may. de 2019

This course offered a good introduction to wireframing and bootstrap. Unfortunately, it was Bootstrap 3, and now we're on Bootstrap 4 and beginning to move to Bootstrap 5. It's tough to revise a course fast enough to keep up with such changes to quickly developing technologies, but just be aware of it. The additional practice on JavaScript-related information (due to Bootstrap) was also helpful.

por Jack

7 de ene. de 2020

Colleen was great, but this was a weaker title in the series. Good primer on Response Design, but it was relatively shallow, and it hasn't dated well as she uses Bootstrap 3 whereas Bootstrap 5 is about to come out.

por Tim M

29 de ago. de 2019

Should be updated to Bootstrap 4, Flexbox and the CSS-Grid System.

por Sumanth

18 de jul. de 2020

I wish that the bootstrap code could be explained in a more detailed manner.Overall it was a good learning experience.

por Mohammad F A

20 de jul. de 2019

I enjoyed the course very much. Learn a lot of things. And find that in web designing good practices are more important. I have to read articles, blog to update my knowledge and to learn new things.

por Nguyen Q H

18 de jul. de 2020


por Deleted A

22 de abr. de 2021

The first 3 courses in this 5 course program are great. I do not recommend the last two. With RWD: I had to re-teach myself Bootstrap to get through Week 3, (its April 2021 as I write), and set aside almost all of the lecture material. I am not going to bother with the capstone course as users are already complaining about how it is outdated and insufficiently supported. And now I intend to exit from this entire program, as I have lost confidence in the program as a whole, and I do not need your certificates. I found an applied arts program that teaches up to date graphic design for user interface and I intend to go there next. The first three courses deserve a better ending! Sorry to be so definitive and critical, but I am paying for Coursera and there is a cost to being frustrated by outdated material when I am ready to learn a lot more. We are still in Covid lockdown and so feelings of frustration are particularly unwelcome.


22 de oct. de 2021

Lots of respect and learning from the instructor madam. She is not only knowledgible but also full of patience. Showcased what was needed when and guided perfectly to the areas that she didn't cover. She was pitch perfect around what contents to cover to what extent. Warmest regards.

por Sean H

15 de dic. de 2016

Great teacher, and you get out of this course what you put into it. If you feel like a lot of this is review, then you can skip elements of the course without consequence. If you want to dive in head first, there are plenty of optional practice tasks.

por Ksenia G

5 de feb. de 2023

A very clear and engaging introduction to responsive design. Lots of advice on best practice. Despite the course referring to older versions of Bootstrap framework, still a useful course.

por P R A

6 de sep. de 2020

At first I was not good in designing or responsive designing but after learning about bootstrap from this course I am pretty much confident that I can easily design a website

por Prasun B

23 de abr. de 2020

Great teaching and course content. Now I know a considerable amount of Responsive web design and can incorporate Bootstrap to accelerate my web development. Thanks, Collen!

por Kaustubh D

28 de ene. de 2022

Course is great! only problem is that Bootstrap 3 is a bit outdated and none of the things except the xs,sm,md and lg breakpoints work.

por Nitish

28 de may. de 2021

It is a good course. But gone old as now Bootstrap 5 is out and it is still version 3. Also Instructor tells and give too less assignments and work.

por Bsef17m043-MUHAMMAD B A

23 de may. de 2021

Overall it's a good experience. It's my first online course experience and it's a bit easy, they should make their assessments much harder.

por Gideon N

14 de ene. de 2023

I feel like the first half of this course is good. You learn about fluid measurements and how to do media queries. These are fundamentals to responsive design. However I was left unsatisfied with the second half of the course.

The second half focused on introducing Bootstrap 3 as a framework for front-end design. It's good to introduce the concept of frameworks and how to link them into your HTML docs with a CDN link, however in 2023 Bootstrap 3 is outdated. With Bootstrap 5, a lot of dependencies have changed. We no longer need to link in jQuery, for example. Some commands and concepts have also changed. Moreover, the Bootstrap grid system is not really needed anymore since we can achieve similar results using native CSS concepts like grid and flexbox.

I would have been much more happy if the second half focused on using CSS grid and flexbox as a more modern layout technique, instead of Bootstrap.

por Leon P

20 de dic. de 2021

The lectures are good and well presented, however the assignments are nearly impossible, where they should be assisting learning

por Keya B A

31 de ago. de 2020

there must be graded assignments

por MaleboJ S

5 de mar. de 2023

This was actually a very good course, It does have everything you need to know, but it has enough to boost you to continue your own research and studying, If you are serious about Web development this is a very good place to start. I love Colleen just takes her time in explaining things to us, I also love the fact that they did not change teachers through out the course from the first one to this one. Seeing a familiar face through out the course was helpful and you get used to her style of teaching. The last interview she had was also helpful. So take this course if u want to learn more.

por Nad H

11 de oct. de 2016

I am really happy with this course as with the other 3 courses I finished from the Web Design for Everybody specialisation by Ms. Colleen van Lent and her team! The videos and materials are clear and easy to understand. The practical tasks are very valuable for grasping the topics. I really very much appreciate the fact that the videos are well planned and there is no going back and forth between screens and confusion by the lecturer.

I would have liked links to more advanced courses in the end of the course.

Thank you for creating this course and making it accessible to everyone!

por Wilfredo E S S

23 de mar. de 2020

El curso me pareció bastante bueno, ya que te enseña detalladamente y desde cero como trabajar con Responsive Design, lo cual te ayuda a que las paginas web se puedan ver bien en diferentes dispositivos. Nos introduce en el mundo de nuevas tecnologías y Frameworks como Bootsrap que nos pueden ayudar a conseguir un resultado final de una manera más rápida, o para los que somos nuevos creando páginas web nos da la oportunidad de ver código y modificarlo para ver que sucede y de esta forma aprender más y afianzar conocimientos.

Muchas Gracias Coursera por la ayuda económica.