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Directory ServiceLightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)Backup
Certificado para compartir
Obtén un certificado al finalizar
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Fechas límite flexibles
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Nivel principiante
Aprox. 31 horas para completar
Inglés (English)
Subtítulos: Inglés (English), Español (Spanish), Portugués (de Brasil), Árabe (Arabic)


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Semana 1

5 horas para completar

What is System Administration?

5 horas para completar
16 videos (Total 44 minutos), 6 lecturas, 5 cuestionarios
16 videos
What is Systems Administration?2m
Servers Revisited4m
The Cloud3m
Organizational Policies2m
IT Infrastructure Services1m
User and Hardware Provisioning4m
Routine Maintenance1m
Troubleshooting and Managing Issues3m
In Case of Fire, Break Glass1m
Dion Michelle Obama Story1m
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility3m
Never Test in Production2m
Assessing Risk2m
Fixing Things the Right Way2m
6 lecturas
Navigating Coursera10m
Program Surveys10m
How to Use Discussion Forums10m
Get to Know Your Classmates10m
Supplemental Reading on KVM switch10m
Recording Your Actions10m
4 ejercicios de práctica
What is System Administration?30m
Systems Administration Tasks30m
What is System Administration?1h
Qwiklabs: Production and Test

Semana 2

7 horas para completar

Network and Infrastructure Services

7 horas para completar
23 videos (Total 74 minutos), 6 lecturas, 10 cuestionarios
23 videos
The Role of IT Infrastructure Services in SysAdmin56s
Types of IT Infrastructure Services6m
How do Qwiklabs Work?1m
Heather First Tech Job1m
Server Operating Systems1m
Remote Access Revisited3m
Network Support Services Revisited1m
DNS for Web Servers2m
DNS for Internal Networks3m
Unable to Resolve a Hostname or Domain Name3m
What do Services Look Like in Action2m
Managing Services in Linux4m
Managing Services in Windows3m
Configuring Services in Linux4m
Configuring Services in Windows4m
Configuring DNS with Dnsmasq6m
Configuring DHCP with Dnsmasq7m
6 lecturas
Supplemental Reading for IT Infrastructure Services10m
Supplemental Reading for Server Operating Systems10m
Supplemental Reading for Remote Access and SSH10m
Supplemental Reading for FTP Clients10m
Supplemental Reading for BIND/PowerDNS10m
Supplemental Reading for DNS and DHCP10m
7 ejercicios de práctica
Intro to IT Infrastructure Services30m
Physical Infrastructure Services30m
Network Services30m
Network Services40m
Qwiklabs: Service Management in Linux
Qwiklabs: Service Management in Windows
Qwiklabs: Getting familiar with DNS and DHCP

Semana 3

7 horas para completar

Software and Platform Services

7 horas para completar
16 videos (Total 45 minutos), 10 lecturas, 8 cuestionarios
16 videos
Configuring Communication Services2m
Configuring Email Services3m
Configuring User Productivity Services2m
Configuring Security Services3m
Heather Managing Self Doubt1m
What are file services?1m
Network File Storage3m
Mobile Synchronization3m
Configuring Print Services3m
Web Servers Revisited4m
What is a database server?1m
Is the website down?4m
Cloud Concepts3m
Typical Cloud Infrastructure Setups1m
When and How to Choose Cloud2m
10 lecturas
Supplemental Reading for Chat Communication Services10m
Supplemental Reading for Email Services10m
Supplemental Reading for File Services10m
Supplemental Reading for Network File Storage10m
Supplemental Readings for Mobile Synchronization10m
Supplemental Reading for Print Services25m
Supplemental Reading for Web Servers (Revisited)10m
Supplemental Reading for Database Admin Jobs10m
Supplemental Reading for Troubleshooting with Developer Tools10m
Managing Cloud Resources10m
6 ejercicios de práctica
Software Services30m
File, Print, and Platform Services30m
Qwiklabs: Managing websites with Apache2
Troubleshooting Platform Services30m
Qwiklabs: Managing Cloud Resources
Software and Platform Services35m

Semana 4

7 horas para completar

Directory Services

7 horas para completar
19 videos (Total 100 minutos), 11 lecturas, 6 cuestionarios
19 videos
What is a directory server?4m
Implementing Directory Services2m
What is centralized management?4m
What is LDAP?1m
What is LDAP Authentication?3m
Heather Overcoming Obstacles1m
What is Active Directory?6m
Managing Active Directory3m
Managing Active Directory Users and Groups11m
Managing Active Directory User Passwords4m
Joining an Active Directory Domain4m
What is Group Policy?4m
Group Policy Creation and Editing13m
Group Policy Inheritance and Precedence8m
Group Policy Troubleshooting13m
Mobile Device Management (MDM)1m
What is OpenLDAP?4m
Managing OpenLDAP3m
11 lecturas
Supplemental Reading for Centralized Management10m
Supplemental Reading for LDAP10m
Supplemental Reading for Kerberos10m
Supplemental Reading for Active Directory10m
Supplemental Reading for Group Security Principles10m
Supplemental Reading for EFS Features10m
Supplemental Reading for DFL & FFL10m
Supplemental Reading for Group Policy Troubleshooting10m
Supplemental Readings for Mobile Device Management (MDM)10m
Supplemental Reading for OpenLDAP10m
Supplemental Reading for Managing OpenLDAP10m
5 ejercicios de práctica
Introduction to Directory Services30m
Qwiklabs: Using Active Directory
Centralized Management and LDAP30m
Active Directory30m
Directory Services50m



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