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As data collection has increased exponentially, so has the need for people skilled at using and interacting with data; to be able to think critically, and provide insights to make better decisions and optimize their businesses. This is a data scientist, “part mathematician, part computer scientist, and part trend spotter” (SAS Institute, Inc.). According to Glassdoor, being a data scientist is the best job in America; with a median base salary of $110,000 and thousands of job openings at a time. The skills necessary to be a good data scientist include being able to retrieve and work with data, and to do that you need to be well versed in SQL, the standard language for communicating with database systems. This course is designed to give you a primer in the fundamentals of SQL and working with data so that you can begin analyzing it for data science purposes. You will begin to ask the right questions and come up with good answers to deliver valuable insights for your organization. This course starts with the basics and assumes you do not have any knowledge or skills in SQL. It will build on that foundation and gradually have you write both simple and complex queries to help you select data from tables. You'll start to work with different types of data like strings and numbers and discuss methods to filter and pare down your results. You will create new tables and be able to move data into them. You will learn common operators and how to combine the data. You will use case statements and concepts like data governance and profiling. You will discuss topics on data, and practice using real-world programming assignments. You will interpret the structure, meaning, and relationships in source data and use SQL as a professional to shape your data for targeted analysis purposes. Although we do not have any specific prerequisites or software requirements to take this course, a simple text editor is recommended for the final project. So what are you waiting for? This is your first step in landing a job in the best occupation in the US and soon the world!...

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5 de abr. de 2020

This course has really helped with optimizing queries that I work with everyday, enhancing my understanding of RDBMS, joins, analyzing and structuring exactly what you need and yielding those results.

22 de ago. de 2021

I thought this course was great! Great introduction to Relational Databases and SQLite. Highly reccomend for anyone new to SQL, Databases, or someone looking to get started with a data science career.

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por Chamnan S

4 de nov. de 2021

I​ really like how the instructor's giving lecture. I also like that each video has questions along the way. It keeps me interested and focused with the material being presented. One thing though is the peer review project at the end. I thought more detail instruction on how to get data set were given. Overall, I really like the course and I think the time was well spent. I am happy to get a free certificate that I can share on LinkedIn. I have no background on data science in college (my major is quantitative econ), but my interest has shifted toward data science a lot and I slowly build my skills on it. So having a certificate to update on my LinkedIn profile will help me prove my network indirectly that I have developed my knowledge in data science field.

por Katharina F

24 de oct. de 2019

It was really helpful. As a beginner I really appreciated that it started right at the beginning. The videos were all easy to understand and well structured. I would recommend paying for this course to get the whole package because it really helped me to do the quizzes as well to practice. I found it helpful that it always consisted of a theoretical and a practical part.

The only negative thing was the very last assignment. It took me way longer than it said it would and I had problems understanding a few things around it. Looking through the comment section it seemed like I wasn't the only one. I think it would've been helpful to have another video or text before this to prepare better for this last assignment.

por Vakhilchuk O V

2 de ago. de 2020

I took this course with basic knowledge of SQL, that is, I had experience in programming in the MySQL language. This course helped me understand more about databases and learn more about the structured query language operators used. I created a table with data for competently building queries, and therefore the code that was given in the lectures had to be adapted to my table. But you can download the Chinook Database in the public domain, as many examples are written for this data. The training is conducted in the SQLite language, but also tells about the features of other languages.

Have a nice course to everyone who wants to study it!

por Harshvardhan K

25 de oct. de 2020

This is just one of those courses, everything about it screams professional. The slides are concise, and mostly provide all the content of the lecture itself, the instructor is great too. However the real gems of this course are the Exercises/Coding Assignments. Every question is varied, and at the end of the course, you will yourself learn a few neat tricks on Joining Tables, Grouping multiple data, and Complex Subqueries.

I would suggest to include a few more examples, for things like Self-Joins, Grouping, and Operations. Keep in mind, this is more of a beginner course, but it covers enough topics to dive into Analyses of your own!

por Maria C F

7 de nov. de 2020

This is such an excellent beginner SQL course.If you are seeking hard challenge however, prepare to be disappointed. The course just teach queries in SQLite but does not go in depth regarding data types nor table creation. This is because this course only teaches the fundamental skills of data scientist - to query and analyze data, not create database.The quiz and assignments are actually very easy, but if you make it complicated then you will go down the rabbit hole. The course is supposed to be fun and motivates you to learn SQL.I highly recommend if you know nothing about SQL or Data Science! It's a really good intro course!

por Jacquewyn C

26 de abr. de 2020

It was a lot of learning - not as simplified as I initially anticipated. I learned so much, and the practice quizzes as well as graded ones provided a platform for efficient amount of practice. It leads you through a course while reshaping your mindset on technology and data, if you are a beginner, and very new at this.

As an ethnographic researcher from the tangible fields, shifting the qualitative thinking capacity trained from anthropology and ethnography enabled me to perceive, correctly, the difference of ethnography from the technology concepts, and adapt to a new mindset in behavioral data analysis.

por Arnaud D

19 de may. de 2021

This mooc is really good, Sadie did a good job

positive point :

good structure

well constructed quiz

The practical cases allow you to apply the different tools

the slides in the videos are synthetic, with the objectives always stated at the beginning and a summary at the end of the video

negative point :

the questions in the final assignment (Data Scientist Role play) are not always clear

the codes are not detailed enough sometimes

I would have liked to have more details on the Many to Many relationship as a conclusion I recommend this mooc, offers good skills in SQL

por Alex N

4 de ene. de 2022

This course was structured quite well! The material was easy to digest and paced well, also. I began the course knowing virtually nothing about SQL, and now I can confidently say that I can query a database utilizing ER diagrams, joins, cases, subqueries and a plethora of other functions to find the data I need. Some of the quizzes had questions where it was unclear what was being asked, so they could use some tweaking, but in the real world that happens all the time so I'll chalk it up to extra practice at interpreting prompts. Thanks for teaching me SQL!

por Wei O

12 de sep. de 2020

Anyone with a passion in SQL can learn and comprehend this course. To excel in this course, the more you help to look at your peer's problems and resolve theirs, the more you learn on how to overcome yours faster. I think many students are a little lost when the ER diagram is not displayed in the intro for each of the video using it to teach. Overall, Professor Lawrence is awesome in her clear and easy to follow teaching. You will be challenged to think and resolve real-world project, be diligent in your own work and you'll feel your mind is growing!

por Anuj S C

26 de abr. de 2020

Very engaging and active course. I liked how there were knowledge-based quizzes and quizzes that we had to utilize coding to complete as well. The peer-reviewed project at the end took considerably longer than I anticipated and was more difficult than I anticipated, however, I think this exercise was important for real-world learning to occur. Having this project peer-reviewed (and reviewing others) was instrumental in learning as well. The diverse set of learning and grading in this course has been excellent.

por C G

24 de abr. de 2020

This course was really great. I enjoyed it and the lectures were detailed and right to the point. The example code in the lectures was extremely helpful, but the assignments still left room for critical thinking and creativity when writing code. If you are looking to learn SQL for the first time, and you already have some programming background, this will be a quick course for you. If you haven't programmed before, you may find this a little more challenging, especially the Peer Review Assignment.

por Carlos A S M

10 de oct. de 2021

Nice, this is the first time for me in SQL, and It was really amazing. However, there is always an opportunity of improvement related to the actual exam per each week. what I mean is that the teacher explains some basics exercises that are easy to understand but once you get into the actual practice there are SOME really tricky that should be worked on during the explanations. but the rest was ok, really happy and I want to keep learning SQL along pythong and VBA for excel :)

por Nina L A

27 de dic. de 2019

I took this course without having any background in programming; I had never written a single line of code. This course is fantastic for beginners like me who saw the power of SQL and the potential of SQL to solve current business needs. Completing this course has empowered me to take more computer science classes; I now KNOW that learning a programming language is not impossible, and when one understands the principles and power of SQL, an entire new window of caree

por Carolin T

30 de oct. de 2021

I really liked the course. It was easy to follow and understand. It was really beneficial to get the documentation so i was able to add some extra notes.

It is a perfect course to refresh SQL knowledge and the later on in the course to dig deeper into data science and how to analyze data.

The assignment can be challenging for a beginner so i would rate it intermediate.

But you have a lot of little tasks, questions and testing in each week to test your knowledge.

por Zenia B W

26 de jul. de 2018

I really enjoyed this class! The instructor broke everything down in a way that made it easy understand and fun to learn. I also thought the exercises were also very helpful in making the material easy to learn the material we had just reviewed. I looked forward to completing my course every week! Thank you for making this class so enjoyable! If this instructor is teaching another course that's relevant to Data Science, I'll absolutely be taking that course!

por Reuben Y J J

4 de oct. de 2018

Simple and straightforward introduction to SQL for business-oriented/frontend-facing end users (data analysts, data scientists). Very good as a refresher for those, like myself, who have been exposed to SQL in the past but did not have much opportunity to use it. Instructor covers the course material without overloading with technical jargon, and mentions best practices, which some courses lack (material addresses the 'how', not necessarily the 'why').

por Elizaveta P

15 de nov. de 2018

I'm so satisfied with this course! Good structure, a lot of practical tasks and examples. In parallel, I solve hackerrank tasks and this course gave me everything to pass it easy.

Really appreciate final peer-review assingment, it looks close to real-life analytics and was a little bit challenging for me. But I had so much pleasure done it)

So strange pronunciation of SQL)) But I thank you a lot for this course and sharing your knowledge.

por Silvia V V F

6 de nov. de 2021

Un curso completo que cubre los aspectos principales de la creación y recuperación de consultas en un sistema de gestión. Los temas se entregaron bien y los materiales / asignaciones fueron relevantes para el desarrollo de habilidades. Seria Recomendable que le instructor tomara en cuenta hacer mas ejemplos prácticos para ir a la par con la teoría, dar información resumida de la sintaxis que sirva de ayuda y refuerzo a los estudiantes.

por Ellie L

25 de oct. de 2021

The lecturer's teaching of this course is detailed, so that students with zero foundation can get started smoothly.In this course, I learned what SQL is, the historical evolution of SQL, and the basic knowledge of retrieval statements, functions, operations, connections and so on.In each class, the teacher explains the precautions and errors in SQL coding in combination with daily examples. He is very friendly to zero based students.

por Ravilall s

29 de jun. de 2021

hi, this course was very new to me but found it challenging but yet interesting. This course has exposed me to fascinating aspect of data science and how data is kept (databases) and how data can be retrieved by using skills learnt in this course. Based on the knowledge received i will endeavour to expand my knowledge in this area even through You Tube Videos. Thanks to the Coursera Team and the Commonwealth Team, Canada.

por Lara B

5 de abr. de 2021

Before this course I had no knowledge in SQL, neither any other programming language really. This course quickly got me acquainted with what SQL is, what it can be used for and how to use it. The videos, presentation slides and transcript were very useful. And the combination of theory and practice examples helped with a effective and efficient learning process. I recommend this course to anyone getting started with SQL.


27 de sep. de 2020

Great introductory course. My only complaint is that the lecture has a level of difficulty 1 out of 5 and the practise quizzes are 4-5, so upon reaching the quizzes of the week, personally I would get discouraged but after some grinding, I would solve them and feel confident about my understanding on SQL. But, I wish there would be some bridging between the lectures and quizzes and some tutorial for sqlite environment.

por Joshua P

3 de jul. de 2020

Being a beginner it was worthwhile to learn things and this course I think was designed in a way that can be understand my even a laymen. If you can spend a little more time learning concepts and practicing only then will you be able to have a clear understanding which helps build a lot of confidence.

This is my experience and if it happened to me I'm sure you will also experience the same.

All the best! God Speed Guys!


9 de oct. de 2020

fantastic course, perfect for beginners, gained a lot of confidence to go into SQL and DATA SCIENCE. though sometime feeling lost during weekly assignments and final assignment (which is just awesome), the tip is stick to lectures and solving quiz in the way she told - think about your problem, build slowly, check results intermittently while writing your complete query... they all help you. thank you instructor.

por Chelsea H

25 de may. de 2020

This was my favorite Coursera course so far. The instruction was slow and light enough to understand. The instructor did not present the material as overcomplicated, even if it was complicated. I really liked the additional links, and the intermittent quizzes.The modules and quizzes were instrumental in my learning because they gave me hands on practice. I look forward to continuing my learning. Thank you so much!