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Stanford's "Introduction to Statistics" teaches you statistical thinking concepts that are essential for learning from data and communicating insights. By the end of the course, you will be able to perform exploratory data analysis, understand key principles of sampling, and select appropriate tests of significance for multiple contexts. You will gain the foundational skills that prepare you to pursue more advanced topics in statistical thinking and machine learning. Topics include Descriptive Statistics, Sampling and Randomized Controlled Experiments, Probability, Sampling Distributions and the Central Limit Theorem, Regression, Common Tests of Significance, Resampling, Multiple Comparisons....

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28 de dic. de 2021

I think sometimes the professor can provide some details about the quiz and more questions in this quiz in order to help us have more deeper understanding of the stats.


2 de jun. de 2022

The course content presenter is very experienced and he presented the material in very intutive way. Thank you very much Sir for sharing your knowledge and experience.

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por Sun

13 de mar. de 2022

The course touches upon the major basic concepts of statistics, but it woud be a bit difficult for people who do not have much mathematical background. The explanations are highly mathematically conceptional, using a lot of mathematical symbols and equations, instead of just giving simple examples that everybody can easily understand. Nevertheless, the course is highly efficient for people who are seeking to get to know as many basic concepts as they can in a short period of time.

por Julie S

19 de jun. de 2022

I believe this is an over all good introduction to statistics. I do not feel confident in everything that was taught, but I would be able to at least recognize the topics. Some of the links in the homework don't work and overall I found the homework scenarios to be confusing at times. I think the instructor was very knowledgable and I appreciate the access to his course.

por Sagar S

26 de mar. de 2022

Somewhere dissatistified from the course . At some specific points very little explation is given and you have to study on your own again and again. For example he didn't taught how to calculate Standard Deviation but using through the course. Conclusion: Course was informative but not worth the hype.

por Yudan Z

28 de jun. de 2022

O​verall good and well-explained, but towards the end some parts are too complicated to understand. It would be great if it was more beginner friendly! I had to watch the videos twice to understand most of the contents, but I still couldn't really follow the last three weeks.

por Cheryl S

7 de ene. de 2022

Statistics are a bit too boring for me. Some definitions are difficult to understand, what's more, there are many formulas, which makes it easy for beginners to mix them up. Although the professor tries to make everything clear, the knowledge points are difficult to digest.

por Lee S

10 de ago. de 2021

​Good intro-refresher into what stats and probability terms mean and what they are used for especially in a more data driven society. Occasionaly needed to go over material 2 or 3 times to understand points being made. overall appreciated the course.


24 de jun. de 2022

Es muy interesante, aunque algunos conceptos no se explican lo suficientemente bien como para que alguien que no sepa estadística lo entienda. Algunas lecciones requerirán investigación fuera del curso para poder ser comprendidas claramente.

por Bartek B

1 de may. de 2022

Confidence intervals and hypothesis thesis was very well explained, however, the course is fast paced and some of the videos lack thorough explanation. I am a master computer science student and couldn't understand all the details (but most)

por Moisés A

26 de mar. de 2022

Foi ótimo rever algumas coisas básicas da área. A apresentação é boa e a maioria das coisas é bem explicada. No entanto, senti falta de aplicar isso computacionalmente em softwares como R e Python durante o curso.

por Stefanie P

7 de feb. de 2022

​As someone who has not taken a college course or math in 15 years, this was not too difficult to follow. I was taking it to understand concepts and not necessarily produce calculations. This fit the bill.

por Weijie M

22 de abr. de 2022

Dont think this course really suits beginners for statistics. Rather, it's challenging and the concepts sometimes are even confusing. Anyway I think I did learned something during the course.

por Min X

2 de feb. de 2022

It was short and informational, but the knowledge is somehow deep for beginners. Maybe the lecturer elaborating a little bit more on major concepts would be profitable for beginners.

por Bikram K N

4 de feb. de 2022

The course was very interesting. A lot of concepts were touched up on, but the explanation part was a little less. I can label it as a very good introductory course to Statistics.

por Louis M

13 de feb. de 2022

Very intersting and insightful course. I believe some topics, especially those that come up often, could have been clarified further through definitions rather than mere examples

por Segun M

30 de nov. de 2021

G​ood intro course, however, if you are coming from a no-scientific background would advice you work on a few mathematical concepts prior. Namely; basic algebra & probability

por Sarievo

29 de dic. de 2021

There is much calculus involved which makes me hard to digest the materials (I have not completed calculus yet), but overall an informative course from Stanford online.

por Bruno G

8 de ene. de 2022

Challenging but a good overview of basic principles of statistics. Will allow me to read with a more critical eye figures that are used to support arguments.

por Yuvaraj K

9 de may. de 2022

If one live example is given for every concept, that would be a very great journey in understanding the concepts more. But overall a good course.

por Andres N

25 de feb. de 2022

Curricula is great. The professor goes into theory but sometimes the explanations are too much on the surface

por Francisco C

12 de may. de 2022

Very good and clear course.

Some more details in the explanations and materials would make it even better.

por Gil F G M

4 de abr. de 2022

Gave me what I was looking for although course was a little challenging to understand at some points.

por Jonathan A

27 de oct. de 2021

This is a good overview course. An improvement would be more hands on examples using R or Python.

por Vinayak B

14 de jun. de 2022

this course gives you best knowledge about will gain basic insights of statistics

por Aku S

17 de mar. de 2022

Very good begineer friendly course for the people who want to start a career in data analytics.

por Ehsan E N

19 de may. de 2022

The course covers many useful topics, but dont expect detailed explanations or any proofs.