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Acerca del Curso

This course is the first of a series that aims to prepare you for a role as an entry-level IT Support Specialist. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of Information Technology, or IT. You’ll learn about the different facets of Information Technology, like computer hardware, the Internet, computer software, troubleshooting, and customer service. This course covers a wide variety of topics in IT that are designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in this certificate program. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: ● understand how the binary system works ● assemble a computer from scratch ● choose and install an operating system on a computer ● understand what the Internet is, how it works, and the impact it has in the modern world ● learn how applications are created and how they work under the hood of a computer ● utilize common problem-solving methodologies and soft skills in an Information Technology setting...

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3 de mar. de 2020

You were such a hit. Thanks for this course and the next five more! On behalf of our entire organization, thanks again for taking the Conference to a whole new level of education and professionalism!!

24 de may. de 2020

Great course for beginners and experts. Easy to understand and a good refresher for those who have been into IT for a long date. Recommend it to everyone looking for a high quality course on coursera.

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por Andreea P

27 de may. de 2021

The entire course was an amazing learning experience. It's designed to teach you basic skills in IT, no prior knowledge or technical skills needed, only passion and willing to learn and to practice. The course is aimed to teach you basic so you need to learn and investigate further if you would like to have a career in this field. I strongly recommend this course not only for you career path but for daily life as well. Happy learning :)

por Elizabeth M

19 de may. de 2021

As a rather nontech person, I learned so much about technology. I entered as just a refresher while recovering from surgery. I am glad I did. For me, it was challenging and informative. There is plenty of extra reading material and resources to get a better grasp on the lessons if need be. The instructors were all great. I am not sure what I will do with this newfound knowledge but I am so glad I took the journey. I highly recommend it!

por Joaquín C

28 de feb. de 2021

Hello, this course is great for those who start and want to know what an it support career is like, it covers fundamental and new things that helped me understand some things that I did not know with the previous experience I have in the field with practical modules and with remote virtual computers that's great. I thank you gentlemen from Google and Corusera for this opportunity that you give us to learn more and be updated. Thanks !!

por Steve C

21 de may. de 2020

I really enjoy this course and it help refresh my memory as I went to ITT Tech for Network System Administration then it closed/shut down just after the first quarter. I was in the Troubleshooting area in the course and that's all she wrote. But taking this course, brought all those classes back to mind and finally accomplishing it is a relief. Pursing more certificates in the near future. Again, I really enjoyed the course. Thank you.

por Robert l

19 de ene. de 2020

This course is a great first step into tech field. You follow a crawl walk run style of learning. Starting with watching a lot of videos with enthusiastic instructors, learning the names of computer components and what they do, what software is needed to make them work. Then into more in depth subjects remotely accessing other computers and networks to work on machines, trouble shooting problems, updating, adding or removing software.

por Baad, C

9 de sep. de 2019

This course was an excellent introduction to the world of Information Technology. It gave a brief history of the computer technology, the internet, and its applications (and how they evolved into today's advanced devices). It also gave an introduction to the basic components of a computer and their functions, networking, and coding. Overall it was a wonderful stepping stone into the more advanced and technical courses that will follow.

por Everett J L

25 de feb. de 2019

I had not even considered changing the course of my career until I took this course. I now have a new fire and enthusiasm I haven't had in years, and am excited to deep dive into technology as a new chapter in my life. I have already had a career with the U.S. Army, and planned on continuing to do what I did in uniform in the civilian sector. I may be competing with much younger people, but I do believe I will be very happy doing this.

por Kathryn H

17 de feb. de 2021

This was a excellent course that teaches the building blocks and fundamentals of IT. it’s very informative easy to learn. I appreciate the learning style the questions are clear and concise. They make it extremely convenient to study. It’s amazing because you can just save the full transcribed text with a click of a button and you can always revisit the course material and retake test as you need thank you so much Google & Coursera.

por Chathura P

27 de oct. de 2020

The most interesting was learning the differences between the good-scenario and the not-so-good scenario. How the different wordy makes a huge difference when you talking to the client. How you have to be careful when you talking to them and making sure you are able to help them with the issues. The part I struggled with was learning the network. Yes, I'm looking forward to the next course in the IT Support Professional Certificate.

por Janelle C

1 de feb. de 2018

This course went by quickly for me since I work in IT and already have work experience. Everything was pretty familiar, but there were some really good supplemental information from the lectures. Everyone can learn a thing or two whether they've had a technical background or not. It's pretty clear and easy to understand and there are tons of good tips given out. Quizzes are pretty easy and reinforce your learning through the lessons.

por Karen P

10 de sep. de 2020

My profession is carpentry, I form-up the deck of bridges that you walk or drive over. I have always been interested in working with computer's. When heard about this program, I thought it would be a good way to start. The course was very informative. I liked the fact that if I wasn't understanding something. that I could back and review the module. Once I was confident, I could go back to where I left off and keep on learning.

por Rohan B

12 de abr. de 2020

I enjoyed learning the technical aspects of IT, such as hardware, software and networking, as well as the nontechnical aspects, such as the flow of logic to use to efficiently solve IT issues. I would absolutely recommend this course to those seeking their first foray into the world of IT. The knowledge as well as personal stories from actual Google employees will help you determine if a career in IT is something you want to pursue.

por Kiara B

10 de oct. de 2020

I love this course! This course is for people on a novice level of tech support. It was challenging. It gives you resources and scenarios. The qwiklabs were awesome. I finally understood 128 64 32 16 8 4 2, its a time to add them which you will learn in the course and its fun. The great thing is that they provide text in the lessons so read or listen at your own pace. Enjoy the course, be sure to maintain interest, it benefits you.

por Marlene W

12 de feb. de 2020

Starting out, I thought to myself, what did I get into. However, through the daily readings, videos, labs, forums, and support through live chat I was able to successfully learn the fundamentals for technical support and receive my certificate.

I am very pleased with this accomplishment that was made possible through Coursera and Google.

Great idea for people wanting to learn more, update their skills or start on a new career path.

por Ernestas L

2 de dic. de 2020

I really enjoyed this course. It was brief, but very informative, and that is exactly what you want today in this fast-paced life. All the information is very valuable, especially videos about customer service. Before this course, I was not really interested in IT, but now after finishing this course, I am thinking of continuing learning and expanding my IT knowledge. Thank you for all the hard work setting up this course. Regards

por Jason D

6 de jul. de 2020

Great information packed program, The Linux software is the only place that I really felt lost. I have no background in technology. So the Microsoft point and click, is the most familiar for myself. Also, I am not sure that the interview content is important in the entry round of IT, however I can speak only for myself. I am nowhere near ready for any kind of job interview at this point from the information that I have obtained.

por Mariah M

17 de dic. de 2019

Not only is it very easy to navigate, but the course and instructors make it very easy for many learning types to follow the course. I learn better from reading over a video and the course offers that. They ask you questions throughout the lessons as well to see if you are understanding the material. When you get an answer wrong and you check your answer the system tells you why you got bit wrong and how to get the correct answer.

por Kenessa D

19 de oct. de 2019

Great course! If you're starting out and know nothing of IT, I think this course will slowly guide you through the basics. If you're familiar with most IT terminology or the IT basics you can breeze right through it and get closer to certification. I chose to go through it even though I had some IT experience. This course is also a great confidence refresher for someone returning to the IT field. Can't wait to finish the next one.

por Prithviraj C

6 de abr. de 2018

Introduction to the I.T field could never have been better.This is a must have course on the list of moocs in your resume.Very interesting and would highly recommed others IT field enthusiats to begin their journey in IT with this course.Practical insights provided in this course are refreshing for an amatuer and a veteran in IT,as there is always something new that can be learnt from this course.I m glad that i did this course.

por Melvin R

2 de jun. de 2020

It is a great course, the methodology and the teachers are the best, anyone would say that they are only videos, but the type of professionals who made this course possible are the best, the practical questionnaires really bring together the content of the previous class videos and the quick questions during the videos seems like an excellent idea. Thank you for courses like these that are designed for different learning rhythms.

por Mariam T

2 de may. de 2018

I can't express how grateful I am for such an amazing experience! Dear trainers, you are so inspiring and motivating! Thank you for your kind and open way to give knowledge to the students. All trainers were great. Special thanks for showing the examples of women being successful in this field. Extra thanks to the wonderful Gail and Marty, their workshops were funny and useful. I really enjoyed this course. Thank you very much!

por Steven V

21 de abr. de 2021

Thank you for everything you do and continue to do in my life, whether it was through teaching this course or giving me the ability to search on the web. Google has been a big part of my life and I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for your company being here. Thank you for inspiring me, helping me, and teaching me how to be better. Every certificate I earn through Google will be one I show proudly to my friends and family.

por Imran H

6 de dic. de 2020

This course was really helpful. And it is designed for everyone who is from IT background or not, which is great. I have struggled little bit with instructors speaking speeds because they speak very fast and we are not native speakers of english and also not a good english listener, that's why I faced a little bit issue with that. I'm very excited for the next course and hoping that courses help me to get a job in IT company.

por Abhinav S

6 de abr. de 2020

This was an awesome content by Google on Technical Support Fundamentals. As far as my point of view is concerned I liked this course a lot as everything whatever was taught was from scratch which simply means that even a layman could learn from the content taught. Apart from all this I guess I learned a bunch of things garnished with the soft-skills present. Once again, thanks to all the instructors who made this a success.

por Christopher M

24 de feb. de 2018

I was drawn to this course for several reasons. I don't think the cost/benefit can be beat anywhere and the fact that the content is developed by Google says a lot. IT will only get more and more intertwined with our everyday lives and this course will help get my foot in the door so I can prove what I can really accomplish. Covered a lot of topics in the first course and it looks to only get more exciting going forward.