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A good project schedule helps all team members’ work together to meet project objectives. A project budget with realistic cost constraints is also an essential bedrock of any project. In this course you’ll learn to plan and stick to time and cost constraints in order to ensure the success of your projects. Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the resource needs of the project 2. Decompose work packages into activities 3. Define what is needed to estimate activity durations 4. Define milestones and create a milestone schedule 5. Determine the critical path and calculate float 6. Describe the purpose of using leads and lags in a project schedule 7. Estimate the quantities and costs of resources required to perform project activities 8. Select one of three common cost estimating techniques to determine a project budget 9. Use a responsibility assignment matrix to assign responsibilities 10. Recognize the components of a project’s quality management plan...

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Oct 24, 2016

I enjoyed this course, the mix of the video presentations and the powerpoints are well done. The instructor does an excellent job. the 'bonus videos' and 'panelist interviews' are very good as well.


Feb 06, 2017

Great course going into important details on cost and budgeting. I really like the video portion which gives real-world examples that help reinforce and bring the concepts to an everyday audience.

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por Michaela G

Aug 31, 2016

I did all four courses - the whole specialization. Each course in itself was aright and I learned new things. However, the course certificate is meaningless. It neither states the content nor the effort (for example the hours). Instead, it even says "non-credit course". This is despite the fact that the course equates "35 PDU's" and "counts towards the UCI Project Management Certificate Programm"; as it was described in the FAQ. I feel betrayed. How can I apply with such a meaningless peace of paper anywhere?

por Jafed E

Jul 06, 2019

I enjoy the lectures. The professor has a good speaking and teaching style which keeps me interested. Lots of concrete math examples which make it easier to understand. Very good slides which are well formulated and easy to understand

por Mike F

Oct 24, 2016

I enjoyed this course, the mix of the video presentations and the powerpoints are well done. The instructor does an excellent job. the 'bonus videos' and 'panelist interviews' are very good as well.

por Patricia B

Apr 30, 2019

Great material and well organized for the busy professional. I enjoy the interviews too. Thanks!

por Waheed A

May 01, 2019

Excellect knowledge-based study

por Luis A H R

May 15, 2019

It is a course that integrates basic concepts in project management

por Burcu G

Apr 16, 2019

It was very helpful to see estimation budgeting and scheduling processes.

por Luis M A P

May 11, 2019

Tim required is mre

por Lorena A

Apr 24, 2019



May 20, 2019

would have preferred more example for better understanding

por Vijayakumar M N

Aug 07, 2015

Doing this course 'Budgeting and Scheduling projects' gives learners, a practical approach to Project management based on PMBOK methodology. Prof Margaret Meloni is a great teacher. Students will enjoy her crisp and clear communication of ideas. Slides are well designed. Video quality and sound quality is also great. You will encounter lots of good quality reading materials. Quizzes will help you to test your knowledge as you progress. Overall, an excellent course fit for project managers and project team members who work for construction projects. Also good for the aspiring project managers. Thanks to Prof Margaret and UC Irvine for the great course.

por Gulzar A S

Apr 04, 2020

An excellent formation of the core topics indeed! I found it very informative & concise in terms of mastering the basics of Budgeting, Cost Estimations & scheduling; a panel interview led me to capture the hands-on approach from industry experts. Thank you Team!

por Lamar D M

Jan 21, 2017

As in the other UCI Extension courses, this one have a good structure and a complete set of information that makes its simple to understand the basics of Schedule and Estimating in project management.

por Jennifer R

Feb 06, 2017

Great course going into important details on cost and budgeting. I really like the video portion which gives real-world examples that help reinforce and bring the concepts to an everyday audience.

por David U

Apr 11, 2019

The topics were broken down and simplified for better understanding. The case study scenarios were also apt, though 1 more for each model will be useful

por Ariel C P

May 14, 2016

It has not enough content, you can just read the chapters 5 to 7 of PMBOK, and its the textbook that you'll use in this course.

por Anna W

Jun 19, 2017

I think there is a major thing that wasn't planned good. There has never been an available option of downloading the lessons of the Introduction to Project Management in a PowePoint/PDF document.

Printing these lessons page by page takes a lot of time and moreover is a terrible waste of paper and trees!!!

Even if I would like to save it in a electronic version I would have to save it page by page, for which I don't have time!

This is ridiculous, sorry

Sincerely, Anna Wolska, MSc, PhD

por sajid m

May 15, 2016

Attention: Margaret Maloney


My name is Sajid Mirza and I am taking the course on project management. I am really enjoying the course and it has been really a good experience.

During the course I have noticed a typo error which if my understanding is correct, may please be modified. Details are as below:

Introduction to Project Management, Lesson3 (Budget and scheduling week4, lesson 4.2), during the lesson at CPM: Duration and forward pass, section 3.23 the figure shows “EF” of activity “b” as 4 same as “LF’ of activity “a”, However, in the bonus video and in the PMBOK at page 176-177, it requires to add 1 in the EF of the successive activity. May please correct if my understanding is right.

Thanks and Regards

Sajid Mirza

por Jimmie A

Nov 28, 2019

Great class with a great teacher. She explains the material using layman terms in a concise manner. What I also like about her is that she feels passionately about the importance of the work of a Project Manager and it shines through is very contagious. I highly recommend this class along with the previous one in this series. I'll post another review regarding the next two classes as I haven't taken them yet, but I am very optimistic that they are as high of a quality as the first two.

por Daniana L G M

Apr 08, 2020

Learned a lot about Project Management, this course is aligned to all professional whether on different function of an organization. Margareth Meloni and the Panels are great - learned a lot from them. I also love the Reading Lesson on Project Time Management book, and I enjoyed each Case Study. I recommend this course to any individual as at some point or another, whether small or big, you may handle and lead a Project professionally or may even be personal ones. Thumbs up!

por Sachin D S

Jun 11, 2020

It was very good course. I learned lot of important information very briefly through this course. Video content and as well as documents are very well prepared. They are very attractive and make me interested to read. Further discussion which were in every week after the quiz and final interview gave me good knowledge about the practical scenarios from the expertise in the field.

por Andreas M

Oct 11, 2015

In my opinion this is a very recommendable course. It's worth all the time one spend with it. The explanations are very good an also understandable for non-native english speakers.

One gets ideas how to avoid pitfalls and, why some steps that are requested by the bosses at the very first moment ("how much, how long") must not be answered before other steps (mainly WBS) is done.

por ashish d

Jan 16, 2020

An excellent course with professional tutors. The course gives an insight into the Budgeting and Scheduling projects. It covers most of the basic topics in an excellent, elaborate and understandable manner. The panelist interviews covered are a gold mine as you listen to the experienced people from the project management field sharing their views.

por Utibe E I

May 06, 2020

Participating in this course has been an illuminating experience. I have gained solid theoretical background and practical application scenarios on project cost management and project schedule management. The role of strategic quality management was also emphasized and driven home. I look forward to the third course in this series. Tank you UCI.

por Michael B

Jul 17, 2016

Excellent course. The videos by Professor Meloni are greatly supported by follow on presentations and quizes. Great information backed up by the interviews of professionals from the field ad to the learning enviroment. I have already become an advocate for Coursera and reccomended to many of my coleagues.