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We will introduce methods to perform systematic reviews and meta-analysis of clinical trials. We will cover how to formulate an answerable research question, define inclusion and exclusion criteria, search for the evidence, extract data, assess the risk of bias in clinical trials, and perform a meta-analysis. Upon successfully completing this course, participants will be able to: - Describe the steps in conducting a systematic review - Develop an answerable question using the “Participants Interventions Comparisons Outcomes” (PICO) framework - Describe the process used to collect and extract data from reports of clinical trials - Describe methods to critically assess the risk of bias of clinical trials - Describe and interpret the results of meta-analyses...

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7 de ene. de 2019

Although introductory, I do carry out reviews as a researcher. I Learned a lot to improve my systematic reviews through this course. High quality, though the music could be a little less intense.


22 de ago. de 2019

Introduction to Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis course is a very good source for beginners which provides an overview on fundamental terminology and steps involved in the systematic review.

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por GINA K S R

23 de ene. de 2020


por Hayley F

1 de sep. de 2020

Overall, I enjoyed the course, and as someone who has read systemic reviews but not undertaken them, I feel that I have learned a lot. The course is not perfect - some of the information presented is out of date, with the videos appearing to be at least five years old. Much of the course is underpinned by reviews which determined how to optimize systematic reviews, and it is likely that more is now known than when the videos were made. The age of the course also meant that the quoted sections of the Cochrane Handbook are several editions out of date, and the module on search strategies included screenshots of PubMed's old interface rather than the new 2020 interface. However, the underlying principles for both the Cochrane Handbook and PubMed are the same, so this didn't detract too much from the course. The three instructors had varying presentation styles, with one tending to read every word on the slide. Luckily an engaging speaker delivered the majority of the videos.

por Felicitas A d C

24 de ago. de 2020

Learned a lot about meta-analysis and systematic reviews. Module 8 took it for granted that everyone has had epidemiology and statistical courses that are used in the module. The course is not only for public health students and professionals but also other members of various disciplines.

There should be an optional module on the basics of the statistical procedures for module 8 for non-public health course attendees. This additional (optional) module will facilitate the use of the statistical procedures mentioned in module 8.

por Mohammadali M S

26 de mar. de 2017

It is very useful course for beginners and although those who have done systematic reviews/meta-analysis before in order to improve their basic understanding. There are few shortcomings with the course:

1- lectures frequently refer to biostat and epidemiology classes, but no reference or links has been provided for these classes.

2- The course ends without any lectures on meta-regression and sensitivity analysis, which is a bit confusing as the module 8 promises such lectures.

por M. A R

25 de may. de 2020

I believe the lecture slides would have been more attractive! There was long discussion (sometimes 15-20 minutes) at a stretch which was sometimes tough to concentrate for students whose native language is not English. Course should included how duplicate records after searching from different databases could be done. Still I am convinced to carry on the course! Highly appreciated! It was just amazing to brush up my current understanding of systematic literature review.

por Taneya S

31 de mar. de 2018

It is an excellent course for beginners. It explained in detail everything you need to know to get started with systematic reviews and gave enough examples. It also gave a list of references to read further. I know it mentions that is from the health care field- but they could have incorporated examples from other fields as there is no bar to students in other fields to take this course. None the less the course was very useful and planned very systematically.

por Shorouq S R A

15 de oct. de 2018

the course was very professional, yet simple to understand and perfect for beginners and intermediate level researchers. it provided valuable sources for further readings and the peer review assignments, I think should be more than two, because I learn what I learn by applying it carefully for an exam.

thank you for putting this much of an effort to provide this amazing course

por Ana M d A G F

29 de may. de 2020

I really enjoyed the course and think it was accessible, even to someone coming from other areas. However, in the meta-analysis theme, the pace was to quick and the accent was sometimes difficult to understand. If the discourse could be a little bit slower, maybe it would be more easy to understand, specially because it is one of the most hard parts of the course.

por Manuel B

2 de may. de 2016

Well matured course that provides a great digest over a very complex topic and is a fantastic gateway to get started on the topic. Don't expect a terribly engaging set of presentations, but it is factually very useful and worth the time for those relatively new to the subject. I found the amount of content easy to handle on the side, while working full time.

por Brittany F

9 de ago. de 2022

It would be nice to have a bit more focus on the statistical techniques used for meta-analysis as there is a very heavy focus on the systematic review portion of the course. Examples for implementing meta-analysis techniques other than just using odds ratio (ex: continuous data of different types - ie: mean +SD or mean + SEM etc.) would be very helpful.

por Lei W

17 de sep. de 2016

Meta-analysis 101.

This course introduces some basic concepts of evidence-based medicine and meta-analysis. The peer assignments are well designed, which encourage students to read papers critically.

However, practical and advanced meta-analysis skills are not introduced in lectures. Looking forward to future advanced courses!

por David H

18 de ene. de 2021

It was great to learn step-by-step with leading experts from medical research fields. Sometimes it was difficult to skip from one text to another (I would prefer PDF for reading) but even so it was a unique experience! Thank you all who had spent a lot of their effort and time to prepare this course.

por Xiaoyu Z

17 de oct. de 2018

Overall good course. You can have view all the basic about systematic review in the field of medicine and public health.

Two short shortcomings in my view: 1. Based on clinical medicine, people in other field may take some time to get through; 2. English subtitle some mistakes, like "now" as "null".

por Dhakshila N

4 de nov. de 2020

Thank you for offering the course. It was really helpful. In some lectures about 1 minute (30 s at the beginning and 30s at the end) was wasted for music. I kindly request you to remove that. In addition, some subtitles were incorrect, especially in the lectures in 6th week. Kindly correct those.

por Milagros d P P G

6 de jun. de 2020

I will like to thank you for this opportunity. I loved the dynamics of the class, completely clear and concise the information. Both peer assessment were a challengue, because reinforced the critical opinion and knowledges acquired. So, thank you so much ofr the quality of this experiencie

por Dr . G S

8 de may. de 2020

1.Amazing course by john Hopkins.

2. I would additionally suggest to please give an advanced course also including some reviews on statistical programs for systematic review and explain heterogeneity statistics in detail.

3. Also please include some topics on registration in PROSPERO.

por Ali S

4 de ago. de 2020

I will recommend this course to all the research scholars for academic carrier and for individual growth as well. The way of learning in this platform is not only theoretically limited but also how you implemented this knowledge to daily routine basis research has been focused well.

por Nikolaus T

3 de jul. de 2020

I love the material, the speaker. But I can't give it five stars since I have trouble taking assignments. It should be done in HMTL file or and upload the link but it just can't. Maybe It can be improved by giving a tutorial or steps on how to assign and answer those assignments.

por Carlos C

23 de jun. de 2016

Excellent course for students and researchers who want to start exploring systematic reviews and meta-analysis! There some few minor problem with the materials. Also, I wished there more advanced information regarding meta-analysis. Maybe you can develop an second course :)


25 de sep. de 2020

Its a very informative and well structured course with practical examples which help to understand the doing of Meta-analysis for the participant in near future. All the assignments are also well designed. Overall its a great course to start learning about the topic.

por Sofie F

13 de jul. de 2020

I like the course very much. It provided a thorough overview of performing a systematic review and meta-analysis. I just wish that they also used observational studies as examples, as I feel not all concepts are easily transferred from interventional studies.


1 de feb. de 2021

Very helpful course, in terms of understanding basic components of systematic review and meta-analysis, thus useful if one is conducting a systematic review, or simply if they want to read a systematic review and interpret results.

por Seethu S

11 de ago. de 2020

I am undertaking a meta-analysis of findings in a particular stream of research in my area of expertise (outside healthcare, in management). This course was useful in terms of guiding me on best practices in meta-analysis. Thanks!

por Johan L

27 de oct. de 2017

Excellent introductory course. Both on systematic review and Meta-Analysis. Some room for improvement in the mathematical section of the last part on meta-analysis is possible: either in depth and slower or less math-detailed.

por Yuqing W

4 de oct. de 2017

Very informative course with practical knowledge to take away. My one comment is that the content and the course modality is a little dry and I think the learners would benefit even more from this course if it's more engaging.