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Авторский коллектив курса «Русский как иностранный: B1+. Russian as a foreign language: B1+»  получил второе место среди курсов "Русский как иностранный" в международном конкурсе курсов открытого образования по русскому языку This course is taught in Russian language. The goal of this course is to summarize in a comprehensive way the knowledge and communicative skills of Russian as a Foreign Language in the framework of level B1. This course has a cross-cultural context, it introduces the listener to the Russian lifestyle and way of thinking. The course includes educational video lectures, podcasts, authentic texts for reading and listening, blocks of grammar, speaking and cross-reference assignments. The course consists of 8 weeks, in which you can summarize your knowledge of the topics included in the Standard TRKI-1: I. Travel. Telling about yourself; II. Getting to know the city. A walk in the town. Cultural and historical monuments; III. Healthy lifestyle. At the stadium. In the sports club; IV. Hobbies. Types of hobbies. Social survey; Each topic includes: ■ a situational-topical minimum: oral speaking genres (watching video lectures, listening to the podcast, speaking and writing assignments); ■ authentic texts for reading and listening; ■ grammar, which provides understanding and production of the texts, according to the level B1 (description, narration, instruction, argumentation, explanation); ■ assignments to each of the parts, as well as peer-assignments, which gives the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to create one’s own oral and written texts and assess other learners. For continuation of your studies see our next course Курс по русскому языку как иностранному В1+ предназначен для тех, кто хочет усовершенствовать свои знания русского языка по уровню В1. Курс включает учебные видеосюжеты, подкасты, аутентичные видеотексты для аудирования, аутентичные тексты для чтения, разделы «Грамматика», «Говорение», «Взаимопроверка». Вам повезло. Вы будете учиться по материалам, созданным авторами известных учебников по русскому языку как иностранному - «Золотое перо», «Окно в Россию», «Русское поле», «Такая разная Россия …», «Русский язык. Учебник для продвинутых». Курс имеет страноведческую составляющую, знакомит с образом жизни и мыслей россиян. Курс включает учебный «Видеосюжет», подкаст, аутентичные тексты для чтения и аудирования, блоки «Грамматика», «Говорение», «Взаимопроверка». Для продолжения Вашего обучения пройдите на наш следующий курс

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por Rami E O

Jun 19, 2020

Good course with well organised progression.

However, some of the exercises where you need to answer multiple times in a single answer slot make it confusing as to what you got right or wrong. I recommend making a single question/single answer format to make the course more user friendly.

por Michele A

May 30, 2020

Interesting course, unfortunately the fact that some exercises have to be peer reviewed can (and does) leave you in a position where you've completed all the course material but because nobody has corrected one of your old exercises you are left hanging for several weeks without completing the course itself. Also, a few exercises have obvious mistakes. There seems to be no way to reach the people who created the course to get them to fix anything.

por Hunter C

Nov 01, 2018

The course has some great content, I definitely think it's great for improving your Russian. However, a lot of the exercises are really unclear as to what you're supposed to do. There are a lot of peer-graded assignments, but unfortunately, it's hard to complete those assignments when no one has uploaded their work - this of course slows down your progress. If it improved those two things - the course would definitely be worth 5 stars.

por Emely S

Aug 09, 2020

positive: I like the videos and texts.

negative: I was very excited when I found out about an onlice course from the SPBGU. But after one week of intensive learning I am very dissapointed. The grammatical comments are completely in russian language and way to difficult for level B1. It is also not possible to copy and paste the the text into an translator. So I barely have a chance, to understand, what the lesson is about. Since most of the lessons are based on these grammatical comments, it's hard to follow the stuff and stay motivated. It's just so frustrating.

Many of the quizzes are rated far too meticulously. It may be that the answer is actually correct, but a comma or a space still counts it incorrectly. It does not explain what is wrong, however. It just says 'wrong'. It can take a long time to find the error.

Other quizzes are not rated at all. For example if you should write a short text. Everything is counted as correct. It doesn't explain what was good and bad. Once I copied and pasted the task. It was also considered correct.

por Julien B

Jul 08, 2018

Excellent course! The topics covered are modern, every week bring a good balance of listening, speaking, writing and grammar exercises. Highly recommended for intermediate learners of Russian.

por Saltanat S

Jun 13, 2020

Уважаемые авторы курса, большое спасибо за возможность ознакомиться с курсом и пройти его, спасибо за кропотливый труд, грамматический и страноведческий материал

por 신찬희

Sep 27, 2020

Если вы знаете базовую гратматику и хотите развивать высшесредний уровень, то это хороший способ. не сдавайтесь! главное самый хороший способ- повторение.

por Yang L

Aug 28, 2018

Мне это очень нравится«Русский как иностранный: B1+». Очень интересно и очень полезно. Надеюсь, я хорошо говорю по-русски.

por carmen l g d

Nov 01, 2017

Прекрасный курс. Эффективный и весёлый, даёт нам учить без трудности.

por Zein S

Jan 12, 2018

большое спасибо, очень полезен, мне очень интересно

por Muhammed B

Aug 04, 2020

хороший курс!

por mufit

Nov 07, 2018


por Olowofoyekun O

Aug 17, 2020

i love the course,it was a very good one and thanks for boosting my Russian language skills, the fact that you have to always wait for other students to check your work is really slowing things down. but the course is an excellent one, its interesting and difficult. i love it

por Adam G

Feb 03, 2019

впечатляющий курс!!