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How is a satellite built? How do they fly? How do they communicate and how does the network operate? You will get all the answers in this course from teachers and researchers from three schools associated with Institut Mines-Télécom. The course is made of : teaching videos, equipment demonstrations and simulation programs. They will guide you through the discovery of satellite communications. Professionals in the space field will share there vocation for this scientific and technical sector. Have you ever wanted to know more about transponders, the geostationary orbit, QPSK modulation, channel coding, link budget, TCP over large bandwdith x delay product links ? This course is for you! This course is available in English: French-speaking lecturers with English subtitles and fully translated contents (slides, practices). This MOOC is supported by the Patrick and Lina Drahi Foundation....

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Jun 05, 2020

The course was amazing !! it was perfectly split under various topics and related as per requirement. Learnt new things with lot of interest. The professors were wonderful. Enjoyed doing this course.


Jun 03, 2017

Ultimate course ... it will help you to clear your basic level concept in satcom. Thanks to faculty of Institute Mines-Telecom . I am looking forward this course in english language.

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por Deleted A

May 23, 2019

The videos of this course are partly in French, although the description clearly says "English". The course also requires use of the LabView software to fully participate.

por Damas

Feb 26, 2020

Nice explanation by the teacher although they use French as their main language (because based on France) it was okay. Overall this course give new insight about satellite communication.

por Shubham A D

Jun 03, 2017

Ultimate course ... it will help you to clear your basic level concept in satcom. Thanks to faculty of Institute Mines-Telecom . I am looking forward this course in english language.

por Leonardo d S O

Jun 29, 2020

I've really enjoyed spending last days by diving into the world of satellite communications. Thank you so much for developing this MOOC. You have made me rethink my career in the aerospace field. Regards, Leonardo

por Nund K G

May 03, 2017

It is an excellent course, very systematically presented. I am hard of hearing but thanks to the subtitles I managed to follow the course. Thank you for making this course available.

por Jonathan B

Oct 03, 2020

This is an excellent course. It is only hindered by some language issues and some arbitrary and picky multiple choice questions in the quizzes. It would be nice if it were updated to the year 2020 as it seems much of the material is from perhaps 2015.

por Roderick R

May 09, 2017

For the most part, in particular the material covered from weeks 2 - 5 were very interesting and the questions for those sections were appropriate given the lecture material. However, I struggled with not only the material in week 6, but I was frustrated with the quizzes. IMO, the quiz of week 6 was off target as compared to the what was covered in the lectures. Which is unfortunate, since the topics discussed are the very interesting, but the questions of the quiz were too subjective and quiz question not discussed at any length in the lectures. For example, I failed to see how the correct answers are for questions WQ6-1, WQ6-4 and especially WQ6-10. Pertaining to WQ6-10, I realize MPE protocol is extremely inefficient, but I would like to see how the lecturer calculated the OH %.

por Brandon H

Oct 10, 2016

I signed up for Intro to Satellite Communications to learn about the industry to go along with a new job. The instructors did a fantastic job explaining the material and used a lot of good diagrams and metaphors to help explain complex topics. I felt I learned a great deal about SatCom, Radio Frequency theory, and internet protocol through this course. My only suggestion would be to help those of us who don't have a mathematics background to better understand many of the formulas and equations used in the course, as I struggled to comprehend some of these topics, but understood the general concepts. Other than perhaps "dumbing down" or spending more time on the math portion, great course, great professors, and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested in communication.

por Junyu S

Jul 21, 2020

Introduction to Satellite Communication is a worthful course that focuses on communication on the satellite side. I have an RF/electromagnetic Ph.D. background, this course helps me review basics in telecommunication, and more importantly, provides me a big picture of satellite communication. Week 5 (link budget) and Week 6 (network) content are best, linking the previous weeks' content and providing the summary at a high level.

I have one comment to add an advanced level course based on this course. The advanced course could be project-based orientated to solve "practical" satellite communication problems mainly using the software platform and the calculation.

por James K

Aug 07, 2020

I found this course to be a helpful overview of some of the ideas and terminology. I do wish it went into more detail at times, and I wish it used more examples. In particular, some of the quizzes had useful questions of asking what a particular value would be, but they'd show these without doing a worked example in the lecture.

In addition, as someone who can understand spoken French at an intermediate level, I could understand most of the lecturers :-) .

por Rodrigo A R d l G

Mar 16, 2018

This course is a big opportunity to clarify a bunch of doubts about satellite communications, I really love the aerospace field, and this brief and objective information in the course has been son helpful.

I would like you to know that I truly loved the "Testimonies from professionals" sections, most of them were so inspiring to me, and motivated me to keep growing up in this matter.

I highly recommend this course!

por João M

Mar 05, 2020

The course starts quite basic but it quickly gets into interesting details about telecommunications, in general, and the case of satellite communications in particular. It has enough technical detail to keep you engaged and wanting to learn more about the subject. It covers the commercial sense behind satellite communications, modulation techniques, error correction, networks, the internet protocol and others.

por Paul K

Sep 05, 2017

Very nice rudimentary background for satellite communication systems. The English subtitles helped we get through the videos just fine. This course did a nice job breaking down complicated concepts like modulation into very fundamental The quiz in week 6 was a little divergent from the lectures. Most notably, problem 10, I would like to see how the lecturer calculated the overhead percentage.

por Hamed M

Oct 21, 2019

The course was great and very helpful. I enjoyed a lot. It gave ma new understanding of major notions in satellite communication which I did not discover before. The concepts were fundamental and so useful. Above all the teachers were well experienced and professional. Also the language and texts were easy to grasp and were fully understood.

In general it was awesome.

por Arpit R

Jun 23, 2017

Many of my doubts regarding satellite communications got cleared, e.g.: is satellite used for voice services, if yes how etc. + how does satellite TV works etc.

I would like to thank the course instructors a lot for making this course.

Even though I don't understand French, the availability of English subtitles helped me in completing this course.

por Eduardo C G

Aug 09, 2017

Very interesting topics. The only suggestion I want to say is to improve the interaction of each professor with the slide being shown. Many times I had to go back on the videos to try to understand well enough because I was not sure which part of the slide was talking about.

por Hesham G A H H

May 01, 2017

I really enjoyed learning more about satellite communications. I currently studying at the department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, and this course is my first approach so space communication technologies, I am waiting for the next step.

por Petukh N

Mar 23, 2017

Of Course it's really interesting course and i sure it's giving a lot of knowledge. But unfortunately i absolutely can't listening french speech. Thank you for your big work and i hope to finish your course wen it will be in englsh. With best regrads Nik

por nadakhtb

Sep 02, 2019

It is very interesting course, you will explore all the related usage of satellite communication. I strongly recommend this course and I'd like to show my appreciation to each person in the course's team who worked hard to produce this rich course.

por Prabakaran S

Mar 27, 2019

This course was very interesting and useful. It would have been even better if it was given in English lecture.

It helped me to know the basics of satellite communications. Thanks for all the instructors. Expecting the next level MOOC soon.


Apr 19, 2020

Awesome course, for the hard core. Difficult to understand view the French ascent but subtitles help a lot. I m the 88 person to do this course, recently as shown in the WQ 6 final test. Tests are tough and they test a lot of understanding


May 17, 2020

Worthy Course to learn in satellite communications. Really I learned a lot in satellite communication where the way of introduction is brief and expecting more examples in ppt. And the teaching is really awesome except the presentation.

por Radim S

Mar 11, 2018

I can recommend this course. Videos are very nicely prepared. You will learn the basics about satellites from many perspectives. You will learn the technology itself, services running on satellites, ground infrastructure and many more.

por Stefano

Nov 26, 2019

Brilliant course. Helped me to brush up topics I studied years ago at the University like modulations and channel coding and that I had never heard nor applied since. Great first step introduction into the satellite field too.

por Filippo P

Aug 18, 2020

Well paced, pleasant and well structured introduction to satellites, including orbits, signal modulation and demodulation, communication possibilities and challenges and different applications of satellites in communication.